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Pet Names that Start With H

Name: HaDefinition: Kiss of life
Name: HabenDefinition: Pride
Name: HabikaDefinition: Sweetheart
Name: HachiDefinition: River
Name: HackettDefinition: Little woodsman
Name: HadaDefinition: Salty Place
Name: HadarDefinition: Glorious
Name: HadaraDefinition: Bedecked in beauty
Name: HadassaDefinition: Flowering myrtle
Name: HadassahDefinition: Myrtle Tree
Name: HaddenDefinition: Child of the heather-filled valley
Name: HadleyDefinition: Heath-covered meadow
Name: HadrianDefinition: Dark one
Name: HaganDefinition: Strong defense
Name: HahnDefinition: Rooster
Name: HaideeDefinition: Modest
Name: HaigDefinition: Legend, From the Field
Name: HaileDefinition: Hero
Name: HaileyDefinition: Hero
Name: HaimiDefinition: the seeker
Name: HainesDefinition: From the vinedcottage
Name: HajariDefinition: Flight
Name: HalDefinition: Chief
Name: HaldenDefinition: Half Dane
Name: HaldisDefinition: Stone spirit; reliable, assistant
Name: HaleDefinition: Hero; army ruler
Name: HaleighaDefinition: House of the rising sun
Name: HalenDefinition: Hall
Name: HaleyDefinition: Hero
Name: HaliDefinition: Sea; necklace, place name
Name: HaliaDefinition: Memorial
Name: HalianDefinition: Of Julius
Name: HalimaDefinition: Gentle
Name: HallDefinition: From the Manor
Name: HallamDefinition: From the Hills
Name: HalleDefinition: Heroine
Name: HallieDefinition: thinking of the sea
Name: HalonaDefinition: Fortunate
Name: HamDefinition: Hot
Name: HamiltonDefinition: Beautiful mountain
Name: HamishDefinition: He who removes
Name: HamletDefinition: Home
Name: HamlinDefinition: Little home-lover
Name: HammerDefinition: A Hammer
Name: HamptonDefinition: Little Town
Name: HanaDefinition: Flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful
Name: Ha-neulDefinition: Sky
Name: HangDefinition: Moon
Name: HanhDefinition: Apricot tree
Name: HankDefinition: Ruler of an estate
Name: HanleyDefinition: Meadow on the Cliff
Name: HanneDefinition: Gracious
Name: HanneloreDefinition: Gracious
Name: HannibalDefinition: Baal has favored
Name: HanzilaDefinition: Road, Path
Name: HaoDefinition: Good, Perfect
Name: HappyDefinition: Joyful
Name: HarachaDefinition: Frog
Name: HardenDefinition: From the Hare valley
Name: HardyDefinition: Strong
Name: HarikaDefinition: Wonderful
Name: HarithDefinition: Cultivator
Name: HarlanDefinition: From the army
Name: HarleyDefinition: Spacious Meadow
Name: HarlowDefinition: Troops on the Hill
Name: HarmanDefinition: Soldier
Name: HarmonDefinition: Soldier
Name: HarmonyDefinition: A beautiful blending
Name: HaroldDefinition: Army-power
Name: HarperDefinition: Harp player
Name: HarrietDefinition: Home ruler
Name: HarrisDefinition: Son of Harry
Name: HarrisonDefinition: Son of Harry
Name: HarryDefinition: From the name HAROLD
Name: HarshDefinition: Joy
Name: HartDefinition: Deer, stag
Name: HartleyDefinition: From the deer pasture
Name: HartwellDefinition: From the Well
Name: HaruDefinition: Born in the spring
Name: HarukiDefinition: Shining Brightly
Name: HarukoDefinition: First Born
Name: HaruniDefinition: Mountaineer
Name: HarvaDefinition: Army warrior
Name: HarveyDefinition: Army warrior
Name: HasadDefinition: Harvest
Name: HasanaDefinition: First Born Twin
Name: HastinDefinition: Elephant
Name: HastingsDefinition: Swift one
Name: HateyaDefinition: Footprint in the Sand
Name: HavaDefinition: Life
Name: HavardDefinition: Guardian of the Home
Name: HavenDefinition: Safe Place
Name: HavynDefinition: Form of Haven
Name: HawaDefinition: Desire
Name: HayaDefinition: Quick, light
Name: HayesDefinition: From the hedged place
Name: HayleeDefinition: From the hay meadow
Name: HayleyDefinition: From the name HALEY
Name: HaywardDefinition: Guardian of the Hedged Area
Name: HazelDefinition: Commander
Name: HazelleDefinition: From the name HAZEL
Name: HazinaDefinition: Treasure
Name: HeaDefinition: Grace
Name: HeathDefinition: Wasteland
Name: HeatherDefinition: Heather
Name: HeatonDefinition: High Ground
Name: HeavenDefinition: From the Heavens
Name: HeavynneDefinition: Heaven
Name: HectorDefinition: Anchor, steadfast
Name: HeddaDefinition: War
Name: HediaDefinition: Voice of the Lord
Name: HedvaDefinition: Joy
Name: HedwigDefinition: Refuge in battle
Name: HedyDefinition: From the name HEDDA
