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Pet Names that Start With R

Name: RaananDefinition: Fresh, New
Name: RabiaDefinition: Spring
Name: RaceDefinition: Running Competition
Name: RachDefinition: Frog
Name: RachaelDefinition: Innocent Lamb
Name: RachanaDefinition: Creation
Name: RachelDefinition: Little lamb, an ewe, one with purity
Name: RachelleDefinition: Lamb
Name: RadDefinition: Advisor
Name: RadcliffDefinition: Red cliff
Name: RadellaDefinition: Elfin advisor
Name: RadhikaDefinition: A form of the Devi, 5th Sakti, wife of Krishna
Name: RadinkaDefinition: Active
Name: RadleyDefinition: Red Meadow
Name: RadmanDefinition: Joy
Name: RadwanDefinition: Delight
Name: RaeDefinition: Doe
Name: RaeanneDefinition: Graceful lamb
Name: RaeburnDefinition: Dweller by the stream where does drink
Name: RaechelDefinition: Innocent Lamb
Name: RaekaDefinition: Beautiful, unique
Name: RafaelDefinition: From the name RAPHAEL
Name: RafeDefinition: Form of RALPH
Name: RaferDefinition: Wealthy
Name: RaffaelloDefinition: Basis for name RAPHAEL
Name: RaffertyDefinition: Wealthy
Name: RafikiDefinition: Friend
Name: RaghnallDefinition: Wise and Powerful
Name: RagnarDefinition: A wise leader
Name: RagnhildDefinition: One who is wise in battle
Name: RaiDefinition: trust
Name: RaimiDefinition: Compassionate
Name: RainDefinition: Ruler
Name: RainaDefinition: Peaceful, Queen
Name: RaineDefinition: Wise Ruler
Name: RainerDefinition: Advisor
Name: RainierDefinition: Ruler
Name: RaisaDefinition: Rose
Name: RaisieDefinition: Diminiative of Rose
Name: RaissaDefinition: thinker; rose
Name: RaivataDefinition: A Manu
Name: RaizelDefinition: Rose
Name: RajaDefinition: Hope
Name: RajivDefinition: Lotus flower
Name: RaleighDefinition: Dweller by the deer meadow
Name: RalphDefinition: Wolf, wise counsel
Name: RamDefinition: Lord Rama
Name: RamanujaDefinition: A saint
Name: RamiroDefinition: Great judge
Name: RamlaDefinition: One who predicts the future
Name: RamonDefinition: From the name RAYMOND
Name: RamonaDefinition: Wise protector
Name: RamsesDefinition: Sun Born
Name: RamyaDefinition: Elegant, beautiful
Name: RanaeDefinition: Ressurected
Name: RanceDefinition: A kind of Belgian marble
Name: RandallDefinition: From the name RALPH
Name: RandiDefinition: Wolf shield
Name: RandilynDefinition: Protected Waterfall
Name: RandolphDefinition: Shield, wolf
Name: RandyDefinition: From the name RANDOLPH
Name: RaneDefinition: Queen, pure
Name: RaneeDefinition: Queen
Name: RanenDefinition: Joyous
Name: RangerDefinition: Dweller in the field
Name: RangleDefinition: Cowboy
Name: RangseyDefinition: Seven Colors
Name: RaniDefinition: A queen
Name: RaniaDefinition: Queen
Name: RanitDefinition: Song
Name: RansomDefinition: Son of the shield; redeemer
Name: RantidevDefinition: Devotee of Narayana
Name: RaphaelaDefinition: Fem. form of RAPHAEL
Name: RaquelDefinition: From the name RACHEL
Name: RashidDefinition: Wise adviser
Name: RashidaDefinition: Righteous
Name: RashneDefinition: Judge
Name: RasiaDefinition: Queen
Name: RasineDefinition: A rose
Name: RatanaDefinition: Crystal
Name: RatiDefinition: A Devi
Name: RaulDefinition: Wolf Counselor
