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Pet Names that Start With V

Name: VachelDefinition: Cow tender
Name: VadinDefinition: Known lecturer
Name: VaheDefinition: Victor
Name: VailDefinition: From the valley
Name: VairajaDefinition: Son of Virat
Name: ValDefinition: Power
Name: ValaDefinition: Chosen
Name: ValarieDefinition: Strength, Valor
Name: ValborgDefinition: A powerful mountain
Name: ValdaDefinition: Spirited warrior
Name: ValdemarDefinition: Ruler
Name: ValenciaDefinition: Bravery
Name: ValentinDefinition: Good health
Name: ValentinaDefinition: Health or Love
Name: ValentineDefinition: Good health
Name: ValentinoDefinition: Health or Love
Name: ValerayDefinition: Valor, strong
Name: ValeriaDefinition: Strength, Valor
Name: ValerianDefinition: Potent
Name: ValerieDefinition: Valor, strong
Name: ValeskaDefinition: Glorious ruler
Name: ValiantDefinition: Brave
Name: ValinDefinition: Monkey king
Name: ValisaDefinition: Wild one
Name: VallerieDefinition: To be strong
Name: ValmaiDefinition: Spring flower
Name: ValoniaDefinition: Of the vale
Name: ValoraDefinition: the valorous
Name: ValterraDefinition: Strong Earth
Name: ValtinaDefinition: Health or Love
Name: VanDefinition: From, of
Name: VanceDefinition: Dweller at the windmill
Name: VanessaDefinition: A butterfly
Name: VangieDefinition: Bearer of good news.
Name: VanidaDefinition: Girl
Name: VanigDefinition: Small Town
Name: VannaDefinition: Golden Colored
Name: VanoraDefinition: White wave
Name: VaranaDefinition: River
Name: VardaDefinition: Rose
Name: VardenDefinition: From the green hill
Name: VarenDefinition: Superior
Name: VarianDefinition: Fickle, Changeable
Name: VarickDefinition: Honorable defender
Name: VariyaDefinition: Excellent one
Name: VarshaDefinition: Rain
Name: VartanDefinition: Giver of Roses
Name: VartouhiDefinition: Beautiful as a Rose
Name: VarunDefinition: Lord of the waters
Name: VarunaDefinition: Wife of the Sea
Name: VarvaraDefinition: Stranger
Name: VasantaDefinition: Spring
Name: VasantiDefinition: From Springtime
Name: VasavaDefinition: Indra
Name: VasaviDefinition: Mentaldaughter of the Pitrs
Name: VaschelDefinition: Little Ash Tree
Name: VashaDefinition: South African Language
Name: VashtiDefinition: Beautiful
Name: VasilikiDefinition: Basil
Name: VasiliosDefinition: With royal blood, regal
Name: VasilisDefinition: Kingly
Name: VasumanDefinition: Born of fire
Name: VasumatiDefinition: Apsara of unequalled splendour
Name: VatusiaDefinition: They Leave Us Behind
Name: VaughanDefinition: Little, small
Name: VaughnDefinition: Small
Name: VavrinDefinition: Laurel
Name: VavrinecDefinition: Lawrence
Name: VaykDefinition: Rich
Name: VeaDefinition: Chief, Seen
Name: VeataDefinition: Wind
Name: VedaDefinition: Eternal knowledge
Name: VedangaDefinition: Vedas
Name: VelikaDefinition: Great
Name: VelmaDefinition: Protector
Name: VelvetDefinition: Fabric
Name: VencelDefinition: Wreath, glory
Name: VendaDefinition: Of the Bantu People
Name: VeneciaDefinition: From Venice
Name: VenedictDefinition: Form of Benedict
Name: VenetiaDefinition: From Venice
Name: VeniceDefinition: A Favor, Giving
Name: VentanaDefinition: Window
Name: VenturaDefinition: Good Fortune
Name: VeraDefinition: truth, faith
Name: VeradisDefinition: Truthful, Genuine
Name: VerdaDefinition: Truth
Name: VerdadDefinition: Truth
Name: VerdiDefinition: Green
Name: VerenaDefinition: Defender
Name: VerityDefinition: Verity, truth
Name: VerleeDefinition: Truthful
