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Pet Names that Start With P

Name: PablaDefinition: From the name PAULINE
Name: PabloDefinition: Borrowed
Name: PackardDefinition: One who packs
Name: PacoDefinition: Bald eagle; a free man
Name: PaddyDefinition: From the name PATRICK
Name: PageDefinition: Young attendant
Name: PahanaDefinition: Lost White Brother
Name: PaigeDefinition: Assistant
Name: PaisleyDefinition: Fashion TearDrop Print
Name: PakiDefinition: A witness
Name: PakunaDefinition: Deer jumping down hill
Name: PalaniDefinition: Free Man
Name: PalesaDefinition: Flower
Name: PaleyDefinition: From the name PAUL
Name: PalilaDefinition: Bird
Name: PallasDefinition: Understanding
Name: PallatonDefinition: Fighter
Name: PalmaDefinition: Palm bearing pilgrim
Name: PalmerDefinition: Palm bearing pilgrim
Name: PalomaDefinition: Dove
Name: PaltiDefinition: My escape
Name: PamDefinition: Honey
Name: PamelaDefinition: Honeyed
Name: PameliaDefinition: Covered With Honey
Name: PanchoDefinition: Tuft, Plume
Name: PancrazioDefinition: Supreme ruler, all powerful
Name: PanditaDefinition: Scholar
Name: PandoraDefinition: talented one
Name: PanizDefinition: Sugar
Name: PankajDefinition: Lotus flower
Name: PanosDefinition: A rock
Name: PansyDefinition: thought
Name: PantxikeDefinition: Free
Name: PanyaDefinition: Crowned with laurel; mouse, small child
Name: PanyinDefinition: Older of twins
Name: PaolaDefinition: Small
Name: PaoloDefinition: Small
Name: PapillonDefinition: Butterfly
Name: PapinaDefinition: Ivy
Name: PaprikaDefinition: Spice
Name: ParamarthaDefinition: Great entity
Name: ParasDefinition: touchstone
Name: ParisaDefinition: Angelic face
Name: ParkDefinition: Cypress Tree
Name: ParkerDefinition: Cultivated land
Name: ParkinDefinition: Young Peter
Name: ParlanDefinition: Ploughman, farmer
Name: ParleyDefinition: To Speak
Name: ParmidaDefinition: Princess
Name: ParnikaDefinition: Auspicious Apsara
Name: ParnitaDefinition: Auspicious Apsara
Name: ParrDefinition: From the stable
Name: ParryDefinition: Son of Harry
Name: ParsonDefinition: Minister, Clergy
Name: ParthDefinition: A name given to Arjun by Lord Krishna
Name: ParthaDefinition: A name given to Arjun by Lord Krishna
Name: ParvaniDefinition: Full moon
Name: ParveenDefinition: Star
Name: PascalDefinition: Born at Easter
Name: PascaleDefinition: Born at Easter
Name: PaschaDefinition: To Pass Over, Born on Easter
Name: PashaDefinition: To Pass Over, Born on Easter
Name: PatDefinition: Of Noble Descent
Name: PatamonDefinition: Raging
Name: PatchDefinition: Form of PETER
Name: PatiaDefinition: Leaf
Name: PatienceDefinition: Suffering
Name: PatriceDefinition: Of Noble Descent
Name: PatsyDefinition: From the name PATRICIA
Name: PattyDefinition: From the name PATRICIA
Name: PaulDefinition: Little one
Name: PaulaDefinition: Petite
Name: PauletteDefinition: Small
Name: PaulinaDefinition: From the name PAULINE
Name: PaulineDefinition: From the name PAUL
Name: PauloDefinition: Place of Rest
Name: PaulosDefinition: Form of PAUL
Name: PavanDefinition: Breeze
Name: PavelDefinition: Little
Name: PaxDefinition: Peace
Name: PaxtonDefinition: trader; town of peace
Name: PayalDefinition: Anklet
Name: PaytahDefinition: Fire
Name: PazDefinition: Peace or Gold
Name: PaziaDefinition: Golden
Name: PeaceDefinition: Peace
Name: PearlDefinition: Gemstone
Name: PearlieDefinition: Jewel
Name: PearlyDefinition: A jewel
Name: PebblesDefinition: A stone
