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Pet Names that Start With N

Name: NaalDefinition: Birth
Name: NaavaDefinition: Pleasant, Beautiful
Name: NabelungDefinition: Beautiful one
Name: NabulungDefinition: Do not receive
Name: NachmankeDefinition: Compassionate one, one who comforts
Name: NadaliaDefinition: Born on Christmas
Name: NadezdaDefinition: One with hope
Name: NadiaDefinition: Hopeful
Name: NadieDefinition: From the name NADIA
Name: NadineDefinition: Hope
Name: NaeemDefinition: Benevolent
Name: NaevaDefinition: Evening
Name: NafunaDefinition: Delivered Feet-First
Name: NahokoDefinition: Child of Naho
Name: NaiaDefinition: Flowing
Name: NaiaraDefinition: Of the Virgin Mary
Name: NaidaDefinition: Water nymph
Name: NailahDefinition: Succeeding
Name: NainaDefinition: Eyes
Name: NairiDefinition: Land of Canyons
Name: NairneDefinition: From the narrow river glade
Name: NaiserDefinition: Founder of Clans
Name: NaiyaDefinition: Water Nymph
Name: NajaDefinition: Stoic and strong
Name: NakeishaDefinition: Her Life
Name: NakiaDefinition: Pure, Faithful
Name: NalaDefinition: Successful
Name: NalaniDefinition: Clamness of the skies
Name: NalinDefinition: Lotus Flower
Name: NaliniDefinition: Lovely
Name: NaloDefinition: Lovable
Name: NalrenDefinition: th is thawed out
Name: NamDefinition: South or manly
Name: NamazziDefinition: Water
Name: NamdevDefinition: Poet, saint
Name: NamiDefinition: Wave
Name: NamikoDefinition: Child of Nami
Name: NamirDefinition: Swift Cat
Name: NanDefinition: Gracious
Name: NanakoDefinition: Child of Nana
Name: NancyDefinition: Full of grace
Name: NandaDefinition: A sakti of Ganesha
Name: NandinDefinition: the delightful, follower of Shiva
Name: NanetteDefinition: Gracious
Name: NaniDefinition: Charming
Name: NannaDefinition: Graceful one
Name: NansenDefinition: Son of Nancy
Name: NantaiDefinition: Chief
Name: NantaleDefinition: Clan totem is a lion
Name: NantanDefinition: Spokesman
Name: NaokoDefinition: Child of Nao
Name: NaomiDefinition: Pleasent one; above all, beauty
Name: NapeaDefinition: Of the valley
Name: NapoleonDefinition: Lion of the woods; from the city of Naples
Name: NapuaDefinition: The Flowers
Name: NarayanaDefinition: Vishnu
Name: NarcisoDefinition: A lily, daffodil
Name: NarcissaDefinition: Self-love
Name: NarcisseDefinition: Daffodil
Name: NarcissusDefinition: Self-love
Name: NardaDefinition: Fervently annointed
Name: NardoDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: NarellaDefinition: Bright one
Name: NarikoDefinition: Thunder
Name: NarkeashaDefinition: Pretty
Name: NarsiDefinition: Poet, saint
Name: NartanaDefinition: Makes others dance
Name: NaschaDefinition: Owl
Name: NashDefinition: Cliff
Name: NashaDefinition: Born During Rainy Season
Name: NashwaDefinition: Wonderful feeling
Name: NasiaDefinition: From the name NATALIE
Name: NasicheDefinition: Born during locust season
Name: NasnanDefinition: Surrounded by Song
Name: NasyaDefinition: Miracle
Name: NatalaDefinition: Born on Christmas
Name: NataliaDefinition: Born on Christmas
Name: NatalieDefinition: Birthday, child born at Christmas
Name: NatalyaDefinition: Born on Christmas
Name: NataneDefinition: Daughter
Name: NatashaDefinition: Rebirth-from Anastacia
Name: NatesaDefinition: Dance Lord
