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Pet Names that Start With C

Name: CableDefinition: Rope
Name: CacheDefinition: Storage Place
Name: CadeDefinition: Pure
Name: CadeeDefinition: Pure
Name: CadenDefinition: Fighter
Name: CadenceDefinition: Melodious, to fall
Name: CadeoDefinition: Folk song
Name: CadyDefinition: Simple Happiness
Name: CaedmonDefinition: Wise warrior
Name: CaelDefinition: Victorious People
Name: CaelanDefinition: Victorious People
Name: CaelynDefinition: Loved forever
Name: CaesarDefinition: Long-Haired
Name: CaiaDefinition: To rejoice
Name: CailanDefinition: Child
Name: CaileanDefinition: The Child
Name: CainDefinition: Craftsman
Name: CaineDefinition: Spear hunter
Name: CairbreDefinition: Strong Man
Name: CairoDefinition: City in Egypt
Name: CaisDefinition: Rejoicer
Name: CaitirDefinition: Pure, Unsullied
Name: CaitlinDefinition: Pure
Name: CaitlynDefinition: Pure Beauty
Name: CalDefinition: Short for names beginning with CAL
Name: CalaisDefinition: City in France
Name: CalandraDefinition: Lark
Name: CalanthaDefinition: Beautiful blossoms
Name: CalderDefinition: River of stones, stream
Name: CaldwellDefinition: Cold spring
Name: CaleDefinition: Form of Caleb
Name: CalebDefinition: Bold, dog
Name: CaledoniaDefinition: From Scotland
Name: CaleyDefinition: Slender
Name: CalhounDefinition: Warrior
Name: CalidaDefinition: Ardent, warm and loving
Name: CalistaDefinition: Most beautiful
Name: CalistoDefinition: Most beautiful
Name: CalixDefinition: Very Handsome
Name: CalixteDefinition: Very Beautiful
Name: CalixtoDefinition: A chalice
Name: CallaDefinition: Beauty
Name: CallanDefinition: Chatter
Name: CalliaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: CallidoraDefinition: Gift of beauty
Name: CallieDefinition: Beautiful
Name: CalliopeDefinition: Beautiful voice
Name: CallisDefinition: Cup
Name: CallistaDefinition: Most Beautiful
Name: CallumDefinition: Dove
Name: CalthaDefinition: Yellow flower
Name: CalumDefinition: Dove
Name: CalvinDefinition: Bald
Name: CalvineDefinition: Bald
Name: CalypsoDefinition: Concealor
Name: CamDefinition: Orange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sun
Name: CambreeDefinition: From Wales
Name: CambriaDefinition: From Wales
Name: CamdenDefinition: From the winding valley
Name: CamdynDefinition: Winding Valley
Name: CamelaiDefinition: Flower name
Name: CameoDefinition: Shadow Portrait
Name: CameronDefinition: Bent nose
Name: CamilaDefinition: Attendant
Name: CamillaDefinition: Young, Virginal
Name: CamilleDefinition: Attendant at a religious ceremony
Name: CamlinDefinition: Crooked line
Name: CampbellDefinition: Beautiful field
Name: CamrynDefinition: Bent Nose
Name: CanaDefinition: Beloved
Name: CanaceDefinition: Child of the wind
Name: CandaceDefinition: White-hot, glowing, glittering
Name: CandanDefinition: Sincerely
Name: CandiceDefinition: Fire White
Name: CandidDefinition: Hidden
Name: CandidaDefinition: White, pure
Name: CandideDefinition: Pure, Bright
Name: CandieDefinition: Bright, Sweet
Name: CandraDefinition: Luminescent
Name: CandyDefinition: Bright, Sweet
Name: CanuteDefinition: Knot
