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Pet Names that Start With G

Name: GabaiDefinition: Delight, adornment
Name: GabbyDefinition: From the name GABRIELLE
Name: GabeDefinition: From the name GABRIEL
Name: GabiDefinition: From the name GABRIELA
Name: GabrielaDefinition: From the name GABRIEL
Name: GabriellaDefinition: From the name GABRIELLE
Name: GabyDefinition: From the name GABRIELLE
Name: GadDefinition: Juniper Tree
Name: GadaDefinition: Lucky
Name: GaelDefinition: Gaelic, From Ireland
Name: GaenorDefinition: Smooth, light colored
Name: GaerwnDefinition: White Fort
Name: GaetanDefinition: From Gaeta, Italy
Name: GaetanaDefinition: From Gaeta
Name: GaetaneDefinition: From Gaeta,
Name: GaetanoDefinition: Region in Italy
Name: GageDefinition: A pledge, a pawn
Name: GaiaDefinition: Earth
Name: GailDefinition: Gay, lively
Name: GailleDefinition: Merry
Name: GainellDefinition: to profit
Name: GainesDefinition: Increase in wealth
Name: GaiusDefinition: Rejoicer
Name: GajendraDefinition: Elephant king
Name: GalaDefinition: Singer
Name: GalahadDefinition: Pure, noble and selfless
Name: GalateaDefinition: Milk-white
Name: GaleDefinition: Stranger
Name: GalenDefinition: Calm
Name: GalenaDefinition: Healer
Name: GalenoDefinition: Little bright one
Name: GaliDefinition: Spring, fountain
Name: GalienaDefinition: High one
Name: GalinaDefinition: Light
Name: GalipDefinition: Winner
Name: GallagherDefinition: Eager aide
Name: GalliaDefinition: Wherewithall, Gall
Name: GallowayDefinition: From Gaul
Name: GalvinDefinition: Sparrow
Name: GamadaDefinition: Glad, Pleased
Name: GambaDefinition: Warrior
Name: GambleDefinition: Old
Name: GammaDefinition: Third letter of Greek alphabet
Name: GanaDefinition: Garden
Name: GanesaDefinition: Good luck
Name: GanitDefinition: Defender
Name: GannonDefinition: Fair-complexioned
Name: GanyaDefinition: Garden of the Lord
Name: GaraDefinition: Goshawk
Name: GaranDefinition: Stork
Name: GardeniaDefinition: Flower
Name: GardinerDefinition: Garden keeper
Name: GardnerDefinition: A Gardener
Name: GarethDefinition: Gentle; enclosure; watchful
Name: GarettDefinition: Powerful with the spear
Name: GarfieldDefinition: Promontory
Name: GariDefinition: Feminine of Gary
Name: GarimaDefinition: Importance
Name: GarinDefinition: Warrior
Name: GarlandDefinition: Wreath
Name: GarnerDefinition: Granary
Name: GarnetDefinition: Red seed
Name: GarranDefinition: Shrubery
Name: GarrenDefinition: Guardian
Name: GarretDefinition: To Watch
Name: GarrettDefinition: To Watch
Name: GarrickDefinition: One who governs with a spear
Name: GarridanDefinition: You hid
Name: GarrisonDefinition: Troops in Battle
Name: GarronDefinition: Guardian
Name: GarryDefinition: From the name GARRET
Name: GarsonDefinition: Son of Gar
Name: GarthDefinition: A Field, Garden
Name: GarveyDefinition: Peace
Name: GaryDefinition: Spear carrier
Name: GarysonDefinition: Son of Gary
Name: GashaDefinition: Good
Name: GasparDefinition: Master of treasure
Name: GastonDefinition: From Gascony, France
Name: GatesDefinition: Barriers
Name: GauraDefinition: Fair Skinned
Name: GautierDefinition: Mighty Leader
Name: GavanDefinition: White Hawk
Name: GavinDefinition: White hawk
Name: GaviviDefinition: Money is Sweet
Name: GavrillaDefinition: Heroine
Name: GawainDefinition: Courteous
Name: GayDefinition: Merry
Name: GayatriDefinition: Mother of the Vedas
Name: GayeDefinition: Merry, Happy
Name: GayleDefinition: From the name GAIL
Name: GaylordDefinition: Brave strength
Name: GaynellDefinition: Happy, Shiny
Name: GaynorDefinition: Son of the fair-haired one
Name: GayoraDefinition: Valley of sun
Name: GazaliDefinition: Mystic
Name: GazelleDefinition: Graceful, Deer
Name: GazitDefinition: Hewn Stone
Name: GedeonDefinition: Warrior, devastator
Name: GeertDefinition: Brave strength
Name: GefenDefinition: Vine
Name: GefjunDefinition: One who endows wealth
Name: GeirDefinition: Spear
Name: GelasiaDefinition: Predisposed to laughter
Name: GelilahDefinition: Rolling hills
Name: GellaDefinition: One with golden hair
Name: GellertDefinition: Powerful Soldier
Name: GelseyDefinition: A flower
Name: GeminiDefinition: The Twins
Name: GemmaDefinition: Jewel
Name: GenDefinition: Spring
Name: GeneDefinition: Born to Nobility
Name: GeneraDefinition: Generic, The Same
Name: GeneroDefinition: General, generic
Name: GenesisDefinition: Origin
Name: GenetDefinition: Eden
Name: GenevaDefinition: Juniper berry
Name: GenevieveDefinition: White wave
