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Pet Names that Start With K

Name: KaatjeDefinition: Pure
Name: KabibeDefinition: Little Lady
Name: KabiliDefinition: Possession
Name: KabiraDefinition: Powerful
Name: KabosDefinition: Swindler
Name: KacelaDefinition: Hunter
Name: KachinaDefinition: Sacred Dancer
Name: KachineDefinition: Sacred dancer
Name: KaciaDefinition: Thorny
Name: KacyDefinition: From initials K.C.
Name: KadenDefinition: Fighter
Name: KadishaDefinition: Holy
Name: KaedeDefinition: Maple leaf
Name: KaelDefinition: Mighty Warrior
Name: KaelemDefinition: Honest
Name: KaelinDefinition: Rejoicer, Waterfall Pool
Name: KaelynDefinition: Meadow
Name: KaemonDefinition: Joyful
Name: KaetheDefinition: Pure
Name: KagamiDefinition: Mirror
Name: KahokuDefinition: Star
Name: KaiDefinition: Sea, willow tree
Name: KaiaDefinition: Earth
Name: KaidaDefinition: Little dragon
Name: KaieDefinition: Combat
Name: KaikuraDefinition: Ground Squirrel
Name: KailDefinition: Mighty one
Name: KailaniDefinition: Sea and Sky
Name: KailasDefinition: Home of the Lord
Name: KaileyDefinition: Laurel, Crown
Name: KailiDefinition: A deity
Name: KaimiDefinition: the seeker
Name: KaipoDefinition: Sweetheart
Name: KaiserDefinition: Leader
Name: KaitlynDefinition: Little darling
Name: KaiyaDefinition: Forgiveness
Name: KaiyoDefinition: Forgiveness
Name: KajalDefinition: Eyeliner
Name: KakraDefinition: Younger of twins
Name: KalaDefinition: time, black
Name: KalamaDefinition: Flaming torch
Name: KalaniDefinition: The Heavens
Name: KalanitDefinition: Flower name
Name: KalareDefinition: Bright, clear
Name: KaleDefinition: Strong and manly
Name: KaleaDefinition: Bright
Name: KalebDefinition: From Caleb-Faithful, bold
Name: KaleiDefinition: One who Works for the King
Name: KaleighDefinition: Laurel, Crown
Name: KaleoDefinition: Pure
Name: KaleyDefinition: Form of KELLY
Name: KalidasDefinition: the poet, musician
Name: KalikaDefinition: Rosebud
Name: KalinDefinition: Form of CALEB
Name: KalindaDefinition: Sun, name of mountains
Name: KaliskaDefinition: Coyote chasing deer
Name: KalistaDefinition: Most Beautiful One
Name: KallimaDefinition: Butterfly
Name: KalliyanDefinition: Best
Name: KalmanDefinition: Strong and manly
Name: KalonaDefinition: Amish Town
Name: KaloniDefinition: The Sky
Name: KalooshDefinition: Blessed Event
Name: KalycaDefinition: Rosebud
Name: KamaDefinition: Love
Name: KamakshiDefinition: A Devi, same as Lalita
Name: KamalaDefinition: Lotus
Name: KamaliDefinition: Spirit protector
Name: KamanaDefinition: Desire
Name: KamariaDefinition: Like the moon
Name: KamboDefinition: Must work for everything
Name: KameDefinition: Desolate, Arid
Name: KamekoDefinition: tortoise-child, symbol for long-life
Name: KamellaDefinition: Young Ceremonial Attendant
Name: KamerynDefinition: Crooked Nose
Name: KamiDefinition: Loving
Name: KamilaDefinition: Attendant at sacrifice
Name: KamiliDefinition: Perfection
Name: KamiliaDefinition: Sweet flower
Name: KaminDefinition: Joyful
Name: KamnaDefinition: Desire
Name: KanaDefinition: Powerful
Name: KanakDefinition: Gold
Name: KanayeDefinition: Zealous one
Name: KanchanaDefinition: A celestial Apsara, gold
Name: KandeDefinition: Firstborn Daughter
Name: KaneDefinition: tribute, warrior; the doubly-accomplished, golden; man, the eastern sky; beautiful
Name: KaneloDefinition: Enough
Name: KaneneDefinition: A little thing in the eye is big
Name: KangaDefinition: A Raven
Name: KanielDefinition: Stalk, reed
Name: KanikaDefinition: Black cloth
Name: KanoaDefinition: Free One
Name: KanoniDefinition: LIttle Bird
Name: KaoriDefinition: FragrantBeautiful Girl