Name: CaoimheDefinition: Gentleness, beauty, grace
Name: CaolanDefinition: Form of Helen
Name: CapriDefinition: the goat
Name: CapriceDefinition: Fanciful, unpredictable
Name: CapricornDefinition: The Goat
Name: CapucineDefinition: Hood
Name: CaraDefinition: Dear, diamond
Name: CaradocDefinition: Amiable
Name: CarafDefinition: Love
Name: CarajeanDefinition: Sweet melody
Name: CardenDefinition: From the black fortress
Name: CarelDefinition: Strong
Name: CaressaDefinition: Loving touch
Name: CaresseDefinition: Beloved
Name: CarewDefinition: Run
Name: CareyDefinition: Dear, pleasant stream
Name: CarganDefinition: Little Rock
Name: CarhaDefinition: A pillar stone
Name: CariDefinition: Flows like water
Name: CarinaDefinition: A keel, beloved, dear
Name: CarineDefinition: Friend
Name: CarissaDefinition: Beloved
Name: CarlDefinition: One who is strong, man
Name: CarlaDefinition: One who is strong, woman
Name: CarleighDefinition: Freeholder
Name: CarlenDefinition: Woman
Name: CarlinDefinition: Little champion
Name: CarlingDefinition: Hill wehre old women or witches gather
Name: CarlosDefinition: From the name CARL
Name: CarlotaDefinition: From the name CHARLOTTE or CAROLINE
Name: CarlottaDefinition: Strong One
Name: CarlowDefinition: Quadruple Lake
Name: CarltonDefinition: Town of Charles
Name: CarlyDefinition: Little, womanly
Name: CarlynDefinition: Small and womanly
Name: CarlyndaDefinition: Strong and beautiful
Name: CarmanDefinition: Lord of the Castle
Name: CarmelaDefinition: Garden
Name: CarmelitaDefinition: From the name CARMEL
Name: CarmenDefinition: Garden, field of fruit, song
Name: CarmindaDefinition: Beautiful song
Name: CarmineDefinition: Song
Name: CarnelianDefinition: A red gem
Name: CarnigDefinition: Small Lamb
Name: CarolDefinition: Melody, Song
Name: CarolenaDefinition: Little and Womanly
Name: CarolinaDefinition: Beautiful Woman
Name: CarolineDefinition: Strong, melody, song
Name: CarolosDefinition: Strong, Manly
Name: CarolynDefinition: From the name CAROL AND LINDA
Name: CaronDefinition: Pure
Name: CarounDefinition: Spring
Name: CarrDefinition: From the marsh
Name: CarrickDefinition: Dweller on the rocky cape
Name: CarrieDefinition: Melody, song
Name: CarrieannDefinition: Gracious and Womanly
Name: CarringtonDefinition: Beautiful
Name: CarsonDefinition: Son of Carr
Name: CarsynDefinition: Son of Carr
Name: CarterDefinition: Cart driver
Name: CarverDefinition: Sculptor, wood carver
Name: CaryDefinition: Honest one, shy
Name: CarysDefinition: To Love
Name: CascataDefinition: Waterfall
Name: CaseDefinition: Chest
Name: CaseyDefinition: Brave, watchful
Name: CashlinDefinition: Vain
Name: CasildaDefinition: Of the home
Name: CasimirDefinition: Peacemaker
Name: CasparDefinition: Royal
Name: CasperDefinition: treasurer
Name: CassandraDefinition: Prophet of doom
Name: CassaraDefinition: Prophet/Princess
Name: CassiaDefinition: Champion
Name: CassidyDefinition: Clever
Name: CassieDefinition: From Cassandra- Prophetess
Name: CassielDefinition: Angel of saturday, the earthy mother
Name: CassiusDefinition: Vain
Name: CastaDefinition: Purity
Name: CastaliaDefinition: Wife of king Delphus