Name: RavenDefinition: A raven
Name: RaviDefinition: Sun
Name: RavidDefinition: Wander
Name: RavingerDefinition: Ravine
Name: RawlinsDefinition: Son of a little wise wolf
Name: RawnieDefinition: Lady
Name: RayDefinition: Kingly
Name: RayburnDefinition: From the deer stream
Name: RaymondDefinition: Worthy protector
Name: RaynaDefinition: Pure, clean
Name: RaynardDefinition: Brave one; mighty army
Name: RaziDefinition: Secret
Name: RaziyaDefinition: Agreeable
Name: ReaDefinition: Brook
Name: ReadDefinition: Red-haired, reed
Name: ReaganDefinition: Son of the small ruler
Name: RebaDefinition: From the name REBECCA
Name: RebeccaDefinition: Bound, tied
Name: RebekahDefinition: Bound
Name: RebekkahDefinition: To tie or bind
Name: RedDefinition: Redheaded One, or Dim. of REDMOND
Name: RedellDefinition: Red Meadow
Name: RedfordDefinition: From the red ford
Name: RedmondDefinition: Adviser
Name: ReeceDefinition: Enthusiastic
Name: ReedDefinition: A Reed or Red Haired
Name: ReeganDefinition: One who rules
Name: ReeseDefinition: Ardent one
Name: ReeveDefinition: Bailiff
Name: ReevesDefinition: Steward
Name: ReganDefinition: Little king
Name: ReggieDefinition: Advisor to the King
Name: ReginaDefinition: Queenly
Name: ReginaldDefinition: Powerful one
Name: RegisDefinition: Kingly, regal
Name: ReiDefinition: Gratitude
Name: ReiaDefinition: Queen
Name: ReidDefinition: Red Headed
Name: ReidarDefinition: Warrior
Name: ReikoDefinition: Child of Rei, gratitude
Name: ReillyDefinition: A Small Stream
Name: ReinaDefinition: Peaceful, Queen
Name: RekhaDefinition: Straight line
Name: RemedyDefinition: Cure
Name: RemiDefinition: From Reims
Name: RemusDefinition: Swift oarsman
Name: RemyDefinition: From Rheims
Name: RenDefinition: Water lily
Name: RenaDefinition: Peace; joyous song
Name: RenardDefinition: Counsel hard
Name: RenataDefinition: Reborn
Name: RenateDefinition: Reborn
Name: RendorDefinition: Policeman
Name: ReneDefinition: Reborn
Name: ReneeDefinition: Reborn
Name: RenfrewDefinition: From the still waters
Name: RenitaDefinition: to be firm
Name: RennyDefinition: Small but mighty
Name: ReshmaDefinition: Silky
Name: RethDefinition: King
Name: ReubenDefinition: Behold, a son
Name: RevatiDefinition: Wife of Balarama
Name: RevelinDefinition: Form of ROLAND
Name: RexDefinition: King
Name: ReyDefinition: King
Name: ReyaDefinition: Queen
Name: ReynaDefinition: Peaceful, Queen
Name: ReynardDefinition: Fox
Name: RezaDefinition: Reaper
Name: RhaxmaDefinition: Sweet
Name: RheaDefinition: Stream, mother; poppy
Name: RhettDefinition: A Stream
Name: RhiamonDefinition: Witch
Name: RhianDefinition: Magic maiden
Name: RhiannonDefinition: A mythological nymph
Name: RhodaDefinition: Rose
Name: RhodantheDefinition: Flower of the rose bush
Name: RhodesDefinition: Dweller by the crosses; roses
Name: RhonaDefinition: Powerful, mighty
Name: RhondaDefinition: Good spear
Name: RhoslynDefinition: Lovely rose
Name: RhoswenDefinition: White rose
Name: RhysDefinition: A Stream
Name: RiaDefinition: Mouth of a river
Name: RianeDefinition: Little king
Name: RiannaDefinition: Sweet Basil, Virtuous
Name: RianneDefinition: FROM JOHN
