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Pet Names that Start With L

Name: La cienegaDefinition: The Swamp, Marshes
Name: LaasyaDefinition: Dance
Name: LabanDefinition: White
Name: LabelDefinition: Lion
Name: LaborcDefinition: Brave panther
Name: LaceyDefinition: From Normandy, France
Name: LachlanDefinition: From the Lake
Name: LacyDefinition: Place name
Name: LaddDefinition: Young man
Name: LaddieDefinition: Attendant
Name: LadislavDefinition: Famous ruler
Name: LadonnaDefinition: The woman
Name: LaeDefinition: Dark
Name: LahelaDefinition: Innocent Lamb
Name: LailieDefinition: Born during light
Name: LaineyDefinition: Sun ray
Name: LairdDefinition: Lord, landed gentry
Name: LajosDefinition: Famous Holy Man
Name: LakeishaDefinition: Favourite one
Name: LakenDefinition: From the Lake
Name: LakinDefinition: Sim. Lakia, Found Treasure
Name: LakotaDefinition: Friend
Name: LakshaDefinition: White Rose
Name: LakshmanDefinition: Brother of Rama
Name: LakshyaDefinition: target
Name: LakyleDefinition: Half Wood
Name: LalaDefinition: tulip
Name: LalaineDefinition: Helpful and hardworking
Name: LalasaDefinition: Love
Name: LaliDefinition: Well spoken
Name: LaloDefinition: to sing a lullaby
Name: LamDefinition: Full understanding; knowledge
Name: LamanDefinition: Happy, content
Name: LamarDefinition: Land
Name: LambertoDefinition: Wealthy in land, brilliant
Name: LamontDefinition: Lawyer
Name: LanDefinition: Flower name
Name: LanaDefinition: to float
Name: LanaiDefinition: Terrace, Veranda
Name: LancelotDefinition: Attendant
Name: LandenDefinition: Grassy Plain
Name: LanderDefinition: Property owner; lion man
Name: LandersDefinition: Rough Land
Name: LandisDefinition: From the name LANDRY
Name: LandonDefinition: Long hill
Name: LandryDefinition: Rough Land
Name: LangDefinition: Long, tall
Name: LangerDefinition: Tall man
Name: LangstonDefinition: Town of the Giant
Name: LaniDefinition: Sky, heaven
Name: LanikaiDefinition: Heavenlysea
Name: LankstonDefinition: Town of the Giant
Name: LantosDefinition: Lute player
Name: LaoghaireDefinition: Calf herder, a shepard
Name: LapisDefinition: Lapis Lazuli Gemstone
Name: LaquetaDefinition: The Quiet One
Name: LaquintaDefinition: The Fifth
Name: LaraDefinition: Well-known, name of a nymph
Name: LaraineDefinition: Sea bird
Name: LaramieDefinition: tears of love
Name: LareinaDefinition: The Queen
Name: LariDefinition: Crowned with laurel
Name: LariaDefinition: the sars are mine
Name: LarkDefinition: A bird
Name: LarryDefinition: Laurels
Name: LarsDefinition: From the name LAWRENCE
Name: LarueDefinition: The Street
Name: LaryaDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LassieDefinition: Young Girl, Maiden
Name: LatanyaDefinition: The Fairy Queen
Name: LateefahDefinition: Gentle, pleasant
Name: LathamDefinition: A Division
Name: LathropDefinition: Barn
Name: LatifDefinition: Elegant
Name: LatifahDefinition: Elegant
Name: LatimerDefinition: Interpreter
Name: LatishaDefinition: Great Joy
Name: LatoniaDefinition: Mother of Apollo and Diana
Name: LatoyaDefinition: Praised Woman
Name: LauraDefinition: Laurel leaves, honour, fame, spirit
Name: LaurelDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LaurenDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LaurenceDefinition: Laurel-Crowned
Name: LaurentDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LaurieDefinition: Crowned with laurels
Name: LaurindaDefinition: Crowned with laurel, praise
Name: LavadaDefinition: Friendly and creative
Name: LavaniDefinition: Grace
Name: LavanyaDefinition: Grace
Name: LaveDefinition: Burning rock
Name: LavedaDefinition: Innocent one
Name: LavenderDefinition: A Purple Flowering Plant
Name: LaverneDefinition: From the alder grove, spring-like
Name: LaveyDefinition: From the name LEVI
Name: LaviDefinition: Lion
Name: LavinaDefinition: Woman of Rome