Name: CastelDefinition: Belonging to a castle
Name: CatalinDefinition: Pure
Name: CatalinaDefinition: Pure
Name: CateDefinition: Pure
Name: CathalDefinition: Mighty battle
Name: CatherineDefinition: Pure
Name: CathyDefinition: Pure
Name: CatoDefinition: Sagacious, wise one
Name: CatonDefinition: Knowledgable, wise
Name: CatoriDefinition: Spriti
Name: CatrinDefinition: Pure
Name: CatrionaDefinition: Pure
Name: CavanDefinition: Handsome
Name: CaydenDefinition: Spirit of battle
Name: CayenneDefinition: Hot Spice
Name: CaylaDefinition: Crown of Laurel
Name: CayleighDefinition: Party
Name: CeallachDefinition: Little Kelly - strife
Name: CeasarDefinition: Hairy child, long haired
Name: CecaniaDefinition: Free
Name: CeceDefinition: Blind
Name: CeceliaDefinition: Blind
Name: CecilDefinition: Blind
Name: CecileDefinition: Blind
Name: CeciliaDefinition: Blind
Name: CecilyDefinition: Blind
Name: CedricDefinition: Bounty, spectacle, founder
Name: CelandiaDefinition: the swallow
Name: CelerinaDefinition: Quick
Name: CelesteDefinition: Heavenly
Name: CelestineDefinition: Heavenly
Name: CelestynDefinition: Heaven
Name: CeliaDefinition: Blind
Name: CelinaDefinition: Moon
Name: CereliaDefinition: Of the spring
Name: CeriDefinition: Love
Name: CeriseDefinition: Cherry
Name: CesarDefinition: Long Haired
Name: ChadDefinition: Warlike, warrior
Name: ChaikaDefinition: Life
Name: ChailynDefinition: Life, Waterfall
Name: ChaimDefinition: Life
Name: ChaitraDefinition: Aries sign
Name: ChakalukaDefinition: Brilliant Energy
Name: ChalDefinition: Boy, son
Name: ChaleDefinition: Strong and manly
Name: ChalmersDefinition: Son of the lord
Name: ChalondraDefinition: Smart
Name: ChalsieDefinition: Seaport
Name: ChamomileDefinition: Peace, Spice
Name: ChanaDefinition: Gracious
Name: ChanahDefinition: Grace
Name: ChanceDefinition: Keeper of the Records
Name: ChancellorDefinition: Secretary
Name: ChanderDefinition: Moon
Name: ChandlerDefinition: Candle maker
Name: ChandraDefinition: Eminent, illustrious, moon
Name: ChanelDefinition: Canal
Name: ChaneyDefinition: Oak-wood
Name: ChannaryDefinition: Full Moon
Name: ChannerDefinition: Wise
Name: ChanneryDefinition: Wise
Name: ChanningDefinition: Knowing
Name: ChannonDefinition: Clergyman - Canon
Name: ChantalDefinition: A song, stony place
Name: ChantelDefinition: Rocky Land or Singer
Name: ChantonDefinition: We sing
Name: ChantreaDefinition: Moon
Name: ChaoDefinition: Great one
Name: ChapaDefinition: Superior
Name: ChapinDefinition: Clergyman
Name: ChapmanDefinition: Merchant
Name: CharisDefinition: Charity
Name: CharismaDefinition: Grace
Name: CharissaDefinition: Grace
Name: CharisseDefinition: Grace, Beauty, Kindness
Name: CharityDefinition: Affection, charity, brotherly love
Name: CharlaDefinition: From CHARLOTTE
Name: CharleeDefinition: Farmer
Name: CharleenDefinition: Fem- Charles
Name: CharleighDefinition: Manly, Farmer
Name: CharleneDefinition: From the name CHARLES
Name: CharlesDefinition: Manly, strong
Name: CharlizeDefinition: Womanly
Name: CharlotDefinition: Womanly, feminine
Name: CharlotteDefinition: Petite and feminine
Name: CharltonDefinition: House where Charles lives.
