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Pet Names that Start With F

Name: FabianDefinition: Bean
Name: FabianaDefinition: Bean
Name: FabianoDefinition: Bean Farmer
Name: FabienneDefinition: Bean Grower
Name: FabioDefinition: Bean Farmer
Name: FabiolaDefinition: Bean Grower
Name: FabrizioDefinition: One with Skillful Hands
Name: FadeyDefinition: Courageous
Name: FaiDefinition: Brilliant Light
Name: FaigaDefinition: A bird
Name: FainaDefinition: Joyful
Name: FairfaxDefinition: Blond-haired
Name: FairlyDefinition: The Far Meadow
Name: FairuzaDefinition: turquoise
Name: FaithDefinition: trust, faith
Name: FaizahDefinition: Victorious
Name: FalaDefinition: Crow
Name: FalalaDefinition: Born in Abundance
Name: FalgunDefinition: Month in the Hindu calendar
Name: FallonDefinition: Grandchild of the ruler, in charge
Name: FanchonDefinition: Free, Whimsical
Name: FancyDefinition: Decorated
Name: FantineDefinition: Childlike
Name: FaolanDefinition: Wolf
Name: FarajiDefinition: Consolation
Name: FarfallaDefinition: Butterfly
Name: FaricaDefinition: Chief of Peace
Name: FariishtaDefinition: Angel
Name: FarkasDefinition: Wolf
Name: FarleyDefinition: Distant meadow
Name: FarrahDefinition: Beautiful, wild ass
Name: FarrarDefinition: Blacksmith
Name: FarrellDefinition: Courageous, man of valor
Name: FarrenDefinition: Wanderer
Name: FarsirisDefinition: Princess
Name: FascienneDefinition: Black
Name: FauniaDefinition: Young Deer
Name: FaustaDefinition: Fortunate
Name: FaustineDefinition: Lucky
Name: FaustoDefinition: Lucky
Name: FaustusDefinition: Lucky
Name: FauveDefinition: Wild and uninhibited
Name: FavianDefinition: Brave Man
Name: FawnDefinition: Young Deer
Name: FawneDefinition: Young deer
Name: FaxonDefinition: Long hair
Name: FayDefinition: Fairy or Elf
Name: FayeDefinition: Fairy
Name: FayinaDefinition: Free one
Name: FaylinnDefinition: Fairy Kingdom
Name: FaymeDefinition: Held in high esteem
Name: FayolaDefinition: Walks With Honor
Name: FayreDefinition: Beautiful
Name: FearghusDefinition: Strong Man
Name: FedellaDefinition: From Fedelia or Fidel-faithful
Name: FedericoDefinition: Peaceful Ruler
Name: FedoraDefinition: Divine Gift
Name: FelciaDefinition: Lucky
Name: FeletiDefinition: Peace
Name: FeliceDefinition: Fortunate, Happy
Name: FeliciaDefinition: Happy
Name: FeliciteDefinition: Fortunate
Name: FelicityDefinition: Happiness
Name: FelixDefinition: Happy
Name: FellDefinition: A Field
Name: FeltonDefinition: Town in a Field
Name: FemiDefinition: Love me
Name: FenellaDefinition: Fair
Name: FengDefinition: Maple or Phoenix
Name: FennellaDefinition: White shoulder
Name: FentonDefinition: Marshland dweller
Name: FeoDefinition: Ugly
Name: FeorasDefinition: Smooth Rock
Name: FerdinandDefinition: Courageous traveler
Name: FerencDefinition: Independent, free
Name: FergalDefinition: Man of Strength
Name: FergusDefinition: Of manly strength
Name: FergusonDefinition: Son of Fergus
Name: FernDefinition: Leafy plant
Name: FernandoDefinition: Daring, Adventurous
Name: FerrisDefinition: Rock, iron
Name: FerrolDefinition: Iron Ring
Name: FfionnDefinition: Foxglove Flower
Name: FiaDefinition: Weaver
Name: FiachraDefinition: Irish Saint
Name: FicoDefinition: A Fig
Name: FidelDefinition: Faithful and sincere
Name: FideliaDefinition: Faithful
Name: FidelinaDefinition: Little faithful one
Name: FidelioDefinition: Faithful
Name: FidellaDefinition: Faithful
Name: FieldDefinition: A Field
Name: FieldingDefinition: Field
Name: FifiDefinition: He Shall Add
Name: FilbertDefinition: Brilliant
Name: FiliaDefinition: Friendship
Name: FilipinaDefinition: Lover of Horses
Name: FindlayDefinition: Blond-haired soldier
Name: FineenDefinition: Fair Offspring
Name: FinlayDefinition: Fair heroe, sunbeam
Name: FinleyDefinition: Fair Haired One