Name: LaviniaDefinition: Purity
Name: LavonnDefinition: Wood
Name: LavonneDefinition: Wood
Name: LawandaDefinition: Little wanderer
Name: LawlerDefinition: Softspoken
Name: LawrenceDefinition: Laurel crown
Name: LawrenciaDefinition: Crowned with Laurels
Name: LawsonDefinition: Son of Lawrence
Name: LaynaDefinition: Light, truth
Name: LeDefinition: Joy
Name: LeaDefinition: Meadow
Name: LeahDefinition: Cow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, ruler
Name: LealDefinition: Faithful
Name: LealaDefinition: Loyal one
Name: LeanderDefinition: Lion man
Name: LeandraDefinition: Lion woman
Name: LeaneDefinition: Graceful Willow
Name: LeannDefinition: Combination of LEE and ANN
Name: LeannaDefinition: Graceful Willow
Name: LeanneDefinition: Gracious Plum
Name: LearDefinition: Of the meadow
Name: LeatrixDefinition: Weary + Bringer of Joy
Name: LeaunaDefinition: Young deer
Name: LeavittDefinition: Baker
Name: LebaDefinition: Beloved
Name: LeceaDefinition: Of Noble Birth
Name: LedaDefinition: Mother Creator
Name: LedahDefinition: Birth
Name: LedellDefinition: Spartan Queen
Name: LeeDefinition: Glade; poet; plum
Name: LeenaDefinition: Illumination
Name: LeetoDefinition: Journey
Name: LeftyDefinition: Left-handed
Name: LehanaDefinition: One Who Refuses
Name: LehelDefinition: Breathes
Name: LeiDefinition: Flower Bud
Name: LeiaDefinition: Weary
Name: LeifDefinition: Beloved
Name: LeighDefinition: Meadow
Name: LeighannaDefinition: Gracious, Poetic
Name: LeighnaDefinition: Illustrious
Name: LeightonDefinition: Town by the meadow
Name: LeikoDefinition: Arrogant
Name: LeilaniDefinition: Heavenly flower, heavenly child
Name: LeithDefinition: Wide river
Name: LelaDefinition: Lofty
Name: LelandDefinition: From the meadow land
Name: LeliaDefinition: Lily
Name: LenaDefinition: Alluring, temptress; light
Name: LenchoDefinition: Lion
Name: LenciDefinition: Light
Name: LeneDefinition: Illustrious
Name: LenkaDefinition: Illumination
Name: LennonDefinition: Cloak, little cape
Name: LennoxDefinition: Amid the lems, from the field of elm trees
Name: LenoraDefinition: From the name LEONA
Name: LenoreDefinition: Light
Name: LensarDefinition: With his parents
Name: LeoDefinition: A Lion
Name: LeolaDefinition: Lion
Name: LeomaDefinition: Brave woman
Name: LeonDefinition: Lion
Name: LeonaDefinition: Like A Lion
Name: LeonardDefinition: Lion-hearted
Name: LeonardoDefinition: Like A Lion
Name: LeoneDefinition: Lion
Name: LeonidasDefinition: One who is bold as a lion
Name: LeonieDefinition: Lioness
Name: LeonoraDefinition: Light
Name: LeontyneDefinition: Like A Lion
Name: LeopoldDefinition: Bold leader
Name: LeopoldaDefinition: Bold leader
Name: LeoraDefinition: Light
Name: LequoiaDefinition: From the Sequoia Tree
Name: LeratoDefinition: Song of my Soul
Name: LeroyDefinition: the king
Name: LesDefinition: From town of Leicester
Name: LeshemDefinition: Precious stone
Name: LesleyDefinition: Grey Fortress
Name: LeslieDefinition: Dweller in the gray castle; small meadow
Name: LesterDefinition: Legion camp
Name: LethaDefinition: Forgetful, oblivion
Name: LethiaDefinition: Forgetfulness
Name: LeticiaDefinition: Joy, Gladness
Name: LetitiaDefinition: Joy
Name: LevDefinition: Heart
Name: LevanaDefinition: Rising sun
Name: LeventeDefinition: Being
Name: LeverettDefinition: Young Hare
Name: LeviDefinition: United
Name: LeviaDefinition: Combine Forces
Name: LewDefinition: Famous Warrior
Name: LewaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: LewisDefinition: Famous Warrior
Name: LexDefinition: A Word
Name: LexiDefinition: Protector of Mankind
Name: LexineDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: LexissDefinition: Protector of Mankind
Name: LeynaDefinition: Little angel
Name: LiDefinition: Strength
Name: Li+huaDefinition: Pear Blossom
Name: Li+meiDefinition: Pretty Rose