Name: NathalieDefinition: From the name NATALIE
Name: NatineDefinition: Of the Natine Tribe
Name: NatividadDefinition: Of the Nativity
Name: NatsuDefinition: Born in Summer
Name: NatsukoDefinition: Child of Natsu
Name: NavarroDefinition: Plains
Name: NaveenaDefinition: Strong-willed supporter
Name: NavidDefinition: Beloved
Name: NayanaDefinition: Eye
Name: NayokoDefinition: Child of Nayo
Name: NealDefinition: Champion
Name: NealaDefinition: Champion
Name: NeciDefinition: Intense, fiery
Name: NeciaDefinition: Fiery, Passionate
Name: NedaDefinition: Born on Sunday; sanctuary
Name: NedraDefinition: Awareness
Name: NeelDefinition: Blue
Name: NeelamDefinition: Sapphire
Name: NeelyDefinition: Victor
Name: NeemaDefinition: Prosperous
Name: NeerjaDefinition: Lotus flower
Name: NehaDefinition: Rain
Name: NeilDefinition: Champion
Name: NeithDefinition: Divine Mother
Name: NekaDefinition: Wild Goose
Name: NelekDefinition: Like a horn
Name: NeliaDefinition: Champion
Name: NellDefinition: Stone
Name: NellekeDefinition: A horn
Name: NellieDefinition: the bright one
Name: NellisDefinition: Light
Name: NellyDefinition: Stone
Name: NelsonDefinition: Son of a champion, son of Neil
Name: NeolaDefinition: Youthful
Name: NeorahDefinition: Light
Name: NericeDefinition: Powerful Woman
Name: NerinDefinition: A nereid, one from the sea
Name: NerinaDefinition: Sea Nymph
Name: NerissaDefinition: Daughter of the sea
Name: NeritaDefinition: Sea Snail
Name: NeroDefinition: Powerful
Name: NeroliDefinition: Orange blossom
Name: NeronDefinition: Strong, stern
Name: NerysDefinition: Lady
Name: NessaDefinition: Headland
Name: NestorDefinition: traveler, wisdom
Name: NetisDefinition: Trustworthy
Name: NettaDefinition: A plant or shrub
Name: NevaDefinition: Covered with snow
Name: NevadaDefinition: Snowy
Name: NevaehDefinition: Heaven
Name: NevanDefinition: Holy, little saint
Name: NeveahDefinition: Butterfly
Name: NeviahDefinition: Forcaster
Name: NevilleDefinition: From the new farmland
Name: NevinDefinition: Worshiper; middle; nephew
Name: NevinaDefinition: Saint Worshipper
Name: NewellDefinition: From the manor; kernel
Name: NewlynDefinition: Pool
Name: NeysaDefinition: Pure
Name: NhiDefinition: Little one
Name: NhungDefinition: Velvet
Name: NiaDefinition: Purpose
Name: NiabiDefinition: Fawn
Name: NiallDefinition: Champion
Name: NiamhDefinition: Bright
Name: NibawDefinition: Standing Tall
Name: NichelleDefinition: Victorious Maiden
Name: NicholaiDefinition: Victorious People
Name: NicholasDefinition: Victorious people
Name: NicholeDefinition: Victorious
Name: NiciaDefinition: Victorious army
Name: NickDefinition: Victorious People
Name: NickanDefinition: Goodness of grandparents
Name: NickiDefinition: From the name NICOLE
Name: NicoDefinition: Victorious People
Name: NicodemusDefinition: Victory of the people
Name: NicolaDefinition: Fem. form of Nicholas
Name: NicolasDefinition: Victorious People
Name: NicoleDefinition: Victorious people
Name: NicoletteDefinition: From the name NICOLE
Name: NidaDefinition: Elf
Name: NidraDefinition: A form of the Devi
Name: NielDefinition: From the name NATHANIEL
Name: NieshaDefinition: Pure
Name: NieveDefinition: Snowy
Name: NigelDefinition: Dark one
Name: NiharDefinition: Mist, fog, dew