Name: HedyaDefinition: From the name HEDIA
Name: HeinzDefinition: Household Ruler
Name: HelaineDefinition: From the name HELEN
Name: HelakuDefinition: Sunny day
Name: HelenDefinition: Bright one, torchlight
Name: HelenaDefinition: From the name HELEN
Name: HeleneDefinition: From the name HELEN
Name: HelgaDefinition: Holy, faithful
Name: HeliaDefinition: Sun
Name: HelkiDefinition: to touch
Name: HellerDefinition: the sun
Name: HelmuthDefinition: Helmet, protector, courage
Name: HeloiseDefinition: Famous Fighter
Name: HemaDefinition: Snow, himalayas
Name: HemanDefinition: Faithful
Name: HenkaDefinition: Ruler of an estate
Name: HenningDefinition: Ruler of an estate
Name: HenriDefinition: From the name HENRY
Name: HenriettaDefinition: Ruler of the home
Name: HenrietteDefinition: Ruler of the house
Name: HenrikDefinition: From the name HENRY
Name: HenryDefinition: Ruler of the home
Name: HerbDefinition: From the name HERBERT
Name: HerbertDefinition: Bright, excellent army or ruler
Name: HerbstDefinition: Soldier
Name: HerculesDefinition: Glorious Gift
Name: HeremonDefinition: Form of Irving
Name: HeribertoDefinition: Ruler
Name: HermanDefinition: Man of the army
Name: HermelindaDefinition: Shield of power
Name: HerminiaDefinition: Lady of the earth
Name: HermioneDefinition: Eloquence
Name: HernandoDefinition: Bold Voyager
Name: HeroDefinition: Brave Defender
Name: HerschelDefinition: Deer
Name: HerschellDefinition: Deer
Name: HertzDefinition: My Strife
Name: HerveDefinition: Army Warrior
Name: HesperDefinition: Evening star
Name: HesterDefinition: Star
Name: HeulwenDefinition: Light from the sun
Name: HewittDefinition: Little Smart One
Name: HideDefinition: Excellent
Name: HidiDefinition: Root
Name: HienDefinition: Meek and gentle
Name: HieroDefinition: Holy
Name: HieuDefinition: Pious
Name: HijaDefinition: Daughter
Name: HilaDefinition: Aura - halo
Name: HilaireDefinition: Form of HILARY
Name: HilaryDefinition: Cheerful
Name: HildaDefinition: Protector
Name: HildeDefinition: A Valkyrie
Name: HillaryDefinition: Cheerful
Name: HilliardDefinition: Guardian in Battle
Name: HiltonDefinition: Manor of the hill
Name: HindaDefinition: Female deer
Name: HintoDefinition: Blue
Name: HirokoDefinition: Magnanimous
Name: HiroshiDefinition: Generous
Name: HirsiDefinition: Amulet
Name: HisaDefinition: Long-lasting
Name: HisanoDefinition: Open Plain
Name: HitomiDefinition: Eyes
Name: HoaiDefinition: Always, eternal
Name: HoangDefinition: Phoenix
Name: HoganDefinition: Youth
Name: HoldenDefinition: Kindly, gracious
Name: HolidayDefinition: Festive Day
Name: HollaceDefinition: Var.Hollis, near the valley
Name: HollandDefinition: From Holland
Name: HolliDefinition: From the name HOLLY
Name: HollieDefinition: Plant With Red Berries
Name: HollyDefinition: Plant with red berries, holly grove
Name: HollyeDefinition: From the name HOLLY
Name: HoltDefinition: Son of the unspoiled forest
Name: HomerDefinition: Promise
Name: HoneyDefinition: Honey
Name: HongDefinition: Pink and rosy
Name: HonoraDefinition: Honor
Name: HonoriaDefinition: Honor
Name: HontDefinition: Dogbreeder, friend of dogs
Name: HopDefinition: Consistant
Name: HopeDefinition: trust, faith
Name: HosannaDefinition: Praise!
Name: HoseaDefinition: Salvation
Name: HoshiDefinition: Star
Name: HoshikoDefinition: Star
Name: HoustonDefinition: Hill town
Name: HovaDefinition: Middle Class
Name: HowardDefinition: Guardian of the home, watchman
Name: HoweDefinition: From the name HOWARD
Name: HowellDefinition: Alert One
Name: HowieDefinition: From the name HOWARD
Name: HubertDefinition: Shining of mind
Name: HueDefinition: Lily
Name: HuelaDefinition: Fem. form of HUGH
Name: HueyDefinition: From the name HUGH
Name: HughDefinition: Bright in mind and spirit
Name: HugoDefinition: From the name HUGH
Name: HumeDefinition: Supporter of Peace
Name: HumphreyDefinition: Peace
Name: HunorDefinition: A name of an etnhic group
Name: HunterDefinition: Hunter
Name: HuongDefinition: Scent of the flower
Name: HusluDefinition: Hairy Bear
Name: HuyanaDefinition: Rainfalling
Name: HuyenDefinition: Jet black
Name: HyDefinition: From the name HYMAN
Name: HyacinthDefinition: Hyacinth flower
Name: HyeDefinition: Gracefulness
Name: HymanDefinition: Life
Name: HypatiaDefinition: Highest
Name: HyroniemusDefinition: Holy Man
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