Name: RicardoDefinition: From the name RICHARD
Name: RichDefinition: Powerful, RichRuler
Name: RichardDefinition: Powerful ruler; brave one
Name: RichelleDefinition: Powerful ruler; brave one
Name: RickDefinition: Powerful, Rich
Name: RiddhiDefinition: Siddhi will follow
Name: RiderDefinition: Horseman
Name: RidleyDefinition: Reed clearing, cleared wood
Name: RiekoDefinition: Child of Rie
Name: RigbyDefinition: Valley of the ruler
Name: RiggDefinition: Lives near the Ridge
Name: RikakoDefinition: Child of Rika
Name: RileyDefinition: Valiant
Name: RimonaDefinition: Pomegranate
Name: RinDefinition: Park
Name: RinaDefinition: Queen
Name: RinakoDefinition: Child of Rina
Name: RingDefinition: A ring
Name: RingoDefinition: Apple, peace be with you
Name: RiniDefinition: Little bunny
Name: RioDefinition: River
Name: RiobhneDefinition: Before birth
Name: RionaDefinition: Queenlike
Name: RiordanDefinition: Poet
Name: RipleyDefinition: Dweller in the noisy meadow
Name: RisaDefinition: Laughing one
Name: RisakoDefinition: Child of Risa
Name: RishabDefinition: the musical note Re
Name: RishleyDefinition: From the wild meadow
Name: RishonDefinition: First
Name: RishonaDefinition: First
Name: RitaDefinition: Pearl, precious
Name: RitsukoDefinition: Child of Ritsu
Name: RitterDefinition: Knight
Name: RivaDefinition: River
Name: RiverDefinition: From the River
Name: RiversDefinition: Stream of water
Name: RizpahDefinition: Hope
Name: RoaldDefinition: Fame power
Name: RoanaDefinition: Reddish-brown skin
Name: RoarkeDefinition: Famous ruler
Name: RobDefinition: From the name ROBERT
Name: RobbinDefinition: Famous Brilliance
Name: RobertDefinition: Bright, famous
Name: RobertaDefinition: Bright, famous
Name: RobertoDefinition: Bright Fame
Name: RobiDefinition: Shining with fame
Name: RobinDefinition: Queen of morning
Name: RobynDefinition: From the name ROBIN
Name: RoccoDefinition: Rest
Name: RochDefinition: Glory
Name: RochelleDefinition: From the little rock
Name: RochesterDefinition: Rock fortress
Name: RocioDefinition: Dewdrops
Name: RockDefinition: A Rock
Name: RockwellDefinition: From the Rocky Spring
Name: RockyDefinition: From the Rocks
Name: RodDefinition: Land Near the Water
Name: RoddDefinition: From the name RODNEY
Name: RoddyDefinition: From the name RODNEY
Name: RodenDefinition: Red Valley
Name: RodericaDefinition: Famous one
Name: RoderickDefinition: Famous one
Name: RodmanDefinition: Famous
Name: RoganDefinition: Red-haired
Name: RogelioDefinition: Beautiful one
Name: RogerDefinition: Famous spearman, quiet
Name: RohanDefinition: Sandalwood
Name: RohanaDefinition: Sandalwood
Name: RohitDefinition: Redcolor
Name: RohoDefinition: Soul
Name: RojaDefinition: Red
Name: RolandDefinition: From the famous land
Name: RolandoDefinition: Famed Throughout the Land
Name: RoldanDefinition: Powerful, mighty
Name: RolfDefinition: Wolf
Name: RollinDefinition: Wolf
Name: RolloDefinition: Famous in the Land
Name: RomaineDefinition: From Rome
Name: RomanDefinition: Of Rome
Name: RomanaDefinition: From Rome
Name: RomeoDefinition: Pilgrim to Rome
Name: RomneyDefinition: Winding River
Name: RomyDefinition: From the City of Rome.