Name: NijoleDefinition: Slavic form of NICOLE
Name: NijuDefinition: Pansophist
Name: NikaDefinition: Born on Sunday
Name: NikeDefinition: Victory
Name: NikkiDefinition: From the name NICOLE
Name: NikkosDefinition: Victorious People
Name: NileDefinition: From the River Nile
Name: NilesDefinition: Son of Neil
Name: NiliDefinition: Pea Plant
Name: NiliniDefinition: Perpetuator of the Kuru race
Name: NilouferDefinition: From the Heavens
Name: NilsDefinition: Champion
Name: NimbusDefinition: Rain cloud, halo
Name: NimeeshaDefinition: Princess
Name: NimrodDefinition: Bowman
Name: NinaDefinition: Girl; grace
Name: NinonDefinition: Form of ANNE
Name: NiobeDefinition: Fern
Name: NirajDefinition: Lotus flower
Name: NiramitraDefinition: Son of pandava Sahadeva
Name: NiranDefinition: Eternal
Name: NirvanaDefinition: Deep silence, ultimate bliss
Name: NirvelliDefinition: Water child
Name: NishadDefinition: the musical note Ni
Name: NishanDefinition: Sign
Name: NishiDefinition: West
Name: NisiDefinition: Emblem
Name: NissaDefinition: Elf, fairy
Name: NitaraDefinition: Deeply rooted
Name: NitikaDefinition: Angel of precious stone
Name: NitsaDefinition: Light
Name: NitunaDefinition: My Daughter
Name: Nitya-sundaraDefinition: Good-looking
Name: NitzaDefinition: Bud from a Flower
Name: NitzanaDefinition: Blossom
Name: NixieDefinition: Water sprite
Name: NiyatiDefinition: Fate
Name: NizanaDefinition: Flower Bud
Name: NoahDefinition: Comfort, wanderer
Name: NoamDefinition: Pleasant Friend
Name: NobleDefinition: Honorable one, well born
Name: NodinDefinition: Wind
Name: NoeDefinition: Peace, rest
Name: NoelDefinition: Christmas
Name: NoelaniDefinition: Beautiful girl from heaven
Name: NoellaDefinition: Christmas
Name: NoelleDefinition: Form of Noel - Christmas
Name: NoiDefinition: Small
Name: NolaDefinition: Of Noble Birth
Name: NolandDefinition: Well Known
Name: NolchaDefinition: Sun
Name: NolenDefinition: Well known- High born
Name: NoletaDefinition: Unwilling
Name: NomaDefinition: Example
Name: NoraDefinition: the bright one; honor, light
Name: NorahDefinition: Form of NORA
Name: NorbertDefinition: Blond hero
Name: NorbertaDefinition: Blond hero
Name: NordicaDefinition: From the north
Name: NoreenDefinition: Light
Name: NoriDefinition: Doctrine
Name: NorikoDefinition: Child of Nori
Name: NorinaDefinition: Light
Name: NormDefinition: Invader of Normandie
Name: NormaDefinition: Model
Name: NormanDefinition: Man from the north
Name: NormandyDefinition: Provence in France
Name: NorrisDefinition: From the North
Name: NorthDefinition: From the north
Name: NortonDefinition: From the Town in the North
Name: NovyannaDefinition: Lovely
Name: NowlesDefinition: Forest Cove
Name: NozomiDefinition: Hope
Name: NuDefinition: Girl
Name: NualaDefinition: White Haired
Name: NubiaDefinition: From Nubia
Name: NuncioDefinition: Messenger
Name: NurayDefinition: White moon
Name: NuruDefinition: Light
Name: NusaDefinition: Grace
Name: NyakoDefinition: Girl
Name: NydiaDefinition: Refuge, nest
Name: NyeDefinition: Island dweller
Name: NyekiDefinition: Second Wife
Name: NylaDefinition: Winner
Name: NyleDefinition: Island
Name: NyokaDefinition: Snake
Name: NysaDefinition: A new beginning
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