Name: FinnDefinition: Laplander
Name: FinnaDefinition: Fair
Name: FinneaDefinition: Wood of the Ford
Name: FinolaDefinition: White Haired
Name: FionaDefinition: White, fair
Name: FionanDefinition: Fair
Name: FionnDefinition: White, fair
Name: FionnualaDefinition: Fair shoulders
Name: FionnulaDefinition: From the name FIONA
Name: FiorellaDefinition: Little flower
Name: FiorelloDefinition: Little floewr
Name: FiorenzaDefinition: Flower
Name: FiskDefinition: Fisherman
Name: FissehaDefinition: Happiness, Joy
Name: FitzDefinition: Son
Name: FitzwilliamDefinition: Son of William
Name: FlanDefinition: From Flannery
Name: FlannDefinition: Son of the red-haired man
Name: FlanneryDefinition: Sheet of metal, flat land
Name: FlaviaDefinition: Blond, golden hair
Name: FlavianDefinition: Yellow, Blonde
Name: FlemingDefinition: A native of Flanders
Name: FletaDefinition: Swift, fleet
Name: FletcherDefinition: Arrow maker
Name: FleurDefinition: From the name FLORENCE
Name: FlintDefinition: Hard Quartz Rock
Name: FloDefinition: From the name FLORENCE
Name: FlokeDefinition: Guardian of the people
Name: FloraDefinition: Flowering
Name: FloramariaDefinition: Flower of Mary
Name: FlorenceDefinition: Blooming flower, flourishing
Name: FloriaDefinition: Flowering
Name: FlorianDefinition: Flowering
Name: FlorianeDefinition: Flowering
Name: FloridaDefinition: Flowering
Name: FlorrieDefinition: From the name FLORENCE
Name: FlosDefinition: Chieftain
Name: FlowerDefinition: From the name FLORENCE
Name: FloydDefinition: the hollow
Name: FluffyDefinition: Soft, hairy
Name: FlynnDefinition: Son of the red-haired man
Name: FodorDefinition: Curly haired
Name: FolaDefinition: Honour
Name: FolkusDefinition: People, famous
Name: FondaDefinition: Profound, well-based
Name: ForbesDefinition: Prosperous
Name: FordDefinition: River crossing
Name: FordonDefinition: To Destroy
Name: ForestDefinition: Out of the woods
Name: ForrestDefinition: Of the Woods, Forest
Name: ForresterDefinition: Protector of the forest
Name: ForsterDefinition: From the name FORRESTER
Name: FortuneDefinition: Given to Luck
Name: FosterDefinition: Forest keeper
Name: FountainDefinition: A Spring
Name: FoxDefinition: A Fox
Name: FoyDefinition: A Journey
Name: FraleyDefinition: Friar
Name: FranDefinition: Free
Name: FrancesDefinition: From France, free
Name: FrancescaDefinition: Free
Name: FrancineDefinition: Form of FRANCES
Name: FrancisDefinition: From France, free
Name: FranciscoDefinition: Free Land
Name: FrancoisDefinition: Free
Name: FrankDefinition: Free
Name: FranklinDefinition: Free man
Name: FranzDefinition: Free
Name: FraserDefinition: Strawberry
Name: FrasierDefinition: Stawberry
Name: FrayneDefinition: Ash Tree
Name: FredDefinition: Peaceful Ruler
Name: FreddyDefinition: From the name FREDERICK
Name: FredericaDefinition: From the name FREDRICA
Name: FrederickDefinition: Peaceful ruler
Name: FrederikaDefinition: Peaceful ruler
Name: FredricaDefinition: Peace
Name: FredrickaDefinition: Peaceful ruler
Name: FreeDefinition: In liberty
Name: FreedDefinition: Form of FREDERICK
Name: FreemanDefinition: Free Man
Name: FreiraDefinition: Sister
Name: FremontDefinition: Guardian of freedom
Name: FrenchDefinition: From France
Name: FriedaDefinition: Peace, joy
Name: FrigyesDefinition: Peace, might
Name: FritzDefinition: Contraction of FREDERICK
Name: FritziDefinition: From the name FREIDA
Name: FrumaDefinition: One who is religious
Name: FryeDefinition: Seed, Offspring
Name: FuensantaDefinition: A holy fountain
Name: FujitaDefinition: Field
Name: FulbrightDefinition: Very Light
Name: FullerDefinition: Clothing presser
Name: FultonDefinition: town near the field
Name: FuscienneDefinition: Black
Name: FynnDefinition: Form of FINN
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