Name: PederDefinition: Stone
Name: PedroDefinition: A Rock
Name: PeersDefinition: A Rock
Name: PegeenDefinition: A pearl
Name: PeggyDefinition: From the name MARGARET
Name: PeigiDefinition: Pearl
Name: PekeloDefinition: Stone
Name: PelagiaDefinition: From the sea
Name: PelhamDefinition: Town of Fur Skin
Name: PellDefinition: Scarf
Name: PellegrinDefinition: Pilgrim
Name: PelloDefinition: Stone
Name: PembaDefinition: the force of present existence
Name: PembrokeDefinition: From the headland, rocky hill
Name: PendaDefinition: Love
Name: PenelopeDefinition: Weaver
Name: PenhaDefinition: Beloved
Name: PeniDefinition: Weaver
Name: PeninaDefinition: Jewel, coral
Name: PenleyDefinition: Enclosed meadow
Name: PennDefinition: Enclosure
Name: PenneyDefinition: Silent Worker (from Penelope)
Name: PennieDefinition: Silent Worker (From Penelope)
Name: PennyDefinition: Silent Worker (From Penelope)
Name: PenrodDefinition: Esteemed commander
Name: PenteleDefinition: Merciful, lion
Name: PentheaDefinition: Fifth, moruner
Name: PeonyDefinition: Flower name
Name: PepinDefinition: Perseverance
Name: PepperDefinition: From the pepper plant
Name: PercivalDefinition: Pierce the veil
Name: PercyDefinition: Piercing the Valley
Name: PerditaDefinition: Lost
Name: PerdyDefinition: From PERDITA
Name: PeregrineDefinition: Wanderer
Name: PeriDefinition: Lives in the Mountains
Name: PerilDefinition: A trial or test
Name: PerouzeDefinition: turquoise
Name: PerriDefinition: Wanderer
Name: PerrinDefinition: Traveler
Name: PerryDefinition: Pear tree; son of Harry
Name: PerthDefinition: thorny bush
Name: PetaDefinition: Golden Eagle
Name: PeteDefinition: Rock
Name: PeterDefinition: Rock, stone
Name: PetraDefinition: Rock, stone
Name: PetronellaDefinition: Stone
Name: PetulaDefinition: Impatient
Name: PetuniaDefinition: A flower
Name: PeytonDefinition: Village of the Warrior
Name: PhaedraDefinition: Glowing
Name: PhailinDefinition: Sapphire
Name: PhedraDefinition: Shining one
Name: PhelanDefinition: Little wolf
Name: PhenyoDefinition: Victory
Name: PhialaDefinition: Irish Saint
Name: PhilDefinition: Lover of horses
Name: PhilaDefinition: Love
Name: PhiladelphiaDefinition: Brotherlylove
Name: PhilanaDefinition: Adoring
Name: PhilanderDefinition: Lover of Mankind
Name: PhilanthaDefinition: Lover of Flowers
Name: PhilenaDefinition: Lover of Mankind
Name: PhilipDefinition: Horse lover
Name: PhilippaDefinition: Horse lover
Name: PhillipDefinition: Lover of Horses
Name: PhillipaDefinition: Lover of horses
Name: PhilomenaDefinition: Song lover, friend, lover of the moon
Name: PhilyraDefinition: To Love Music
Name: PhineasDefinition: Oracle; dark-skinned
Name: PhoebeDefinition: Bright one
Name: PhoenaDefinition: Mystical bird, purple
Name: PhoenixDefinition: Mystical bird, purple
Name: PhomelloDefinition: Succeed
Name: PhoolanDefinition: Flower
Name: PhucDefinition: Blessing
Name: PhuocDefinition: Good luck
Name: PhuongDefinition: Destiny
Name: PhyliciaDefinition: Fortunate
Name: PhylissDefinition: Green Leaf
Name: PhyllisDefinition: Leafy branch, dear
Name: PhyreDefinition: Burning Bright
Name: PiaDefinition: Devout
Name: PierDefinition: Form of PIERRE
Name: PieraDefinition: Small Rock
Name: PierceDefinition: Rock
Name: PierreDefinition: A Rock
Name: PierretteDefinition: From the name PIERRE
Name: PiersonDefinition: Son of Peter
Name: PilanDefinition: Supreme essence
Name: PilarDefinition: Pillar
Name: PilialohaDefinition: Beloved