Name: KaoruDefinition: Fragrant
Name: KaperaDefinition: this child, too, will die
Name: KapilaDefinition: Prophet
Name: KaplonyDefinition: tiger
Name: KaponoDefinition: Righteous
Name: KaraDefinition: Pure
Name: KarahDefinition: Sweet Melody
Name: KaranDefinition: Pure
Name: KarasiDefinition: Life and Wisdom
Name: KardosDefinition: Swordsman
Name: KareDefinition: Enormous
Name: KarenDefinition: Pure
Name: KarenaDefinition: Pure One
Name: KariDefinition: Flows like water
Name: KarikDefinition: Form of CARRICK
Name: KarimahDefinition: Generous
Name: KarinDefinition: Pure
Name: KarinaDefinition: Dear Little One
Name: KarisDefinition: Graceful
Name: KarissaDefinition: Love, grace
Name: KarkaDefinition: Crab
Name: KarlDefinition: From the name CHARLES
Name: KarlaDefinition: Strong and Womanly
Name: KarliDefinition: Covered with snow
Name: KarlynDefinition: Little and womanly
Name: KarmaDefinition: Fate
Name: KarmanDefinition: Lord of the Castle
Name: KarminaDefinition: Song, Songstress
Name: KarmitiDefinition: Trees
Name: KarnaDefinition: Horn of an Animal
Name: KarsaDefinition: Falcon
Name: KarsenDefinition: Created name
Name: KarstenDefinition: Blessed, anointed one
Name: KartalDefinition: Eagle
Name: KartikeyaDefinition: Subramanyam, Skanda, son of Shiva and Parvati
Name: KaryanDefinition: the dark one
Name: KasaDefinition: Fur-robe dress
Name: KaschDefinition: Like a blackbird
Name: KasekoDefinition: Mock, Ridicule
Name: KasenDefinition: Protected with a helmet
Name: KasiDefinition: From the Holy City
Name: KasiaDefinition: From Katherine
Name: KasimDefinition: Controller of Anger
Name: KasimirDefinition: Demands peace
Name: KasindaDefinition: Born to a family with twins
Name: KasmiraDefinition: Demands peace
Name: KasparDefinition: A treasured secret
Name: KassDefinition: Blackbird
Name: KassiaDefinition: Pure, from Katherine
Name: KassidyDefinition: Clever
Name: KatDefinition: From the name CATHERINE
Name: KataDefinition: Worthy
Name: KatalinDefinition: Pure
Name: KatarinaDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KateDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatelinDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatelynDefinition: Pure Beauty
Name: KatelynnDefinition: From Catherine and Lynn
Name: KatenDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatharineDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatherineDefinition: Pure
Name: KathieDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KathleenDefinition: Little darling
Name: KathrynDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KathyDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatiaDefinition: Pure
Name: KatieDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KatimaDefinition: Powerful Daughter
Name: KatinaDefinition: Pure, Unsullied
Name: KatoDefinition: Good Judgement
Name: KatokaDefinition: Pure
Name: KatrinaDefinition: Pure
Name: KatungiDefinition: Rich
Name: KatyDefinition: Pure, Virginal
Name: KaulaDefinition: Prophet
Name: KaveriDefinition: Sacred river of India
Name: KaviDefinition: Poet
Name: KavindraDefinition: Mighty poet
Name: KavitaDefinition: Poem
Name: KawenaDefinition: Rosy Reflection in the Sky
Name: KayDefinition: Rejoicer; fort
Name: KayaDefinition: My elder sister-little
Name: KayceeDefinition: Initals K and C
Name: KaydenceDefinition: Musical
Name: KayinDefinition: Celebrated child
Name: KaylaDefinition: Crown of laurels
Name: KaylanaDefinition: From KAY and LANA
Name: KayleeDefinition: From KAY and LEE also see CHAELI
Name: KayleenDefinition: Purelass
Name: KayleyDefinition: Bright, beautiful
Name: KayoDefinition: From Initials K.O.
