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Pet Names that Start With I

Name: IagoDefinition: Supplanter
Name: IannaDefinition: Fem. form of IAN
Name: IantheDefinition: Violet-colored flower
Name: IbeamakaDefinition: the agnates are splendid
Name: IchabodDefinition: Departed Glory
Name: IdaDefinition: Prosperous
Name: IdaleeDefinition: From IDA and LEE
Name: IdaliaDefinition: From IDALEE
Name: IdanaDefinition: From IDA & ANNA
Name: IdaniaDefinition: Hardworking, Prosperous
Name: IdeDefinition: Thirst
Name: IdehDefinition: Praise
Name: IdenDefinition: Prosperous
Name: IdolaDefinition: Idolized
Name: IdoniaDefinition: Industrious
Name: IdraDefinition: Fig tree
Name: IdrisDefinition: Fiery
Name: IfamaDefinition: All is Well
Name: IfeDefinition: Wide, Love
Name: IgeDefinition: Born by Breech
Name: IggiDefinition: Only Son
Name: IggyDefinition: From the name IGGI
Name: IgnacioDefinition: One who is lively
Name: IgnatiusDefinition: Firey One
Name: IgorDefinition: Hero
Name: IkeDefinition: From the name ISAAC
Name: IlanaDefinition: Sunshine
Name: IlandereDefinition: Moon Woman
Name: IlarDefinition: Cheerful
Name: IlariaDefinition: One who is merry
Name: IlarioDefinition: Cheerful
Name: IldikoDefinition: A fierce warrior
Name: IlianaDefinition: Bright
Name: IlisapesiDefinition: Blessed one
Name: IloDefinition: Light, Joyous, Sunshine
Name: IlomDefinition: My Enemies Are Many
Name: IlonaDefinition: Beautiful, sunshine
Name: IloriDefinition: Special Treasure
Name: IlyaDefinition: From Elijah
Name: IlyssaDefinition: Rational
Name: ImalaDefinition: Disciplinarian
Name: ImaranDefinition: Strong
Name: ImogeneDefinition: Image
Name: ImreDefinition: Great king
Name: InariDefinition: Shrimp
Name: InayatDefinition: Kindness
Name: InceDefinition: Innocent
Name: IndaliaiDefinition: Sea-feather, feather from the sea shore
Name: IndependenceDefinition: Freedom
Name: IndiaDefinition: River; from India
Name: IndiraDefinition: India
Name: IndivarDefinition: Blue Lotus
Name: IndiyaDefinition: Philosophical one
Name: IndrinaDefinition: Deep
Name: InesDefinition: Gentle
Name: InezDefinition: Meek
Name: InfinityDefinition: Endless
Name: IngeDefinition: Island
Name: IngmarDefinition: Famous son
Name: InigoDefinition: Ardent
Name: InikoDefinition: Born During Troubled Times
Name: InocenciaDefinition: Innocent
Name: InokeDefinition: Devoted
Name: IolaDefinition: Violet-Colored Dawn
Name: IolanaDefinition: to soar like an eagle
Name: IolaniDefinition: Royal Hawk
Name: IolantheDefinition: Violet
Name: IonaDefinition: Flower name, purple jewel
Name: IorwenDefinition: Lord, Beautiful
Name: IphigeniaDefinition: Mythological Creature
Name: IphigenieDefinition: Mythical Creature
Name: IpoDefinition: Darling
Name: IraDefinition: Watchful, descendant
Name: IramDefinition: Shining
Name: IratzeDefinition: In reference to the virgin mary
Name: IravanDefinition: Son of Arjuna/Uloopi
Name: IrelandDefinition: Homage to Ireland
Name: IremDefinition: Gardens in heaven
Name: IrenDefinition: Peace
Name: IreneDefinition: Peace
Name: IriaDefinition: From the name IRIS
Name: IrisDefinition: Rainbow, a play of colours
Name: IrisaDefinition: Iris
Name: IrishDefinition: From Ireland
Name: IrvinDefinition: Lover of the sea
Name: IrvingDefinition: Handsome, fair
Name: IsaacDefinition: He will laugh
Name: IsabisDefinition: Something Beautiful
Name: IsadoraDefinition: Gift of the moon
Name: IsaiahDefinition: Salvation of the Lord
Name: IsanneDefinition: From ISABEL and ANNE
Name: IsauraDefinition: Soft air
Name: IshaDefinition: One who protects
Name: IshanaDefinition: Rich
Name: IslaDefinition: Island
Name: IsleenDefinition: Form of EILEEN
Name: IsletaDefinition: Little Island
Name: IsmetDefinition: Honor
Name: IsokeDefinition: Satisfying gift
Name: IsoldeDefinition: Beautiful
Name: IsraDefinition: Freedom
Name: IssayDefinition: Hairy
Name: IstasDefinition: Snow
Name: ItaDefinition: Thirsty
Name: ItaliaDefinition: Italy
Name: ItzakDefinition: Laughter
Name: IviDefinition: Ivy Plant
Name: IvieDefinition: From the name IVY
Name: IvoDefinition: Cut wood
Name: IvoryDefinition: White as Elephant Tusks
Name: IvriaDefinition: From the other side of the River
Name: IvritDefinition: The Hebrew Language
Name: IvyDefinition: Ivy plant, a wine
Name: IwalaniDefinition: Heavenly Seagull
Name: IzefiaDefinition: I have no child
Name: IzzyDefinition: He will Laugh
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