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Pet Names that Start With D

Name: DabaDefinition: Kind words, bee swarm
Name: DaceyDefinition: Southerner
Name: DaciaDefinition: From dacia
Name: DacianDefinition: From Dacia (Near Rome)
Name: DacioDefinition: From arcy
Name: DaeDefinition: Greatness
Name: DafyddDefinition: Beloved
Name: DagDefinition: Day
Name: DaganDefinition: Grain or corn
Name: DagmarDefinition: Joyous day, bright, joy of the Danes
Name: DagnaDefinition: A splendid day
Name: DagobertDefinition: Shining sun
Name: DahanaDefinition: A Rudra
Name: DahliaDefinition: Flower named for botanist A. Dahl
Name: DaiDefinition: Great
Name: DaireDefinition: Ancient Irish
Name: DakaraiDefinition: Happiness
Name: DakinDefinition: Danish
Name: DakotaDefinition: Friend
Name: DaleDefinition: Valley
Name: DaleyDefinition: Assembly, from the valley
Name: DaliaDefinition: A branch, to draw water
Name: DalilaDefinition: Gentle
Name: DalitDefinition: Draw Water
Name: DallasDefinition: Place name, wise
Name: DallonDefinition: From Dale, a valley
Name: DaltonDefinition: Valley farm
Name: DalyDefinition: Advisor
Name: DamalisDefinition: One who gentles
Name: DamaraDefinition: Gentle girl
Name: DamarisDefinition: Heifer
Name: DameDefinition: Lady
Name: DamekDefinition: Earth
Name: DamenDefinition: taming
Name: DamianDefinition: tamer, divine power, fate
Name: DamienDefinition: Sweet and harmless
Name: DaminiDefinition: Lightning
Name: DamitaDefinition: Baby Princess
Name: DamonDefinition: Constant, day
Name: DanDefinition: From the name DANIEL
Name: DaneDefinition: From Denmark
Name: DaniDefinition: My Judge
Name: DanicaDefinition: the morning star
Name: DanielDefinition: My judge is the Lord
Name: DanielaDefinition: My judge is the Lord
Name: DanikaDefinition: Morning Star
Name: DanilDefinition: Form of DANIEL
Name: DaniorDefinition: Born with teeth
Name: DannyDefinition: From the name DANIEL
Name: DanteDefinition: Lasting
Name: DantonDefinition: From the name DANTE
Name: DanylDefinition: From the name Daniel
Name: DaphneDefinition: Laurel, bay tree, victory
Name: DaraDefinition: Compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers
Name: DaralisDefinition: Beloved
Name: DarayDefinition: Dark
Name: DarbyDefinition: Free man
Name: DarcieDefinition: Of the Dark
Name: DarcyDefinition: Dark
Name: DardDefinition: Son of ZEUS
Name: DarehDefinition: Wealthy One
Name: DarenDefinition: Born at night
Name: DarenaDefinition: Famous and loved
Name: DariaDefinition: Queen
Name: DarianDefinition: From the name DARIN
Name: DariceDefinition: Queenly
Name: DarinDefinition: Precious Present
Name: DarioDefinition: Affluent
Name: DariusDefinition: King
Name: DarlaDefinition: Dear, Loved One
Name: DarleneDefinition: tenderly beloved, little darling
Name: DarlitaDefinition: Young Girl
Name: DarnellDefinition: Hidden nook
Name: DarraDefinition: Small great one, riches
Name: DarrelDefinition: Beloved
Name: DarrellDefinition: Darling
Name: DarrenDefinition: Great, rocky hill
Name: DarrinDefinition: From the name DARREN
Name: DarrionDefinition: From the name Darren
Name: DarriusDefinition: He who Upholds the Good
Name: DarrylDefinition: From the name DARYL
Name: DartagnanDefinition: Leader
Name: DarvaDefinition: Honey Bee
Name: DarwinDefinition: Beloved friend
Name: DarylDefinition: Dear, Beloved
Name: DasanDefinition: Ruler
Name: DashDefinition: Page Boy
Name: DashiellDefinition: Page Boy
Name: DatherineDefinition: Beloved Virgin
Name: DavaDefinition: Beloved
Name: DavanDefinition: Beloved one
Name: DaveDefinition: From the name DAVID
Name: DaveighDefinition: Beloved
Name: DavidDefinition: Beloved one
Name: DavidaDefinition: From the name DAVID
Name: DavinDefinition: Bright finn
Name: DavinaDefinition: Beloved
Name: DavineDefinition: the loved
Name: DavuDefinition: The Beginning
Name: DawDefinition: Stars
