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Pet Names that Start With A

Name: AadiDefinition: Beginning
Name: AbbaDefinition: Born on Thursday
Name: AbeyDefinition: Leaf
Name: AbhaDefinition: Lustrous beauty
Name: AbhayDefinition: A son of Dharma
Name: AbhijitDefinition: A constellation dear to Hari
Name: AbibaDefinition: Child born after grandmother died
Name: AbieDefinition: Father or mother of many
Name: AbijahDefinition: The Lord is my father
Name: AbinaDefinition: Born on a tuesday
Name: AbionaDefinition: Born on a journey
Name: AbiraDefinition: Strong
Name: AbnerDefinition: Father of light
Name: AbraDefinition: Father of a multitude
Name: AbrahamDefinition: Father of a multitude
Name: AbramDefinition: High Father
Name: AbriannaDefinition: Mother of Many Nations
Name: AbriendaDefinition: Opening
Name: AbrilDefinition: April
Name: AbsolomDefinition: My Father is Peace
Name: AbuDefinition: Father
Name: AbundiantusDefinition: Plentiful
Name: AcacioDefinition: the Lord holds
Name: AcadiaDefinition: Cadie, Caddie
Name: AcanitDefinition: Hard times
Name: AcanthaDefinition: thorny
Name: AcarioDefinition: Ungrateful
Name: AccaliaDefinition: Foster mother of Romulus and Remus
Name: AccursiusDefinition: to hasten
Name: AceDefinition: Unity, one, first rate
Name: AchalDefinition: Steady, mountainous
Name: AchaziaDefinition: the Lord holds
Name: AchenDefinition: A twin
Name: AchillesDefinition: Without lips, brown, dark
Name: AchlysDefinition: Mist, darknesss
Name: AchyutaDefinition: A name of Vishnu
Name: AckleyDefinition: Meadow of oaks
Name: ActonDefinition: town with many oaks
Name: AcuzioDefinition: Sharp
Name: AdaDefinition: Happy, ornament
Name: AdahDefinition: Beautiful addition
Name: AdaminaDefinition: Dauggher of the earth
Name: AdammaDefinition: Beautiful Girl
Name: AddieDefinition: Joyful, kind
Name: AddoDefinition: Happy, ornament
Name: AdeDefinition: Crown, Royal
Name: AdebenDefinition: twelfth-born son
Name: AdelbertDefinition: Famous for nobility
Name: AdelfriedDefinition: Who protects the descendants
Name: AdelioDefinition: Father of the Noble Prince
Name: AdelphosDefinition: Brother
Name: AdemDefinition: Red Earth
Name: AdemaroDefinition: Glorious in battle
Name: AdemiaDefinition: Without husband
Name: AdenDefinition: Handsome, Adorned
Name: AdenaDefinition: Delicate, sensual
Name: AdeolaDefinition: Crown has Honor
Name: AderesDefinition: One who protects
Name: AderynDefinition: Bird
Name: AdesinaDefinition: the way is opened for more
Name: AdhiraDefinition: Lightning
Name: AdiaDefinition: Gift
Name: AdieDefinition: Ornament
Name: AdielDefinition: Goat
Name: AdilaDefinition: Just, Fair
Name: AdinDefinition: Beautiful, Adorned
Name: AdinaDefinition: Voluptous
Name: AdiranDefinition: Of the adriatic
Name: AdishDefinition: Fire
Name: AdishreeDefinition: Exalted
Name: AditaDefinition: Basket
Name: AditiDefinition: Free and unbounded
Name: AdityaDefinition: Lord of the sun
Name: AdlerDefinition: Eagle
Name: AdleyDefinition: Just
Name: AdliDefinition: Just, Wise
Name: AdmonDefinition: Red peony
Name: AdolfoDefinition: Wolf
Name: AdonDefinition: Lord
Name: AdonaiDefinition: My Lord
Name: AdonciaDefinition: Sweet
Name: AdoniaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: AdonicaDefinition: From Adam and Monica
Name: AdonisDefinition: Man loved by aphrodite, handsome
Name: AdoraDefinition: Beloved one
Name: AdrastosDefinition: Undaunted
Name: AdrianDefinition: Rich, wealthy, dark one
Name: AdrianaDefinition: Dark, Rich
Name: AdrielDefinition: Beaver, symbol of skill
Name: AdrienneDefinition: Rich, wealthy, dark one
Name: AdrinaDefinition: Happiness
Name: AdsilaDefinition: Blossom
Name: AelanDefinition: Flower
Name: AelwenDefinition: Fair Brow
Name: AeneasDefinition: Worthy of praise