Name: CharmaineDefinition: Bountiful Orchard
Name: CharmianDefinition: A little joy
Name: CharoDefinition: Farmer
Name: CharsDefinition: Manly, Farmer
Name: ChasDefinition: Manly, Farmer
Name: ChaseDefinition: Hunter
Name: ChastityDefinition: Purity
Name: ChataDefinition: An ending
Name: ChaunceyDefinition: Chancellor
Name: ChavaDefinition: Life
Name: ChavezDefinition: Dream maker
Name: ChaviDefinition: Female Child
Name: ChavivaDefinition: Beloved
Name: ChayDefinition: Man
Name: ChayaDefinition: Life
Name: ChaylseDefinition: Seaport
Name: ChaytonDefinition: Falcon
Name: ChazDefinition: Manly, farmer
Name: ChecheDefinition: Small Thing
Name: ChelsaDefinition: Harbor
Name: ChelseaDefinition: River landing place, port
Name: ChelseyDefinition: Port of Ships
Name: ChelsiDefinition: Seaport
Name: ChelsiaDefinition: From CHELSEA
Name: ChenDefinition: Great, vast
Name: CheneyDefinition: From the oak forest
Name: ChengDefinition: To Become
Name: ChenoaDefinition: White dove
Name: CherDefinition: Beloved
Name: CheriDefinition: From the name CHERYL
Name: CherieDefinition: Beloved
Name: CheriseDefinition: Grace
Name: CherlinDefinition: From CHER and LIN
Name: CherryDefinition: Cherry Fruit
Name: CherylDefinition: Beloved, dear
Name: ChesmuDefinition: Gritty
Name: ChesnaDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ChessaDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ChesterDefinition: Camp
Name: ChetDefinition: A Fortress, Camp
Name: ChevalierDefinition: Knight, chase, hunt
Name: ChevemeDefinition: The way the wind blows
Name: CheveyoDefinition: Spirit Warrior
Name: ChezarinaDefinition: From the name Cesar
Name: ChhayaDefinition: Shadow
Name: ChiDefinition: Younger Energy
Name: ChiaraDefinition: Famous, light
Name: ChickDefinition: From the name CHARLES
Name: ChickoaDefinition: Daybreak
Name: ChicoDefinition: From the name FRANCIS
Name: ChilaliDefinition: Snowbird
Name: ChillDefinition: From the name CHILTON
Name: ChiltonDefinition: Farm by the spring
Name: ChimalisDefinition: Bluebird
Name: ChinDefinition: Precious
Name: ChinaDefinition: From China
Name: ChioneDefinition: Daughter of the Nile
Name: ChipDefinition: Chipping Sparrow
Name: ChipoDefinition: Gift
Name: ChiquitaDefinition: Little Girl
Name: ChitraDefinition: Portrait
Name: ChloeDefinition: Blooming
Name: ChlorisDefinition: Pale
Name: ChoDefinition: Butterfly
Name: ChoganDefinition: Blackbird
Name: CholenaDefinition: Bird
Name: ChrisDefinition: Short for CHRISTOPHER or CHRISTINE
Name: ChrissyDefinition: From the name CHRISTOPHER
Name: ChristaDefinition: Christ Bearer
Name: ChristabelDefinition: Beautiful christian
Name: ChristianDefinition: Annointed, follows Christ
Name: ChristianaDefinition: Christian, Christ-bearer
Name: ChristinaDefinition: Annointed, follows Christ
Name: ChristineDefinition: Christ-bearer
Name: ChristmasDefinition: Mass for Christ
Name: ChristofferDefinition: Bearer of Christ
Name: ChristopherDefinition: Christ-bearer
Name: ChristosDefinition: Christ
Name: ChristyDefinition: Of Christ
Name: ChruseDefinition: Golden, the golden one
Name: ChuckDefinition: From the name CHARLES
Name: ChumaniDefinition: Dew Drop
Name: ChungDefinition: Common
Name: ChuongDefinition: Chapter
Name: ChynaDefinition: From the name CHINA
Name: ChynnaDefinition: From the name CHINA
Name: ChyouDefinition: Autumn
Name: CianDefinition: Ancient
Name: CiannaitDefinition: Ancient
Name: CiaraDefinition: Black and Mysterious
Name: CicadaDefinition: Loud Insect of the Night
Name: CicelyDefinition: From the name CECILIA