Name: KayongaDefinition: Ash
Name: KazDefinition: Dim. of CASSIUS
Name: KaziDefinition: Work
Name: KaziaDefinition: Plant with cinnamon-like bark
Name: KeaganDefinition: Son of Eagan, Fiery
Name: KeahiDefinition: Flames, Fire
Name: KeairaDefinition: Little Dark One
Name: KealaDefinition: Path
Name: KeaneDefinition: Sharp, bold
Name: KeanuDefinition: Cool Mountain Breeze
Name: KearneyDefinition: Warrior
Name: KebDefinition: Earth
Name: KedarDefinition: Mountain lord, powerful
Name: KedemDefinition: Old, Ancient
Name: KeefeDefinition: Lovable and handsome, noble
Name: KeeferDefinition: Handsome, Beloved
Name: KeeganDefinition: Little fierce one
Name: KeelanDefinition: Lean
Name: KeelandDefinition: Little and slender
Name: KeeliaDefinition: From the name KEELY
Name: KeelinDefinition: Slender, fair
Name: KeeltyDefinition: From the Woods
Name: KeelyDefinition: Beautiful and graceful
Name: KeenDefinition: Whaling in Mourning
Name: KeenaDefinition: Brave
Name: KeenanDefinition: Little ancient one
Name: KeeneDefinition: Wise, Learned
Name: KeeranDefinition: Little Dark One
Name: KeeyaDefinition: Garden Flower
Name: KefiraDefinition: Young lioness
Name: KeganDefinition: Fiery
Name: KehindeDefinition: Second of tiwns
Name: KeiDefinition: Rapture, reverence
Name: KeijiDefinition: Lead Cautiously
Name: KeikiDefinition: Child
Name: KeikoDefinition: Adored one
Name: KeilahDefinition: Citadel
Name: KeilanaDefinition: Adored one
Name: KeilantraDefinition: Princess of the night sky, magical
Name: KeirDefinition: Dark-skinned
Name: KeiraDefinition: Black Haired
Name: KeiranDefinition: Little and Dark
Name: KeishaDefinition: Favourite
Name: KeitaDefinition: Forest
Name: KeitaroDefinition: Blessed
Name: KeithDefinition: Wood, wind; wood-dweller
Name: KeithaDefinition: Female Warrior
Name: KekonaDefinition: Second-born
Name: KelbyDefinition: From the farm by the springs
Name: KeldaDefinition: Clear mountain spring
Name: KeleDefinition: Sparrow Hawk
Name: KelemanDefinition: Gentle, kind
Name: KeliiDefinition: Chief
Name: KellDefinition: From the spring
Name: KellaDefinition: Warrior
Name: KellanDefinition: Warrior princess
Name: KellenDefinition: Swamp
Name: KelleyDefinition: Warrior/Defender
Name: KelliDefinition: Warrior/Defender
Name: KellsieDefinition: Island of the Ships
Name: KellyDefinition: Church, warrior, wood, holly; farm by the spring
Name: KellynDefinition: Powerful
Name: KelseaDefinition: Island of the ships
Name: KeltonDefinition: A Town of Celts
Name: KemenesDefinition: Furnace maker
Name: KempDefinition: Champion
Name: KenDefinition: Handsome
Name: KenadiaDefinition: Chief
Name: KenadieDefinition: Helmeted Chief
Name: KenanDefinition: Possession
Name: KenazDefinition: Bright
Name: KendaDefinition: Child of clear, cool water
Name: KendallDefinition: Ruler of the valley
Name: KendiDefinition: The Loved One
Name: KendisDefinition: Pure
Name: Kendr&eague;Definition: Loving male
Name: KendraDefinition: Understaning, knowledge
Name: KendrickDefinition: Son of Henry
Name: KenelmDefinition: Brave helmet
Name: KenishaDefinition: Gorgeous Woman
Name: KennDefinition: Clear water
Name: KennaDefinition: Handsome
Name: KennanDefinition: Form of KEENE
Name: KennardDefinition: Strong
Name: KennediDefinition: Helmeted Chief
Name: KennedyDefinition: Helmeted chief
Name: KennethDefinition: Handsome; born of fire; royal oath
Name: KenniceDefinition: Beautiful
Name: KennisDefinition: Beautiful
Name: KennyDefinition: Handsome
Name: KenrichDefinition: Chief hero; royal ruler
Name: KentDefinition: Border, coast, bright white
Name: KenyaDefinition: Animal Horn
Name: KenyangiDefinition: White egret
Name: KenyiDefinition: Male Born after 3+ Girls