Name: PilisDefinition: Horse Lover
Name: PingDefinition: Duckweed
Name: PinkDefinition: Light Red Color, Healthy
Name: PiperDefinition: Bagpipe player
Name: PiperelDefinition: Piper, Flutist
Name: PippaDefinition: Lover of Horses
Name: PirroDefinition: Red-haired
Name: PiscesDefinition: The Fish
Name: PivariDefinition: A wife of Sukha
Name: PixieDefinition: Small elf, faery
Name: PiyaliDefinition: tree
Name: PlacidaDefinition: tranquility
Name: PlacidoDefinition: tranquility
Name: PlatoDefinition: Strong Shoulders
Name: PlatonDefinition: Broad-shouldered
Name: PlattDefinition: Ground Without Slope
Name: PleasanceDefinition: Agreeable
Name: PollyDefinition: Bitter
Name: PoloDefinition: Alligator
Name: PolomaDefinition: Bow
Name: PomonaDefinition: Apple
Name: PonceDefinition: Fifth
Name: PongorDefinition: All might
Name: PoojaDefinition: Prayer
Name: PookyDefinition: Little Cute Person
Name: PoppyDefinition: Flower
Name: PorscheDefinition: Offering
Name: PorterDefinition: Gatekeeper, carrier
Name: PortiaDefinition: A gift,offering
Name: PosyDefinition: Small Flower
Name: PowaDefinition: Wealthy
Name: PowellDefinition: Son of Howell
Name: PrabhaDefinition: Lustrous
Name: PrabhakarDefinition: Cause of lustre
Name: PrabhatiDefinition: Morning
Name: PradeepDefinition: Light
Name: PradeeptaDefinition: Glowing
Name: PragatiDefinition: Progress
Name: PragyaDefinition: Wisdom
Name: PramaDefinition: Knowing truth
Name: PramadaDefinition: Woman
Name: PramsuDefinition: A scholar
Name: PranatiDefinition: Prayer
Name: PranavDefinition: OM
Name: PranayDefinition: Love, romance
Name: PraptiDefinition: Gain
Name: PrasataDefinition: Father of Draupad
Name: PrashantiDefinition: Peace
Name: PrassanaDefinition: Cheerful
Name: PratikDefinition: Symbol
Name: PratimaDefinition: Image
Name: PravatDefinition: History
Name: PraveenDefinition: Proficient
Name: PreciousDefinition: Precious one
Name: PreetiDefinition: Love
Name: PreitaDefinition: Most loving one
Name: PremDefinition: Love
Name: PremalaDefinition: Loving
Name: PrenticeDefinition: Apprentice
Name: PresenciaDefinition: Presence
Name: PrestaDefinition: Hurry, quick
Name: PrewittDefinition: Valiant one
Name: PreyasiDefinition: Beloved
Name: PriceDefinition: Urgentone
Name: PrimaDefinition: First one
Name: PrimaveraDefinition: Springtime
Name: PrimoDefinition: First one
Name: PrinceDefinition: Royal Son
Name: PrincessDefinition: Royal Daughter
Name: PriscaDefinition: Ancient, old
Name: PriscillaDefinition: From ancient times
Name: PritaDefinition: Dear one
Name: PrithuDefinition: First Ksatriya, son of Vena
Name: PritiDefinition: Satisfaction, renowned wife of Pulastya/Sukha
Name: PritikaDefinition: Beloved
Name: PrivrataDefinition: Son of Satarupa
Name: PriyaDefinition: Loved one, darling
Name: ProsperDefinition: Fortune
Name: PrudenceDefinition: Foresight
Name: PrueDefinition: Form of PRUDENCE
Name: PrunellaDefinition: Little plum
Name: PryorDefinition: Head of the priory
Name: PsycheDefinition: the soul
Name: PulesDefinition: Pidgeon
Name: PundarikDefinition: White in colour
Name: PurityDefinition: Unsullied, Clean
Name: PurujitDefinition: Conqueror of many
Name: PurvajaDefinition: Elder sister
Name: PurvisDefinition: Provide
Name: PusanDefinition: A sage
Name: PustiDefinition: Nourishment, a form of the Devi, wife of Ganapati
Name: PyralisDefinition: Of Fire
Name: PyrenaDefinition: Fiery
Name: PythiaDefinition: Prophet
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