Name: CiceroDefinition: The Historian
Name: CiceronDefinition: Chickpea
Name: CicilyDefinition: From the name CECILIA
Name: CidDefinition: Lord
Name: CielDefinition: From heaven
Name: CiliDefinition: Blind
Name: CiliciaDefinition: Ancient Province of Asia
Name: CillianDefinition: War
Name: CinderellaDefinition: Girl by the Cinders
Name: CindyDefinition: From the name CYNTHIA
Name: CinnamonDefinition: The Spice
Name: CiqalaDefinition: Little One
Name: CiraDefinition: Sun
Name: CirilaDefinition: Lordly
Name: CiroDefinition: the sun
Name: CiroccoDefinition: Ancient Egyptian Wind
Name: CissyDefinition: From the name CECILIA
Name: ClaiborneDefinition: Born of the earth
Name: ClaireDefinition: Bright, shining, clear
Name: ClancyDefinition: Offspring of red-headed soldier
Name: ClaraDefinition: Clear, Bright
Name: ClaralDefinition: Clear, Bright
Name: ClareDefinition: Clear
Name: ClarenceDefinition: Clear, bright
Name: ClariceDefinition: Clear, Bright
Name: ClarimondeDefinition: Brilliant Protector
Name: ClarissaDefinition: Brilliant
Name: ClarkDefinition: Cleric, scholar
Name: ClarkeDefinition: From the name CLARK
Name: ClaudeDefinition: Lame
Name: ClaudetteDefinition: Lame
Name: ClaudiaDefinition: Lame
Name: ClaudioDefinition: Lame
Name: ClayDefinition: Adhere, mortal
Name: ClaylandDefinition: From the name CLAYTON
Name: ClaytonDefinition: Town on Clay Land
Name: CleaDefinition: From the name CLEO
Name: CleanthaDefinition: In Praise of Flowers
Name: CleatusDefinition: Illustrious
Name: CleavantDefinition: A Steep Bank
Name: CleaveDefinition: From the name CLEAVON
Name: CleavonDefinition: From the name CLEAVANT
Name: CleliaDefinition: Glory
Name: ClemDefinition: From the name CLEMENT
Name: ClemanceDefinition: Merciful
Name: ClemensDefinition: From the name CLEMENT
Name: ClementDefinition: Merciful
Name: ClementineDefinition: Merciful
Name: CleoDefinition: ToPraise, Acclaim
Name: CleopatraDefinition: Glory of the Father
Name: CletaDefinition: Dim. of CLEOPATRA
Name: ClevelandDefinition: Land near the hill, from the cliffs
Name: ClianthaDefinition: Flower of glory
Name: CliffDefinition: From the name CLIFFORD
Name: CliffordDefinition: Hill, near a slope
Name: CliftonDefinition: From a Town near a Cliff
Name: ClintDefinition: From the name CLINTON
Name: ClintonDefinition: town near a hill
Name: ClioDefinition: Praise, muse of history
Name: CliveDefinition: Cliff Dweller
Name: ClodiaDefinition: Form of CLAUDIA
Name: CloveDefinition: A Nail, Spice
Name: CloverDefinition: Meadow Flower
Name: ClovisDefinition: Clover
Name: ClydeDefinition: Heard from afar
Name: CoalanDefinition: Slender
Name: CobyDefinition: Supplanter
Name: CochetaDefinition: That You Cannot Imagine
Name: CochitiDefinition: Forgotten
Name: CodyDefinition: Assistant, a cushion, possessions
Name: CoenDefinition: Brave, alt. sp. Koen
Name: ColbyDefinition: Coal town
Name: ColeDefinition: Coal, victory of the people
Name: ColemanDefinition: Charcoal burner, dove, peace
Name: ColetteDefinition: Victory of the people
Name: ColignyDefinition: From COLOGNE
Name: ColinDefinition: Youth, child, victor
Name: ColistaDefinition: Most Beautiful
Name: ColleenDefinition: Girl
Name: ColliceDefinition: Form of COLLEEN
Name: CollierDefinition: Miner
Name: CollinDefinition: From the name COLIN
Name: ColmDefinition: Dove
Name: ColmanDefinition: Little Dove
Name: ColonDefinition: Dove
Name: ColtonDefinition: town of colt-breeding
Name: ColumDefinition: Dove
Name: ColumbiaDefinition: A dove
Name: ComfortDefinition: Strengthen
Name: ConanDefinition: Wise