Name: VernDefinition: Youthful
Name: VernaDefinition: Truth
Name: VernadosDefinition: Courage of a Bear
Name: VerneDefinition: Youthful
Name: VernonDefinition: Alder tree, springlike
Name: VeronicaDefinition: true image
Name: VeroniqueDefinition: The Truth
Name: VerrillDefinition: Faithful
Name: VesperDefinition: Evening
Name: VestaDefinition: Guardian of the sacred fire
Name: VetaDefinition: Intelligent
Name: VevayDefinition: White wave
Name: VevilaDefinition: Woman with a melodious voice
Name: VevinaDefinition: Sweet lady
Name: ViDefinition: From the name VIOLET
Name: VianDefinition: Full of Life
Name: ViancaDefinition: Fair Skinned, White
Name: ViauDefinition: Lively
Name: VicDefinition: Victorious
Name: VickiDefinition: Victorious
Name: VickyDefinition: Winner, Conqueror
Name: VictorDefinition: Victor
Name: VictoriaDefinition: Victory
Name: VidDefinition: Sylvan man
Name: VidaDefinition: Life
Name: VidalDefinition: Vital
Name: VidarDefinition: Lumberjack
Name: VidoniaDefinition: Vine branch
Name: VidorDefinition: Happy
Name: VidvanDefinition: Scholar
Name: VidyaDefinition: Wisdom, knowledge
Name: ViennaDefinition: From wine country
Name: VietDefinition: Of Vietnamese descent
Name: VihoDefinition: Chief
Name: VikasDefinition: Progress
Name: VikramDefinition: Glorious king
Name: VilaDefinition: From WILLIAM
Name: VilinaDefinition: Dedicated
Name: VilletteDefinition: Small Village
Name: VilmarisDefinition: Protector from the sea
Name: VilmosDefinition: Steady
Name: VimalaDefinition: Pure, sakti of the Gayatri Devi
Name: VinDefinition: Victorious
Name: VinaDefinition: From the Vineyard
Name: VinataDefinition: Humble, mother of Garuda
Name: VinayDefinition: Good behaviour
Name: VinayaDefinition: Good behaviour
Name: VinceDefinition: Victorious
Name: VincentDefinition: Conquering
Name: VineDefinition: Vineyard Worker
Name: VinnieDefinition: From the name VINCENT
Name: VinnyDefinition: From the name VINCENT
Name: VinsonDefinition: Son of Vincent
Name: ViolaDefinition: From the name VIOLET
Name: VioletDefinition: Violet
Name: ViratDefinition: Supreme being
Name: VirendraDefinition: Brave Noble Person
Name: VirgilDefinition: Unknown
Name: VirginiaDefinition: Chaste, maiden
Name: VirgoDefinition: The Virgin
Name: ViridisDefinition: Youthful and blooming
Name: ViroteDefinition: Power
Name: VisalaDefinition: Celestial Apsara
Name: VisolaDefinition: Longings are Waterfalls
Name: VisvajitDefinition: One who conquers the universe
Name: VisvakarmanDefinition: Architect, son of Yogasiddha
Name: VisvayuDefinition: Brother of Amavasuand Satayu
Name: VitaDefinition: Life
Name: VitalisDefinition: Life
Name: VitoDefinition: Conquerer
Name: VittorioDefinition: Conqueror
Name: VivatmaDefinition: Universal soul
Name: VivecaDefinition: Full of Life
Name: VivekaDefinition: Little woman, of the strong fortress
Name: ViviDefinition: Alive
Name: VivianDefinition: Living, lively
Name: VivianaDefinition: Full of Life
Name: VivienDefinition: Full of Life, Vibrant
Name: VivienneDefinition: Life
Name: VladDefinition: Prince
Name: VladimirDefinition: to rule with peace, regal
Name: VloraDefinition: Bravery
Name: VoletaDefinition: Veiled one
Name: VonDefinition: From (the family of)
Name: VondaDefinition: True Image
Name: VondilaDefinition: Lost a Child
Name: VondraDefinition: The Love of a Woman
Name: VrindaDefinition: Virtue and strength
Name: VuiDefinition: Cheerful
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