Name: AeronaDefinition: Berry
Name: AetosDefinition: Eagle
Name: AffricaDefinition: From Africa
Name: AfiaDefinition: Born on Friday
Name: AfinaDefinition: Blueberry
Name: AfraDefinition: From Africa
Name: AfricDefinition: Pleasant
Name: AfricaDefinition: Pleasing, pleasant
Name: AfroDefinition: From Africa
Name: AftonDefinition: River name
Name: AfyaDefinition: Health
Name: AgaliaDefinition: Bright Joy
Name: AgamemnonDefinition: Resolute
Name: AgapeDefinition: Love of the next
Name: AgathaDefinition: Good, kind
Name: AgatoneDefinition: Good, kind
Name: AggieDefinition: Lamb
Name: AglaiaDefinition: Wisdom, glory
Name: AgnesDefinition: Lamb, pure, chaste
Name: AgnetaDefinition: Pure
Name: AgostinoDefinition: Respectable
Name: AgrataDefinition: Leader
Name: AhabDefinition: Uncle
Name: AhanuDefinition: He Laughs
Name: AmilDefinition: Worthy
Name: AminDefinition: Trustworthy
Name: AminaDefinition: Peace, security
Name: AminiaDefinition: Faithful
Name: AmintaDefinition: Protectress
Name: AmiriDefinition: Prince
Name: AmishDefinition: Honest
Name: AmissaDefinition: Friend
Name: AmistadDefinition: Friendship
Name: AmitDefinition: Endless
Name: AmitaDefinition: Without limits
Name: AmitolaDefinition: Rainbow
Name: AmityDefinition: Friendship
Name: AmokeDefinition: to pet her
Name: AmonDefinition: the hidden
Name: AmorDefinition: Love
Name: AmoraDefinition: Love
Name: AmorinaDefinition: Love
Name: AmoryDefinition: Loving
Name: AmosDefinition: troubled
Name: AmritaDefinition: Immortality
Name: AmsdenDefinition: From the ambroses valley
Name: AmulyaDefinition: Priceless
Name: AmyDefinition: Beloved
Name: AnDefinition: Peace
Name: AnaDefinition: Cave
Name: AnabelleDefinition: Lovable
Name: AnaisDefinition: Graceful
Name: AnakinDefinition: Warrior
Name: AnalieseDefinition: FROM ANNA & LISA
Name: AnaliseDefinition: From ANALIESE
Name: AnaluDefinition: Manly
Name: AnanaDefinition: Soft, Gentle
Name: AnandDefinition: Bliss, happiness
Name: AnandaDefinition: Worthy of Love
Name: AnandoDefinition: Bliss
Name: AnaniDefinition: Orange tree
Name: AnastaciaDefinition: Variant of Anastasia-reborn
Name: AnastasiaDefinition: Resurrection
Name: AnatolaDefinition: From the East
Name: AnatoleDefinition: From the East
Name: AncelDefinition: Diety, servent, divine Helmt
Name: AncelinDefinition: Handmaiden
Name: AnchoretDefinition: Loved
Name: AndeDefinition: Pillar
Name: AndeanaDefinition: Leaving
Name: AndersonDefinition: Son of Andrew
Name: AndieDefinition: Courageous
Name: AndraDefinition: Strong & Courageous
Name: AndralynDefinition: FROM ANDREA & LYN
Name: AndrasDefinition: Breath
Name: AndreDefinition: Manly, Courageous
Name: AndreaDefinition: Courageous
Name: AndreanaDefinition: Womanly
Name: AndreasDefinition: Strong & Manly
Name: AndrenDefinition: From the town of Ardres, France
Name: AndresDefinition: Manly, Courageous
Name: AndreusDefinition: Son of river peneius
Name: AndrewDefinition: Manly, valiant, courageous
Name: AndriaDefinition: Love, joy
Name: AndromedaDefinition: Beautiful maiden rescued by perseus
Name: AndyDefinition: Manly
Name: AnekoDefinition: Older Sister
Name: AnemoneDefinition: Breath, windflower
Name: AnevayDefinition: Superior
Name: AnezkaDefinition: Pure
Name: AngadaDefinition: A son of Lakshmana
Name: AngelDefinition: Angelic
Name: AngelaDefinition: Heavenly messenger
Name: AngelicaDefinition: Angelic
Name: AngelinaDefinition: Little ANGEL
Name: AngeliqueDefinition: Angelic
Name: AngelitoDefinition: Little angel
Name: AngeloDefinition: Heavenly messenger
Name: AngeniDefinition: Spirit angel
Name: AngevinDefinition: Angel of wine
Name: AngieDefinition: Angel
Name: AngusDefinition: Superb, unique
Name: AniDefinition: Very beautiful
Name: AniaDefinition: Graciousness
Name: AnieliDefinition: Manly
Name: AnikaDefinition: Very beautiful, graceful
Name: AnilaDefinition: Children of the Wind
Name: AniseDefinition: Spice
Name: AnitraDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnjelitaDefinition: Heavenly messenger
Name: AnjumanDefinition: A party place (mehfil)
Name: AnkeDefinition: Grace
Name: AnkerDefinition: Manly
Name: AnktiDefinition: Repeat the Dance
Name: AnnDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnnaDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnnabelDefinition: Grace and Beauty
Name: AnnabellaDefinition: Grace and beauty
Name: AnnabelleDefinition: Grace and beauty
Name: AnneDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnnekeDefinition: Little ANN
Name: AnnelieseDefinition: Consecrated and gracious
Name: AnnetteDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnniceDefinition: From AGNES
Name: AnnickDefinition: Gracious
Name: AnnieDefinition: Blessed with Grace
Name: AnniruddhaDefinition: Son of Pradyummna
Name: AnnisDefinition: From AGNES
Name: AnnissaDefinition: Form of ANN
Name: AnnoraDefinition: Honor
Name: AnnotDefinition: Light
Name: AnokiDefinition: An actor
Name: AnoopDefinition: Incomparable, the best
Name: AnoushDefinition: Sweet
Name: AnselDefinition: Follows Nobility
Name: AnsleyDefinition: From the pastureland of the noble
Name: AnsonDefinition: Son of a nobleman, son of Ann or Hans
Name: AnsticeDefinition: One Who Will Rise Again
Name: AntalDefinition: Prince
Name: AntheaDefinition: Lady of flowers
Name: AnthonyDefinition: Priceless, flourishing, flower
Name: AntjeDefinition: Grace
Name: AntoinetteDefinition: Flourishing, Praiseworthy
Name: AntonDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: AntoniaDefinition: Priceless, flourishing, flower
Name: AntonieDefinition: Fem. form of ANTHONY
Name: AntonioDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: AntonyDefinition: Praiseworthy, Flourishing
Name: AntranigDefinition: First Son
Name: AnuradhaDefinition: A bright star
Name: AnusreeDefinition: Pretty
Name: AnwarDefinition: The Brightest
Name: AnyaDefinition: From the name ANNA
Name: AoifeDefinition: Life
Name: AokoDefinition: Outside
Name: AolaniDefinition: Cloud from Heaven
Name: AparaDefinition: One who comes and goes
Name: AparnaDefinition: Same as Parvati
Name: ApiatanDefinition: Lance Made With Wood
Name: ApirkaDefinition: Pleasant
Name: ApollineDefinition: Sunshine, warmth and strength
Name: AponiDefinition: Butterfly
Name: ApriaDefinition: From the Apricot
Name: AprilDefinition: Blooming, opening
Name: ApuDefinition: Unique
Name: AquaDefinition: Of the Water
Name: AquariusDefinition: Tthe Water Bearer
Name: AqueneDefinition: Peace
Name: AquilaDefinition: Eagle
Name: ArabellaDefinition: Beautiful Altar
Name: ArabelleDefinition: Beautiful eagle
Name: AraceliDefinition: Alter of heaven
Name: AracelyDefinition: Heavenly Altar
Name: AramDefinition: High place
Name: AramaDefinition: Of the Virgin Mary
Name: AramintaDefinition: Lofty
Name: AranDefinition: Forest
Name: AranaDefinition: Moon
Name: ArashDefinition: Hero
Name: ArashelDefinition: Strong and protected hill
Name: AravDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ArawnDefinition: King of the Otherworld
Name: AraxieDefinition: River said to inspire poetic expression
Name: ArcadiaDefinition: Adventurous
Name: ArceliaDefinition: Treasure
Name: ArchDefinition: Bold, Bowman
Name: ArchanaDefinition: Worshiping One
Name: ArcherDefinition: the archer
Name: ArchibaldDefinition: Bold prince
Name: ArchieDefinition: From the name ARCHIBALD
Name: ArdaraDefinition: Fort on the Hill
Name: ArdeliaDefinition: Zealous
Name: ArdelisDefinition: Industrious
Name: ArdelleDefinition: Warm
Name: ArdenDefinition: Passionate, eagle valley
Name: ArdereDefinition: Fire
Name: ArdiceDefinition: Flowering Field
Name: ArdisDefinition: Fervent
Name: ArdithDefinition: Flowering Field
Name: ArdonDefinition: Bronze
Name: ArellaDefinition: Angel messenger
Name: ArenDefinition: Eagle
Name: ArethaDefinition: the best, nymph
Name: AretinaDefinition: Virtous
Name: ArgusDefinition: Bright, watchful
Name: ArgyleDefinition: Diamond Pattern
Name: AriDefinition: Lion
Name: AriaDefinition: Beautiful melody
Name: AriabodDefinition: Tibe leader
Name: AriadneDefinition: Melody, very holy one
Name: ArianeDefinition: Holy
Name: AriannaDefinition: Holy
Name: AricDefinition: Form of Richard or Eric
Name: ArichDefinition: Unknown
Name: AriciaDefinition: Princess of the royal blood of Athens
Name: AricinDefinition: the eternal kings son
Name: ArienDefinition: Enchanted
Name: ArieneDefinition: Silvery
Name: AriesDefinition: The Ram
Name: ArinDefinition: Enlightened
Name: ArionDefinition: Musician
Name: ArissaDefinition: Best
Name: AristaDefinition: Harvest
Name: AristoDefinition: Best
Name: ArjunDefinition: One of the Pandavas
Name: ArkadiyDefinition: Bold
Name: ArlaisDefinition: From the Temple
Name: ArlandDefinition: Pledge
Name: ArlenDefinition: Pledge
Name: ArleneDefinition: Pledge
Name: ArleyDefinition: the bowman
Name: ArloDefinition: Hill
Name: ArmandDefinition: Of the army
Name: ArmandeDefinition: From the name ARMAND
Name: ArmandoDefinition: From the name ARMAND
Name: ArmaniDefinition: Faith
Name: ArmelleDefinition: Princess
Name: ArmenDefinition: Armenian
Name: ArminaDefinition: Of a high degree
Name: ArmonDefinition: Castle
Name: ArnaldoDefinition: Strong as an eagle
Name: ArnaudDefinition: Ruler of Eagles
Name: ArnavDefinition: Ocean
Name: ArneDefinition: Eagle
Name: ArnieDefinition: From the name ARNE OR ARNOLD
Name: ArnoldDefinition: Eagle, powerful
Name: ArnoldoDefinition: Strong as an eagle
Name: ArnonDefinition: Rushing stream
Name: ArohaDefinition: Love
Name: AronDefinition: To Sing
Name: ArpiarDefinition: Sunny
Name: ArsenDefinition: Strong
Name: ArsenioDefinition: Manly, virile
Name: ArtDefinition: Short form of ARTHUR
Name: ArtanDefinition: Little Bear
Name: ArtemasDefinition: Safe
Name: ArtemisDefinition: Moon
Name: ArtemisiaDefinition: Belonging to artemis
Name: ArtemusDefinition: Of the moon
Name: ArthusDefinition: Bear hero, a rock
Name: ArtieDefinition: From the name ARTHUR
Name: ArtyDefinition: From the name ARTHUR
Name: ArunaDefinition: Radiance
Name: ArvaDefinition: Fertile
Name: ArvidDefinition: Eagle Tree
Name: ArvinDefinition: Friend to All
Name: ArwenDefinition: Muse
Name: ArwinDefinition: Young, prince
Name: AryaDefinition: Honored, Noble
Name: ArzikiDefinition: Prosperity
Name: AsaDefinition: Healer
Name: AsabiDefinition: One of Select Birth
Name: AsasiaDefinition: Form of Acacia
Name: AsenkaDefinition: Graceful
Name: AshDefinition: From the Ash Tree
Name: AshaDefinition: Hope, life
Name: AshantiDefinition: African Tribe Name
Name: AshbyDefinition: Ash Tree Farm
Name: AsherDefinition: Fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy
Name: AshishDefinition: Blessings
Name: AshleighDefinition: From the Ash Tree
Name: AshleyDefinition: Ash-tree
Name: AshlingDefinition: Dream, Vision
Name: AshlynDefinition: ROOTS: ASHLEY&LYN
Name: AshoDefinition: Pure of heart
Name: AshonDefinition: Seventh-born son
Name: AshtynDefinition: From the Ash Tree Town
Name: AshwinDefinition: Strong horse
Name: AsiaDefinition: East
Name: AsijaDefinition: A great sage, brother of Brihaspati
Name: AsisDefinition: Sun
Name: AsisaDefinition: Ripe
Name: AskiniDefinition: Daughter of Prajapati Virat
Name: AsmitaDefinition: Pride
Name: AspasiaDefinition: Welcomed
Name: AstaDefinition: Bright as a Star
Name: AsterDefinition: Star
Name: AsteraDefinition: Flower name
Name: AstinDefinition: Strong Leader, trustworthy
Name: AstleyDefinition: Star
Name: AstraDefinition: Like a star
Name: AstridDefinition: Star, super strength, divine strength
Name: AstroDefinition: Of the Stars
Name: AsumanDefinition: Lord of vital breaths
Name: AsvathamaDefinition: Sun of drona
Name: AsztrikDefinition: Made from ashenwood
Name: AtalantaDefinition: Mighty Huntress
Name: AtaloDefinition: Youthful
Name: AtaraDefinition: A crown
Name: AtaretDefinition: Crown, Blessed
Name: AthanDefinition: Immortal
Name: AtharvanDefinition: Knower of the Arthara vedas
Name: AtherolDefinition: Dweller at the spring farm
Name: AtholDefinition: Place name
Name: AtillaDefinition: Beloved father
Name: AtiraDefinition: Prayer
Name: AtmajaDefinition: Daughter
Name: AtmajyotiDefinition: Light of Atma
Name: AtmanDefinition: the self
Name: AtticusDefinition: Father-like
Name: AttisDefinition: Handsome boy
Name: AubreyDefinition: Elf rule
Name: AuburnDefinition: Fair
Name: AudiDefinition: Last Daughter
Name: AudraDefinition: From AUDREY
Name: AudricDefinition: Old and wise rule
Name: AudunDefinition: Deserted
Name: AugustDefinition: Revered, Exalted
Name: AugustaDefinition: Venerable
Name: AugustinDefinition: Revered, Exalted
Name: AugustusDefinition: Exalted
Name: AuliiDefinition: Delicious
Name: AureDefinition: Breeze, soft-air
Name: AurekDefinition: Golden-haired
Name: AureliaDefinition: Gold
Name: AurkeneDefinition: Presentation
Name: AuroraDefinition: Dawn
Name: AuroretteDefinition: FROM AURORA
Name: AuryonDefinition: Hunyer
Name: AustinDefinition: From the name AUGUSTIN
Name: AustineDefinition: Exalted
Name: AutumnDefinition: Autumn
Name: AvaDefinition: A bird
Name: AvakDefinition: The First
Name: AvalbaneDefinition: White Orchard
Name: AvalonDefinition: Island
Name: AvantiDefinition: Ancient Malwa
Name: AvariDefinition: Of the heavens,from the sky
Name: AvariellaDefinition: Small, strong woman
Name: AvasaDefinition: Independent
Name: AveDefinition: Hail (all bow to)
Name: AvedisDefinition: Brings Good News
Name: AvelDefinition: Breath
Name: AvelineDefinition: Hazel
Name: AvenaDefinition: Oats
Name: AventDefinition: Born During Advent
Name: AveolelaDefinition: Rays of the sun
Name: AverillDefinition: Boar-warrior
Name: AveryDefinition: Ruler of the elves
Name: AviDefinition: Lord of Mine
Name: AvianDefinition: Bird-like
Name: AvinoamDefinition: Blessed Father
Name: AvisDefinition: Birds
Name: AvitalDefinition: Father of Dew
Name: AvivDefinition: Spring, renewal
Name: AvivaDefinition: Springtime
Name: AvonDefinition: The River
Name: AvonacoDefinition: Lean Bear
Name: AvongaraDefinition: To Tie
Name: AvrilDefinition: April
Name: AwenDefinition: A muse
Name: AwenaDefinition: Seer
Name: AwentiaDefinition: Fawn
Name: AxelDefinition: Divine reward; divine source of life
Name: AxeliaDefinition: Protector of mankind
Name: AxelleDefinition: Source of all Life
Name: AxlDefinition: Source of life
Name: AyalaDefinition: Gazelle, goat
Name: AyameDefinition: Iris
Name: AyannaDefinition: Beautiful flower
Name: AyashaDefinition: Muhammads wife
Name: AyianaDefinition: Eternal bllom
Name: AyitaDefinition: Worker
Name: AylaDefinition: Oak tree
Name: AyokaDefinition: One who Causes Joy
Name: AyselDefinition: Moonlight
Name: AyshaDefinition: Life
Name: AyushmatiDefinition: Person who has a long life
Name: AzadehDefinition: Dry earth; detached, free of material things
Name: AzaliaDefinition: Spared by jehovah
Name: AzanaDefinition: Ultimate
Name: AzharDefinition: Famous
Name: AziaDefinition: From the East
Name: AzizaDefinition: Precious
Name: AzizeDefinition: Highly Valued
Name: AziziDefinition: Precious One
Name: AzraDefinition: Pure
Name: AzukaDefinition: Past Glory
Name: AzuraDefinition: Sky-blue
Name: AzureDefinition: Bluish Color
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