Name: ConaryDefinition: Wise Man
Name: ConcepcionDefinition: Fertile one, mother, father of nations
Name: CondonDefinition: the dark-haired wise man
Name: CongDefinition: Intelligent, Clever
Name: ConlanDefinition: Hero
Name: ConleyDefinition: Hero
Name: ConnerDefinition: Desire, wise aid, wolf-lover
Name: ConnieDefinition: From the name CONSTANCE
Name: ConnleyDefinition: Hero
Name: ConnorDefinition: Much wanted
Name: ConorDefinition: Much wanted
Name: ConradDefinition: Brave counsel
Name: ConroyDefinition: Wise Man
Name: ConstanceDefinition: Faithful, firmness
Name: ConstantineDefinition: Faithful, firmness
Name: ConsuelaDefinition: Consolation
Name: ConsueloDefinition: Consolation
Name: ContentDefinition: Satisfied, happy
Name: ConwayDefinition: River, hound of the plain
Name: ConyersDefinition: City in Georgia
Name: CooperDefinition: Cask, barrel maker
Name: CoraDefinition: Maiden
Name: CoralDefinition: Rock
Name: CoraliaDefinition: Like Coral
Name: CoralieDefinition: Little Maiden
Name: CoranDefinition: Cresent Moon
Name: CorazonDefinition: Heart
Name: CorbettDefinition: Black Raven
Name: CorbinDefinition: Raven, black hair
Name: CorbyDefinition: Dark as a Raven
Name: CorcoranDefinition: Of reddish complexion
Name: CordeliaDefinition: Rope, heart, a sea jewel
Name: CordellDefinition: Small rope
Name: CorentineDefinition: Little Cora
Name: CoreyDefinition: Raven, from the hollow
Name: CorianderDefinition: Romance, Spice
Name: CorinaDefinition: Maiden
Name: CorineDefinition: From the name CORINNE
Name: CorinnaDefinition: Maiden
Name: CorinneDefinition: Maiden
Name: CorinthiaDefinition: From Corinth
Name: CorlissDefinition: Cheerful and generous
Name: CormacDefinition: Charioteer
Name: CorneliaDefinition: Horn
Name: CorneliusDefinition: Horn
Name: CornellDefinition: From the name CORNELIUS
Name: CortDefinition: Bold
Name: CoryDefinition: Hollow
Name: CorydonDefinition: Lark
Name: CosetteDefinition: Victorious People
Name: CosimaDefinition: Universe, Harmony
Name: CosmoDefinition: Order, universe
Name: CotyDefinition: Old house
Name: CourtneyDefinition: From the court
Name: CoyDefinition: Woods
Name: CoyeDefinition: Woods
Name: CoyneDefinition: Modest
Name: CraigDefinition: From near the crag
Name: CredaDefinition: Faith
Name: CreeDefinition: Tribe Name
Name: CreightonDefinition: town near a creek
Name: CrescentDefinition: One who creates
Name: CressidaDefinition: Gold
Name: CreteDefinition: Dim. of LUCRETIA
Name: CrevanDefinition: Fox
Name: CricketDefinition: Loud Insect of the Night
Name: CrispinDefinition: Curly
Name: CristyDefinition: From the name CHRISTOPHER
Name: CrosbyDefinition: Dweller near the town crossing
Name: CrubellelasheentaiiDefinition: Beautiful young one
Name: CruzDefinition: The Cross Bearer
Name: CrwysDefinition: Cross
Name: CrystalDefinition: Clear, bright, ice
Name: CsabaDefinition: From mythology, sheperd, wanderer
Name: CsekeDefinition: Puller, carrier
Name: CsepelDefinition: Young forest
Name: CsillaDefinition: Protection
Name: CsongorDefinition: Hunting bird
Name: CullenDefinition: Young animal, handsome
Name: CurranDefinition: Hero
Name: CurrierDefinition: Churn
Name: CurryDefinition: A Marsh or an herb
Name: CurtDefinition: From the name CURTIS
Name: CurtisDefinition: Court, courteous
Name: CuthbertDefinition: Brilliant
Name: CutlerDefinition: Knife Maker
Name: CutterDefinition: Gem Cutter
Name: CuylerDefinition: Chapel
Name: CwenDefinition: Queen
Name: CyDefinition: From the name CYRIL
Name: CybilDefinition: Soothsayer
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