Name: KenyonDefinition: Blond-haired
Name: KenzieDefinition: Light Skinned
Name: KeolaDefinition: the Life
Name: KepaDefinition: Stone
Name: KerDefinition: House
Name: KeraDefinition: Pure
Name: KeranDefinition: Wooden Post
Name: KeraniDefinition: Sacred bells
Name: KerecsenDefinition: Falcon
Name: KerensaDefinition: Love
Name: KermitDefinition: Freeman
Name: KernDefinition: Dark
Name: KerrDefinition: Marshland
Name: KerriDefinition: Dark and Mysterious
Name: KerrynDefinition: Dusky and pure
Name: KersenDefinition: Cherry
Name: KertDefinition: Simple pleasures
Name: KesareDefinition: Long-haired
Name: KesiDefinition: Born when father was in trouble
Name: KesiaDefinition: Favourite
Name: KeslerDefinition: Independent and energetic
Name: KessieDefinition: Fat at birth
Name: KesterDefinition: From the camp of the Roman army
Name: KeturahDefinition: Fragrance
Name: KetziaDefinition: Surface, cinnamon-like bark
Name: KeveDefinition: Pebble
Name: KevinDefinition: Gentle, lovable
Name: KevinaDefinition: From KEVIN
Name: KevorkDefinition: Farmer
Name: KeyahDefinition: In Good Health
Name: KeyannaDefinition: Living with Grace
Name: KeyonDefinition: Guiding, leading
Name: KeziaDefinition: Cassia, cinnamon
Name: KeziahDefinition: Daughter of Job
Name: KhairiDefinition: Kingly
Name: KhorshedDefinition: Sun
Name: KhortdadDefinition: Perfection
Name: KhuyenDefinition: Advise
Name: KiaDefinition: Hill
Name: KiahDefinition: From the beautiful place
Name: KiandraDefinition: From KENDRA
Name: KiangaDefinition: Sunshine
Name: KiaraDefinition: Small, Dark
Name: KichiDefinition: Fortunate
Name: KidenDefinition: Female Born after 3+ Boys
Name: KieferDefinition: Barrel-maker
Name: KieleDefinition: Gardenia, fragrant blossom
Name: KieranDefinition: Small and dark-skinned
Name: KierstenDefinition: Annointed
Name: KietDefinition: Honor
Name: KieveDefinition: Mythical Name
Name: KihoDefinition: Fog
Name: KijanaDefinition: Youth
Name: KilenyaDefinition: Coughing Fish
Name: KillianDefinition: Fight, cell, strife; small water channel
Name: KimDefinition: Chief
Name: KimamaDefinition: Butterfly
Name: KimatraDefinition: Seduce
Name: KimballDefinition: Leader of the Warriors
Name: KimberleyDefinition: Land belonging to Cyneburg, royal fortress meadow
Name: KimberlyDefinition: Ruler
Name: KimiDefinition: She Who is Without Equal
Name: KimimelaDefinition: Butterfly
Name: KimmyDefinition: From the name KIMBERLY
Name: KimnDefinition: Ruler
Name: KimoDefinition: The Supplanter
Name: KimoniDefinition: Great Man
Name: KinDefinition: Golden
Name: KinaDefinition: China
Name: KineksDefinition: Rosebud
Name: KinetaDefinition: Active one
Name: KinfeDefinition: Wing
Name: KingDefinition: Ruler
Name: KinipelaDefinition: Wave
Name: KinnelDefinition: Dweller at the head of the cliff
Name: KinseyDefinition: Victorious prince
Name: KintanDefinition: Wearing a crown
Name: KiokoDefinition: Meets World with Happiness
Name: KionaDefinition: Brown hills
Name: KioneDefinition: Someone Who Comes from Nowhere
Name: KioraDefinition: Little and dark
Name: KiplingDefinition: One who cures salmon or herring
Name: KippDefinition: Wearing a crown, sharply pointed hill
Name: KiraDefinition: Light; sun
Name: KiralDefinition: Supreme Chief
Name: KiranDefinition: Ray
Name: KirbyDefinition: From the church town
Name: KiriDefinition: Mountain
Name: KirilDefinition: Lordly One
Name: KirimaDefinition: A hill
Name: KiritDefinition: Crown, tiara
Name: KirkDefinition: From the church
Name: KirkanDefinition: Vigilant, Watchful
Name: KirosDefinition: The King
Name: KirraDefinition: Dark Lady
Name: KirsiDefinition: Amaranth Blossoms
Name: KirstenDefinition: Christian; stone church