Name: DawnDefinition: Dawn
Name: DawsonDefinition: Son of David
Name: Da-xiaDefinition: Big Hero
Name: DayDefinition: Light and hope
Name: DayaDefinition: Bird
Name: DaylaDefinition: to draw water, branch or bough
Name: DaytonDefinition: Bright town
Name: DeaconDefinition: Servent, messenger
Name: DeanDefinition: Presiding official, valley
Name: DeandraDefinition: From the name DIANA
Name: DeannaDefinition: Presiding official, valley
Name: DeanneDefinition: Divine
Name: DebbieDefinition: From the name DEBORAH
Name: DebbyDefinition: From the name DEBORAH
Name: DeborahDefinition: A bee, to speak kind words
Name: DebraDefinition: From the name DEBORAH
Name: DecemberDefinition: Month name
Name: DecimaDefinition: The Tenth
Name: DeckerDefinition: Roofer
Name: DeclaDefinition: Goodness
Name: DeclanDefinition: Goodness
Name: DeeDefinition: Initial D
Name: DeepikaDefinition: A little light
Name: DeianiraDefinition: Wife of heracles
Name: DeidraDefinition: Wanderer alt. to Dierdre
Name: DeieneDefinition: Religious holiday
Name: DeiondreDefinition: Valley
Name: DeirdraDefinition: Sorrowful, Wanderer
Name: DeirdreDefinition: Sad one.
Name: DeiterDefinition: Army of the People
Name: DejaDefinition: Before
Name: DekaDefinition: Pleasing
Name: DelDefinition: Short for names beginning with DEL
Name: DelaineDefinition: Descendent of the Challenger
Name: DelaneyDefinition: Descendant of the challenger
Name: DelannaDefinition: Soft as wool
Name: DelanoDefinition: Of the night
Name: DelbertDefinition: Bright like daytime
Name: DelbinDefinition: Dolphin, flower name
Name: DelfinaDefinition: Dolphin
Name: DeliDefinition: Warrior
Name: DeliaDefinition: Visible from delos
Name: DeliciaDefinition: Delightful one
Name: DelilaDefinition: Hair or Poor
Name: DelilahDefinition: Delicate, amorous
Name: DelizDefinition: From DEAN and LIZ
Name: DellaDefinition: Of nobility
Name: DellingDefinition: Scintillating
Name: DelmoreDefinition: Sea
Name: DeloraDefinition: Of sorrow
Name: DeloresDefinition: From the name DOLORES
Name: DelphinaDefinition: Little flower
Name: DelphineDefinition: Calmness
Name: DelsinDefinition: He is so
Name: DeltaDefinition: Mouth of a River
Name: DeluDefinition: The Only Girl
Name: DemanDefinition: Man
Name: DembeDefinition: Peace
Name: DemelzaDefinition: Fort on a hill
Name: DemeterDefinition: Lover of the Earth
Name: DemiDefinition: Half, small
Name: DemitriusDefinition: Lover of the Earth
Name: DempeDefinition: Peace
Name: DempseyDefinition: Proud
Name: DempsterDefinition: Judge
Name: DenaDefinition: Vindicated, valley
Name: DenaliDefinition: Great One
Name: DenesDefinition: Wine, drama
Name: DenholmDefinition: Home of the Danes
Name: DenimDefinition: Strong cloth
Name: DenisDefinition: From the name DENNIS
Name: DeniseDefinition: Of dionysus
Name: DennaDefinition: Glen, Valley
Name: DennisDefinition: Of dionysus
Name: DenverDefinition: Green valley
Name: DenzelDefinition: Wild One
Name: DeonDefinition: Divine Queen
Name: DepDefinition: Beautiful
Name: DerbyDefinition: From the Village of Danes
Name: DerekDefinition: Ruler
Name: DerexDefinition: Famous Ruler
Name: DericaDefinition: Beloved Leader
Name: DericiaDefinition: Athletic
Name: DermotDefinition: Free of envy
Name: DeroraDefinition: Running Streams
Name: DerrickDefinition: Famous Ruler
Name: DerronDefinition: Great
Name: DerryDefinition: Great lover, an ancient hero
Name: DesDefinition: Desire
Name: DesdemonaDefinition: Ill-fated one, misery
Name: DesiDefinition: Desire
Name: DesiderioDefinition: So long hoped for, crave, desire
Name: DesireeDefinition: So long hoped for, crave, desire
Name: DesmaDefinition: Pledge, Bond
Name: DesmondDefinition: Man of the world, society
Name: DessaDefinition: Roaming
Name: DestaDefinition: Happiness
Name: DestineeDefinition: Destiny
Name: DestinyDefinition: For which you were meant to do.
Name: DestryDefinition: War horse
Name: DevaDefinition: Divine
Name: DevakiDefinition: Black, mother of Krishna
Name: DevanDefinition: Writer of poetry
Name: DevanteDefinition: Fighter of wrong
Name: DevarsiDefinition: Sage of the Devas
Name: DeverellDefinition: From the riverbank
Name: DeviDefinition: Resides in heaven
Name: DevikaDefinition: Mother of Krishna
Name: DevinDefinition: Poet
Name: DevlinDefinition: Brave
Name: DevnetDefinition: Poet
Name: DevonDefinition: Defender
Name: DevonaDefinition: Protector
Name: DevorahDefinition: Honey Bee
Name: DevoritDefinition: Form of DEBORAH
Name: DewayneDefinition: From the Wagon Maker
Name: DeweiDefinition: Of Great Principle
Name: DeweyDefinition: Devin
Name: DewittDefinition: Blond
Name: DexDefinition: Flexible, Able-Bodied
Name: DexterDefinition: Dexterous, right side
Name: DextraDefinition: Flexible, Able-Bodied
Name: DezsoDefinition: Desired
Name: DhananjayDefinition: Arjuna
Name: DharunaDefinition: A rishi
Name: DhatriDefinition: A son of Vishnu, Lakshmi
Name: DialloDefinition: Bold
Name: DiamantaDefinition: Like a diamond
Name: DiamondDefinition: Brilliant Gem
Name: DianaDefinition: Divine
Name: DianeDefinition: Celestial Hunter
Name: DianneDefinition: Celestial Hunter
Name: DianthaDefinition: Divine Flower
Name: DiantheDefinition: Divine flower
Name: DiaraDefinition: Gift
Name: DiataDefinition: Lion
Name: DickDefinition: Powerful, Rich Ruler
Name: DickinsonDefinition: Powerful, rich ruler
Name: DidierDefinition: Desire
Name: DidinaDefinition: Desired; beloved.
Name: DidrikaDefinition: Leader of the People
Name: DiederikDefinition: Ruler of the people
Name: DiedrickDefinition: Male
Name: DiegoDefinition: the suplanter
Name: DierdraDefinition: Adaptation of Dierdre
Name: DierdreDefinition: Young girl, one who rages, broken-hearted
Name: DigbyDefinition: Settlement near a ditch
Name: DikranouhiDefinition: Queen
Name: DilipDefinition: A king, ancestor of Rama
Name: DillanDefinition: Form of DILLON
Name: DillianDefinition: Worshipped one
Name: DillonDefinition: Faithful
Name: DilysDefinition: Genuine
Name: DimaDefinition: Powerful Warrior
Name: DimaiaDefinition: Daughter of MAIA
Name: DinahDefinition: Vindicated, judgement
Name: DinhDefinition: Peace, Calm
Name: DinoDefinition: Little Sword
Name: DinosDefinition: Dim. of Constantine
Name: DionneDefinition: Divine queen
Name: DiorDefinition: Present
Name: DirkDefinition: Famous Ruler
Name: DisaDefinition: Active spirit
Name: DitaDefinition: Rich gift
Name: DivyaDefinition: Heavenly, brilliant
Name: DixonDefinition: Son of Richard
Name: DizaDefinition: Joyous
Name: DmitriDefinition: Lover of the Earth
Name: DoaneDefinition: Hill Dweller
Name: DobryDefinition: Good
Name: DoctorDefinition: The 7th son of the 7th son
Name: DoeDefinition: Dee Dee, Didi
Name: DolanDefinition: Dark Haired
Name: DollyDefinition: Cute child
Name: DoloresDefinition: Lady of sorrows, from the virgin Mary
Name: DolphDefinition: From the name RANDOLPH
Name: DomaniDefinition: Tomorrow
Name: DomingaDefinition: Sunday
Name: DominicDefinition: Of the lord
Name: DominicaDefinition: Of the lord
Name: DonDefinition: World Leader
Name: DonaghDefinition: Brown Warrior
Name: DonalDefinition: World Leader
Name: DonaldDefinition: Ruler of the world, brown stranger
Name: DonatDefinition: Given
Name: DonatellaDefinition: Beautiful Star
Name: DonatienDefinition: Gift
Name: DonatoDefinition: A Gift
Name: DonelleDefinition: World Leader
Name: DongDefinition: Winter
Name: DonnaDefinition: Lady
Name: DonnanDefinition: Brown
Name: DonnelDefinition: World Leader
Name: DonnellyDefinition: A brave black man
Name: DonnicaDefinition: Lady
Name: DonnyDefinition: World Leader
Name: DonomaDefinition: Sight of the Sun
Name: DonovanDefinition: Dark warrior
Name: DooleyDefinition: Dooly
Name: DooriyaDefinition: the sea
Name: DoraDefinition: Gift
Name: DorcasDefinition: A Gazelle
Name: DoreDefinition: A Gift
Name: DoreenDefinition: Golden
Name: DoriDefinition: Gift
Name: DoriaDefinition: Place name
Name: DorianDefinition: Place name
Name: DorieDefinition: The Sea
Name: DorisDefinition: A dorian woman, of the sea
Name: DoritDefinition: From the name DORIS
Name: DorjanDefinition: Dark Man
Name: DoronDefinition: Gift
Name: DorotheaDefinition: From the name DOROTHY
Name: DorsetDefinition: tribe near the sea
Name: DorseyDefinition: From the name DORSET
Name: DoryDefinition: Golden-haired
Name: DougDefinition: From the name DOUGLAS
Name: DougalDefinition: Dark stranger
Name: DouglasDefinition: From the dark water
Name: DouglassDefinition: From the name DOUGLAS
Name: DovDefinition: Bear
Name: DoverDefinition: Water
Name: DoyleDefinition: Dark stranger
Name: DracoDefinition: Dragon
Name: DragoDefinition: Dragon
Name: DragonDefinition: Fire-breathing creature
Name: DrakeDefinition: Ale duck, dragon
Name: DreaDefinition: Courageous
Name: DreamaDefinition: Joyous music
Name: DrewDefinition: Sturdy, vision
Name: DrinaDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: DrisanaDefinition: Daughter of the sun
Name: DristiDefinition: Sight, a form of the Devi
Name: DruDefinition: Manly, Courageous
Name: DruceDefinition: Druid, Wise Man
Name: DrucillaDefinition: Mighty
Name: DuaneDefinition: Dark, from the dunes
Name: DuanteDefinition: Wagon Maker
Name: DuardDefinition: Wealthy Guardian
Name: DucDefinition: Moral, Good
Name: DuenaDefinition: Protect the Companion
Name: DuerDefinition: Heroic
Name: DuffDefinition: Dark faced, baker
Name: DuganDefinition: to be worthy
Name: DuglasDefinition: Dark stranger
Name: DukaDefinition: All
Name: DukeDefinition: Leader
Name: DulceDefinition: Sweet
Name: DulceaDefinition: Sweet
Name: DulcinaDefinition: Rose
Name: DulcineaDefinition: Sweet
Name: DumeDefinition: The Bull
Name: DumiDefinition: The Inspirer
Name: DuncanDefinition: Dark-skinned warrior
Name: DungDefinition: Bravery
Name: DunnDefinition: Brown
Name: DunneDefinition: Brown
Name: DunstanDefinition: From the brown rock quarry
Name: DurandDefinition: Enduring
Name: DuranjayaDefinition: A heroic son
Name: DurgaDefinition: Unreachable
Name: DurinDefinition: Mythical Dwarf
Name: DurjayaDefinition: Difficult to conquer
Name: DurrikenDefinition: Fortune-telling
Name: DurwardDefinition: Gatekeeper
Name: DuschaDefinition: Divine Spirit
Name: DustinDefinition: Valiant fighter, dark stone
Name: DustyDefinition: From the name DUSTIN
Name: DutchDefinition: the German
Name: DuyDefinition: Save
Name: DuyenDefinition: Charm and grace
Name: DwayneDefinition: From the Wagon Maker
Name: DwennonDefinition: One of originality
Name: DwightDefinition: Fair, fair one
Name: DyamiDefinition: Eagle
Name: DyanDefinition: From the name DIANE
Name: DyaniDefinition: Deer
Name: DyanneDefinition: From the name DIANE
Name: DyllisDefinition: Sincere
Name: DymasDefinition: Father of hecate
Name: DymphnaDefinition: Suitable one, virgin saint
Name: DympnaDefinition: Patron saint of the mentally ill
Name: DynaDefinition: Powerful
Name: DyreDefinition: Dear Heart
Name: DysisDefinition: Sunset
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