Name: RonDefinition: Advisor to the King
Name: RonaDefinition: Covenant, oath
Name: RonaldDefinition: Mighty
Name: RonaldaDefinition: Mighty
Name: RonaleeDefinition: From RONA and LEE
Name: RonanDefinition: A pledge
Name: RonatDefinition: Seal
Name: RondaDefinition: Grand
Name: RongDefinition: Glory
Name: RoniDefinition: Shout for joy, my song of joy
Name: RoniaDefinition: My Joy is the Lord
Name: RoninDefinition: Samurai without a master
Name: RonliDefinition: Joy is Mine
Name: RonnaDefinition: From the name VERONICA
Name: RonniDefinition: From Ronli - joyful
Name: RonnieDefinition: From the name VERONICA
Name: RonnyDefinition: True image
Name: RooneyDefinition: Red-haired
Name: RooseveltDefinition: Field of roses
Name: RoryDefinition: Red king
Name: RosDefinition: Rose Colored
Name: RosaDefinition: Rose, Pink
Name: RosalbaDefinition: White Rose
Name: RosaliaDefinition: Rose Garlands
Name: RosalieDefinition: From ROSE and LEE
Name: RosalindDefinition: Pretty rose; horse serpent
Name: RosalineDefinition: Fair Rose ( of Rosalind)
Name: RosalynDefinition: Fair Rose
Name: RosamundDefinition: A garden of flowers
Name: RosanneDefinition: Gracious rose
Name: RoscoeDefinition: From the deer forest
Name: RoseDefinition: A flower
Name: RoseanneDefinition: Graceful Rose
Name: RoselaniDefinition: Heavenly rose
Name: RosemarieDefinition: Bitter flower
Name: RosemaryDefinition: Bitter Rose
Name: RoshaunDefinition: Shining Light
Name: RoshniDefinition: Light
Name: RosieDefinition: Like a Rose
Name: RosinaDefinition: Little Rose
Name: RosineDefinition: Little Rose-from Rozene
Name: RoslinDefinition: Little red-haired one
Name: RossDefinition: From the peninsula; horse
Name: RossaDefinition: Beautiful flower
Name: RothDefinition: Red-haired
Name: RowanDefinition: Red-haired; rugged
Name: RowdyDefinition: Loud, Spirited
Name: RowenaDefinition: Red-haired; rugged
Name: RoxanneDefinition: Brilliant one
Name: RoxyDefinition: Rosy
Name: RoyDefinition: Regal one, red
Name: RoyalDefinition: Of the King
Name: RoyceDefinition: Son of the king
Name: RozDefinition: From the name ROSALIND
Name: RozaDefinition: Rose
Name: RozaliaDefinition: A rose
Name: RozeneDefinition: A Rose
Name: RuanaDefinition: Musical Instrument
Name: RubainaDefinition: Bright
Name: RubenDefinition: Beholf of a son
Name: RubyDefinition: Red gem
Name: RuddDefinition: Ruddy
Name: RudolphDefinition: Wolf
Name: RudraniDefinition: A wife of Shiva
Name: RudyDefinition: From the name RUDOLPH
Name: RudyardDefinition: From the red gate
Name: RueDefinition: A herb name; regret
Name: RufinaDefinition: Red-Haired
Name: RufusDefinition: Red-haired one
Name: RuggieroDefinition: Famous Warrior
Name: RuhindaDefinition: Prince of Cows
Name: RumerDefinition: Gypsy
Name: RumikoDefinition: Child of Rumi
Name: RumorDefinition: Falsity
Name: RunaDefinition: Secret lore
Name: RunakoDefinition: Handsome
Name: RuneDefinition: A Secret
Name: RupertDefinition: Bright Fame
Name: RushDefinition: Red-haired
Name: RussDefinition: From the name RUSSELL
Name: RusselDefinition: Red-haired; fox-like
Name: RussellDefinition: Red Head
Name: RussomDefinition: Head, Boss
Name: RustiDefinition: Red Head
Name: RustyDefinition: Red Headed
Name: RuthDefinition: Compassionate friend
Name: RutherfordDefinition: From the cattle ford
Name: RyanDefinition: Little king
Name: RyannDefinition: Little leader
Name: RybaDefinition: Fish
Name: RyderDefinition: Horseman
Name: RyesenDefinition: Rye
Name: RylanDefinition: Dweller in the rye field
Name: RylandDefinition: From the Rye Land
Name: RyleeDefinition: From RILEY
Name: RylieDefinition: Valient
Name: RyoDefinition: River
Name: RyoichiDefinition: First son of Ryo
Name: RyokoDefinition: Child of Ryo
Name: RyozoDefinition: third son of Ryo
Name: RyuDefinition: Dragon
Name: RyuichiDefinition: First son of Ryu
Name: RyujiDefinition: Dragon Man
Pet Names Database: Pet Names and Their Meanings: starting with the letter: