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Pet Names that Start With O

Name: OakesDefinition: From the oak-tree grove
Name: OakleyDefinition: From the oak meadow
Name: ObedienceDefinition: To Obey
Name: ObeliaDefinition: Pillar of strength
Name: ObelixDefinition: Pillar of strength
Name: OberonDefinition: Bear Heart
Name: ObertDefinition: Wealthy
Name: ObiajuluDefinition: the heart is consoled
Name: OceanDefinition: Sea
Name: OceanaDefinition: From the Sea
Name: OchenDefinition: One of the twins
Name: OctaviaDefinition: Eighth child
Name: OctavioDefinition: The Eighth
Name: OctaviousDefinition: Eighth
Name: OctaviusDefinition: Eighth child
Name: OdaDefinition: Small pointed spear
Name: OdakotaDefinition: Friend
Name: OdeaDefinition: Walker by the road
Name: OdedDefinition: Strong
Name: OdedaDefinition: Strong
Name: OdeleDefinition: Wealthy, Melody
Name: OdellDefinition: Little wealthy one; ode; otter
Name: OderaDefinition: Plough
Name: OdessaDefinition: Odyssey, journey, voyage
Name: OdettaDefinition: Melody
Name: OdetteDefinition: Happy home
Name: OdilDefinition: Rich
Name: OdinaDefinition: Mountain
Name: OdionDefinition: First of twins
Name: OdonDefinition: Wealthy protector
Name: OdysseusDefinition: Full of wrath
Name: OfiraDefinition: Gold
Name: OgdenDefinition: From the oak valley
Name: OgilvyDefinition: From the high peak
Name: OguzDefinition: Arrow
Name: OhanzeeDefinition: Shadow
Name: OhioDefinition: Large River
Name: OihaneDefinition: From the Forest
Name: OistinDefinition: Venerable
Name: OjalDefinition: Vision
Name: OkalDefinition: To Cross
Name: OkalaniDefinition: Heaven
Name: OkapiDefinition: Animal with Long Neck
Name: OkeDefinition: Form of OSCAR
Name: OkelaniDefinition: From heaven
Name: OkiDefinition: Ocean Centered
Name: OkothDefinition: Born when it was Raining
Name: OlafDefinition: talisman, ancestor
Name: OlatheDefinition: Beautiful
Name: OlayinkaDefinition: Honors surround me
Name: OldrichDefinition: One with riches and power
Name: OlegDefinition: One who is holy
Name: OleosDefinition: Holy oil used in church
Name: OlesiaDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: OlgaDefinition: Holy
Name: OlianaDefinition: Oleander
Name: OlinDefinition: Holly
Name: OlinaDefinition: Joyous
Name: OlindaDefinition: Protector of property
Name: OliveDefinition: Kind one; olive tree, peace
Name: OliverDefinition: Kind one; olive tree, peace
Name: OliviaDefinition: Peace - of the olive tree
Name: OllieDefinition: From the name OLIVER
Name: OlwenDefinition: White footprint
Name: OlympeDefinition: Olympian
Name: OlympiaDefinition: Of Mount Olympus, heavenly
Name: OmanaDefinition: A Woman
Name: OmegaDefinition: Great
Name: OmpolyDefinition: Ampleumian
Name: OnDefinition: Peace
Name: OnaDefinition: Graceful one
Name: OnaedoDefinition: Gold
Name: OnanDefinition: Wealthy
Name: OnaonaDefinition: Sweet Smell
Name: OnawaDefinition: Awake
Name: OndDefinition: tenth child
Name: OndreaDefinition: Strong, Courageous
Name: OneidaDefinition: Eagerly awaited
Name: OnellaDefinition: Torch Light
Name: OniDefinition: Born on Holy Ground
Name: OnidaDefinition: the expected one
Name: OnofreDefinition: Defender of Peace
Name: OonaDefinition: Unity
Name: OpaDefinition: Owl
Name: OpalDefinition: Jewel
Name: OpheliaDefinition: Useful, wise
Name: OphiraDefinition: Gold
Name: OphrahDefinition: Light
Name: OprahDefinition: Runaway
Name: OraDefinition: Gold
Name: OralDefinition: Speaker, Word
Name: OraleeDefinition: Lord Is My Light
Name: OraliaDefinition: Golden; light
Name: OranDefinition: Pale one; pine
Name: OraneDefinition: Rising
Name: OrdeDefinition: Beginning
Name: OrdellDefinition: Beginning
Name: OreaDefinition: Mountains
Name: OrenDefinition: Ash-tree, pale; pine tree
Name: OrendaDefinition: Magic power
Name: OrestesDefinition: Mountain Man
Name: OriaDefinition: From the Orient
Name: OrianaDefinition: Dawn; east
Name: OriannaDefinition: Golden, dawning
Name: OrielDefinition: Golden, angel of destiny
Name: OrienDefinition: The Orient, East
Name: OrindaDefinition: Fire serpent
Name: OringoDefinition: He Who Likes the Hunt
Name: OrioleDefinition: Fair-haired
Name: OrionDefinition: Dawn, east; son of fire, the hunter
Name: OrlaDefinition: Golden woman
Name: OrlandaDefinition: Bright sun
Name: OrlandoDefinition: Bright sun
Name: OrlanthaDefinition: From the land
Name: OrleansDefinition: Golden
Name: OrliDefinition: The Light is Mine
Name: OrlyDefinition: Light
Name: OrmaDefinition: Free Men
Name: OrmanDefinition: Spearman
Name: OrmandDefinition: Serpent
Name: OrmandaDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: OrmosDefinition: Like a cliff
Name: OrniceDefinition: Cedar Tree
Name: OroDefinition: Gold
Name: OrpahDefinition: Fawn
Name: OrrickDefinition: Venerable Oak
Name: OrrinDefinition: Mountain
Name: OrsDefinition: Man, hero
Name: OrsenDefinition: From the name ORSON
Name: OrsinDefinition: Bear
Name: OrtensiaDefinition: Gardener, farmer
Name: OrvilleDefinition: From the golden village
Name: OsannaDefinition: Praise!
Name: OsbertDefinition: Inspired, divine
Name: OsbourneDefinition: Born from a Bear
Name: OscarDefinition: Divine spear
Name: OsgoodDefinition: Goth of the Heavens
Name: OsiasDefinition: Salvation
Name: OsricDefinition: Divine Ruler
Name: OssianDefinition: Fawn
Name: OswaldDefinition: Divinely powerful
Name: OthelloDefinition: Prosperous
Name: OtienoDefinition: Born at Night
Name: OtisDefinition: Acute; wealthy
Name: OttoDefinition: Wealthy
Name: OtyliaDefinition: Lucky Heroine
Name: OuidaDefinition: Warrior Woman
Name: OvaDefinition: Egg
Name: OvertonDefinition: The Upper Town
Name: OvidDefinition: Lamb
Name: OvidioDefinition: Shepherd
Name: OwenDefinition: Warrior; well born
Name: OwenaDefinition: Well-born
Name: OwnahDefinition: Form of UNA
Name: OxfordDefinition: From where the oxen ford
Name: OyaDefinition: To Beckon
Name: OzDefinition: Strength
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