Name: Li+mingDefinition: Pretty and Bright
Name: LiaDefinition: Dependence
Name: LiadanDefinition: Grey lady
Name: LiamDefinition: Unwavering protector
Name: LianDefinition: the graceful willow
Name: LianaDefinition: Vine, to bind; youth
Name: LiangDefinition: Good, Fine
Name: LiannakaDefinition: Bringer of Peace, hope
Name: LibbaDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: LibertyDefinition: Freedom
Name: LibraDefinition: The Scales, Equality
Name: LiciaDefinition: Happy
Name: LidaDefinition: Beloved by All
Name: LidiaDefinition: Province in Asia
Name: LienDefinition: Lotus
Name: LieselDefinition: Dedicated and gracious
Name: LieuDefinition: Willow tree
Name: LikoDefinition: Bud
Name: LilacDefinition: Bluish Purple
Name: LiliaDefinition: Lilac
Name: LilianDefinition: Blend of Lily and Ann
Name: LiliannaDefinition: Gracious Lily
Name: LilihaDefinition: Angry Disregard
Name: LilikaDefinition: Lily Flower
Name: LilikeDefinition: Lily Flower
Name: LilkaDefinition: Warrior Maiden
Name: LilliDefinition: Flower
Name: LillianDefinition: Blend of Lily and Ann
Name: LillyDefinition: Lily Flower
Name: LiloDefinition: Generous One
Name: LiluyeDefinition: Singing Hawk while Soaring
Name: LilyDefinition: A flower
Name: LimberDefinition: Joyfulness
Name: LinDefinition: From the name LINDA
Name: LinaeveDefinition: Tree of Song
Name: LincolnDefinition: Home by the pond
Name: LindDefinition: Linden tree
Name: LindaDefinition: Pretty
Name: LindleyDefinition: Pasture
Name: LindsayDefinition: Pool island; linden island
Name: LindseyDefinition: Linden Trees Near the Water
Name: LindyDefinition: From the name LINDSEY OR LINDA
Name: LinetteDefinition: Linnet bird, flaxen
Name: LingDefinition: Sound of Jade/Dawn
Name: LinneaDefinition: Lime tree, national flower of Sweden
Name: LinoreDefinition: From Lenore
Name: LinusDefinition: Flaxen-haired
Name: LinwoodDefinition: Stream forest
Name: LionaDefinition: Lioness
Name: LionelDefinition: Young lion
Name: LiritDefinition: Musical Grace
Name: LisbetDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: LiseliDefinition: Unknown
Name: LisimbaDefinition: Lion
Name: LisleDefinition: Of the Island
Name: LitaDefinition: Light
Name: LitsaDefinition: One who brings good news
Name: LittonDefinition: Hillside town
Name: LivDefinition: Life
Name: LiviDefinition: Olive Branch, Peace
Name: LiviaDefinition: From the name OLIVIA
Name: LivvyDefinition: From the name OLIVER
Name: LixueDefinition: Pretty Snow
Name: LizDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: LizbethDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: LlewellynDefinition: Ruling
Name: LloydDefinition: Gray-haired
Name: LluviaDefinition: Rain
Name: LobaDefinition: To Talk
Name: LoboDefinition: Wolf
Name: LocDefinition: Bud
Name: LockeDefinition: Stronghold
Name: LoeDefinition: King
Name: LoganDefinition: Little hollow
Name: LoisDefinition: Good
Name: LokDefinition: Joy
Name: LokelaniDefinition: Small red rose
Name: LolaDefinition: Strong woman
Name: LolaksiDefinition: A sakti of Ganesha
Name: LolonyoDefinition: Love is Beautiful
Name: LoloviviDefinition: Love is Sweet
Name: LomanDefinition: Bare
Name: LomarDefinition: Son of Omar
Name: LonDefinition: Fierce
Name: LonaDefinition: Lioness, Ready for battle
Name: LonatoDefinition: Flint Stone
Name: LondonDefinition: Fierce ruler of the world
Name: LongDefinition: Dragon
Name: LonikieDefinition: Pretty one
Name: LonnaDefinition: Light
Name: LoraDefinition: Laurel-Crowned
Name: LorándDefinition: Brave warrior
Name: LorantDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LoreDefinition: A flower
Name: LoreleiDefinition: From the Rhine River
Name: LorenDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LorenaDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LoreneDefinition: Small victories
Name: LorenzoDefinition: From the name LAWRENCE
Name: LorettaDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LoriDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LorieDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LorimerDefinition: Harness Maker
Name: LorinDefinition: Crowned with Laurel
Name: LoringDefinition: Famous in War
Name: LornaDefinition: Of Lorne
Name: LorneDefinition: Of Lorne
Name: LorraineDefinition: Where Lothar dwells
Name: LorrettaDefinition: Dim. of LORETTA
Name: LotDefinition: Hidden
Name: LottaDefinition: Petite Beauty
Name: LotteDefinition: From the name CHARLOTTE
Name: LottieDefinition: Petite Beauty
Name: LotusDefinition: Freamlike, lotus flower
Name: LouDefinition: Famous Warrior
Name: LouannaDefinition: Gracious Warrior
Name: LouieDefinition: Famous Warrior
Name: LouisDefinition: Famed warrior
Name: LouisaDefinition: Fights with honor
Name: LouiseDefinition: Warrior maiden
Name: LourdesDefinition: Section of France where Virgin Mary was seen
Name: LouvainDefinition: City in Belgium
Name: LoveDefinition: Loved one
Name: LovetteDefinition: Little Loved One
Name: LoveyDefinition: Loved One
Name: LovieDefinition: Loved One
Name: LowellDefinition: Beloved
Name: LowriDefinition: Crowned with laurels
Name: LoyalDefinition: Faithful, True
Name: LuanaDefinition: Female Warrior
Name: LucaDefinition: Bringer of light.
Name: LucasDefinition: Light
Name: LuceDefinition: Light
Name: LuciaDefinition: Light
Name: LucianDefinition: Man of Light
Name: LucieDefinition: From the name LUCILLE
Name: LucienDefinition: Bright, Light
Name: LucilleDefinition: Light
Name: LucindaDefinition: Bringer of light
Name: LucineDefinition: Moon
Name: LucioDefinition: Bringer of Light
Name: LuciusDefinition: Bringer of Light
Name: LuckyDefinition: Fortunate, LIght
Name: LucreceDefinition: Bringer of Light
Name: LucretiaDefinition: Riches
Name: LucusDefinition: Light
Name: LucyDefinition: Light
Name: LudlowDefinition: Mountain of the Chief
Name: LudwigDefinition: Famous Victories
Name: LuellaDefinition: Elfin
Name: LuigiDefinition: Warrior
Name: LuisDefinition: From the name LOUIS
Name: LukaDefinition: Light
Name: LukasDefinition: Light
Name: LukeDefinition: Bringer of light
Name: LukinaDefinition: Graceful and bright
Name: LuminaDefinition: Of the Light, Glowing
Name: LunaDefinition: Moon
Name: LundyDefinition: By the Island
Name: LunetteDefinition: Little Moon
Name: LuntDefinition: From the grove
Name: LupeDefinition: Wolf
Name: LupitaDefinition: From the name GUADALUPE
Name: LuthandoDefinition: Love
Name: LutherDefinition: Warrior
Name: LuyuDefinition: Wild Dove
Name: LuzDefinition: Light
Name: LyDefinition: Reason
Name: LycorisDefinition: Twilight
Name: LydiaDefinition: Woman from Persia, beauty
Name: LydieDefinition: A Maiden from Lydia, Greece
Name: LykaiosDefinition: Wolfish, of a wolf, wolf-like
Name: LyleDefinition: Island
Name: LymanDefinition: From the meadow
Name: LynDefinition: Beautiful
Name: LyndaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: LyndeDefinition: From the hill of Linden trees.
Name: LyndonDefinition: Linden tree
Name: LyndseyDefinition: Camp Near Stream
Name: LynelleDefinition: Pretty
Name: LynethDefinition: Beautiful one
Name: LynetteDefinition: Little beauty
Name: LynleyDefinition: Meadow near the Brook
Name: LynnDefinition: A cascade
Name: LynnaDefinition: Waterfall
Name: LynneDefinition: Beautiful Waterfall
Name: LynneaDefinition: Pretty
Name: LynseyDefinition: From the Linden tree
Name: LyntonDefinition: Town near the Brook
Name: LyreDefinition: A fork from river or glen
Name: LyricDefinition: Melodic Word
Name: LyrisDefinition: Player of the lyre
Name: LysaDefinition: From the name LISA
Name: LysanderDefinition: Liberator, emancipation
Name: LysandraDefinition: Liberator, emancipation
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