Name: KirtanaDefinition: Praise
Name: KirtiDefinition: Fame
Name: KisaDefinition: Kitty
Name: KishaDefinition: Rainfall
Name: KishoDefinition: One who knows his own mind
Name: KiskaDefinition: Pure
Name: KismetDefinition: Fate, destiny
Name: KissaDefinition: Born after twins
Name: KitokoDefinition: Beautiful
Name: KitraDefinition: Crowned
Name: KittyDefinition: Little Cat, or See CATHERINE
Name: KiyoshiDefinition: Quiet
Name: KizzyDefinition: Cinnamon
Name: KlarikaDefinition: Brilliant
Name: KlausDefinition: Leaderin Victory
Name: KlavdiaDefinition: A lame one
Name: KnotonDefinition: Wind
Name: KnoxDefinition: From the hills
Name: KnutDefinition: Kindness
Name: KobeDefinition: Supplanter
Name: KochavaDefinition: Star
Name: KoenDefinition: Brave and gallant
Name: KohanaDefinition: Little flower
Name: KojoDefinition: Born on Monday
Name: KoleynaDefinition: Coughing Fish
Name: KolinaDefinition: Pure
Name: KolosDefinition: Scholar
Name: KoltonDefinition: Coal Town
Name: KolyaDefinition: Victorious Warrior
Name: KomalaDefinition: Delicate
Name: KonalaDefinition: World Ruler
Name: KonaneDefinition: Lunar Glow
Name: KongDefinition: Bright
Name: KontarDefinition: Only child
Name: KorbinDefinition: Raven
Name: KordellDefinition: From CORDELL
Name: KorenDefinition: Maiden
Name: KoreneDefinition: Maiden
Name: KoriDefinition: Girl
Name: KortDefinition: Short
Name: KorvinDefinition: Crow
Name: KoryDefinition: Hollow
Name: KostyaDefinition: Faithful
Name: KotoDefinition: Harp
Name: KourtneyDefinition: From the Court
Name: KovitDefinition: Expert
Name: KozmaDefinition: Decoration
Name: KozueDefinition: Tree Branches
Name: KreeliDefinition: Sweet and charming
Name: KrikorDefinition: Vigilant Watchman
Name: KripaDefinition: Has a twin sister Kripi
Name: KrisDefinition: Christ-bearer
Name: KrisalynDefinition: Beautiful bearer of Christ
Name: KrischnanDefinition: Christian
Name: KrishnaDefinition: Strong, Erotic
Name: KristaDefinition: Christ Bearer
Name: KristenDefinition: Follower of Christ
Name: KristianDefinition: Christ Bearer
Name: KristinaDefinition: Christ Bearer
Name: KristineDefinition: Christ-bearer
Name: KristopherDefinition: Christbearer
Name: KristyDefinition: Christ-bearer
Name: KritiDefinition: A work of art
Name: KrystalDefinition: A Clear, Brilliant Glass
Name: KrystynDefinition: Christian, Annointed
Name: KshamaDefinition: Forgiveness, patience, a form of the Devi
Name: KumaDefinition: Bear
Name: KumaniDefinition: Destiny
Name: KumiDefinition: Braid
Name: KumikoDefinition: Braid
Name: KundDefinition: A name of a honor
Name: KunikoDefinition: Child from the Country
Name: KuperDefinition: Copper
Name: KuraDefinition: Treasure House
Name: KuriDefinition: Chestnut
Name: KuronDefinition: Thanks
Name: KurtDefinition: From the name CURTIS OR CONRAD
Name: KusagraDefinition: A king
Name: KushDefinition: Son of Rama
Name: KyaDefinition: Diamond in the Sky
Name: KylarDefinition: Chapel, Shelter
Name: KyleDefinition: Handsome, near the chapel, narrow, narrow channel, strait
Name: KyleeDefinition: From Kyla- crown
Name: KylemoreDefinition: Great Wood
Name: KyleneDefinition: Little piece of land
Name: KylerDefinition: Archer
Name: KylieDefinition: Boomerang
Name: KynaDefinition: Wise
Name: KynanDefinition: Chief
Name: KyneDefinition: Royal One
Name: KynthiaDefinition: Born under the sign of cancer
Name: KyntonDefinition: From KENT
Name: KyokoDefinition: Mirror
Name: KyraDefinition: Sun
Name: KyranDefinition: Lord, sir
Name: KyreneDefinition: Lord, Ruler
Name: KyriaDefinition: Ladylike
Name: KyrieDefinition: The Lord
Name: KyrielleDefinition: French verse
Name: KyrosDefinition: Leader, Master
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