Name: GenicaDefinition: Combination of GENEVIEVE and JESSICA
Name: GenjiDefinition: Gold
Name: GennaDefinition: From the name GENEVA
Name: GentDefinition: Gentleman
Name: GeoffDefinition: Peace
Name: GeoffreyDefinition: Heavenly place
Name: GeonaDefinition: Glorify
Name: GeordiDefinition: Hill Near Meadows
Name: GeorgeDefinition: Farmer, to work the earth
Name: GeorgetteDefinition: Farmer
Name: GeorgiaDefinition: Farmer, to work the earth
Name: GeorgiannaDefinition: Gracious Farmer
Name: GeorgianneDefinition: Gracious Farmer
Name: GeorginaDefinition: Fem. form of GEORGE
Name: GeradDefinition: Strange understanding of other people
Name: GeraldDefinition: Ruler with the spear
Name: GeraldeneDefinition: One who rules by the spear
Name: GeraldineDefinition: Ruler with the spear
Name: GeraldoDefinition: From the name GERALD
Name: GeraniumDefinition: Flower
Name: GerardDefinition: Spear-brave
Name: GerdDefinition: To be guarded
Name: GerdaDefinition: Protection
Name: GeriDefinition: From the name GERALDINE
Name: GerianneDefinition: Combination of Geraldine and Anne
Name: GerikDefinition: Prosperous spearman
Name: GermainDefinition: From Germany; bud
Name: GermaineDefinition: A Sprout
Name: GerodiDefinition: Hero or Hill
Name: GerryDefinition: From the name GERALD
Name: GersemiDefinition: Jewel
Name: GershomDefinition: A Stranger There
Name: GertrudeDefinition: Spear maiden
Name: GerzsonDefinition: Stranger, banished
Name: GevaDefinition: Hill
Name: GezanaDefinition: Reference to the Incarnation
Name: GhislaineDefinition: Sweet pledge
Name: GhitaDefinition: Pearl
Name: GiacintaDefinition: Hyacinth
Name: GiacomoDefinition: The Supplanter
Name: GiancarloDefinition: Gracious and Powerful
Name: GibsonDefinition: Son of Gilbert
Name: GideonDefinition: Mighty warrior
Name: GigiDefinition: Brilliant, Trustworthy
Name: GilanaDefinition: Joy
Name: GilbertDefinition: Trusted
Name: GileadDefinition: Biblical Place Name
Name: GilenDefinition: Industrious pledge
Name: GilesDefinition: Baby goat
Name: GiliDefinition: My Joy, Rejoice
Name: GillesDefinition: Young goat
Name: GillespieDefinition: Servant of the Bishop
Name: GillianDefinition: Downy-haired
Name: GilmoreDefinition: Servant of Mary
Name: GilonDefinition: Circle
Name: GimbyaDefinition: Princess
Name: GinDefinition: Silver
Name: GinaDefinition: Silvery
Name: GinataDefinition: Flower
Name: GingerDefinition: Ginger plant
Name: GinnyDefinition: From the name VIRGINIA
Name: GinoDefinition: Born Noble
Name: GiollaDefinition: Servant
Name: GionaDefinition: A Dove
Name: GiorgioDefinition: From the name GEORGE
Name: GiselaDefinition: From the name GISELLE
Name: GiselleDefinition: A pledge
Name: GitanaDefinition: Gypsy
Name: GitanoDefinition: Gypsy
Name: GitelDefinition: Good
Name: GithaDefinition: Gift
Name: GittelDefinition: Good
Name: GiuliaDefinition: Youthful
Name: GiulioDefinition: Youthful
Name: GiuseppeDefinition: Form of JOSEPH
Name: GivernyDefinition: Town in France
Name: GizaDefinition: Hewn Stone
Name: GizelaDefinition: Pledge
Name: GizemDefinition: Mysterious
Name: GiziDefinition: Pledge
Name: GizmoDefinition: Cute, small, fuzzy
Name: GladysDefinition: Lame
Name: GlainDefinition: Jewel
Name: GledaDefinition: to make happy
Name: GlenDefinition: A Secluded, Woody Valley
Name: GlendaDefinition: Holy and Good
Name: GlennDefinition: Valley
Name: GlennaDefinition: From the valley
Name: GlennisDefinition: From the Valley or Glen
Name: GlenysDefinition: Beautiful & Holy
Name: GloraDefinition: From the name GLORIA
Name: GloriaDefinition: Glory
Name: GloriannDefinition: Give praise with grace
Name: GloryDefinition: From the name GLORIA
Name: GlynDefinition: Valley
Name: GlynisDefinition: Little valley
Name: GlynnDefinition: A Clearing
Name: GlynnisDefinition: From the name GLYNIS
Name: GodanaDefinition: Male Child
Name: GoldaDefinition: Made of Gold
Name: GoldieDefinition: Gold
Name: GoldyDefinition: From the name GOLDA
Name: GomerDefinition: Good fight
Name: GopalDefinition: Lord Krishna
Name: GordanaDefinition: Proud
Name: GordonDefinition: From the cornered hill
Name: GordyDefinition: From the name GORDON
Name: GoreDefinition: Triangular-shaped Land
Name: GoroDefinition: Fifth
Name: GotzoneDefinition: Angel, messenger
Name: GraceDefinition: Grace, blessing
Name: GracelandDefinition: Land of Grace
Name: GracieDefinition: From the name GRACE
Name: GraeaeDefinition: Gray ones
Name: GrahamDefinition: Warlike
Name: GramDefinition: Grain
Name: GrangerDefinition: Farmer
Name: GraniaDefinition: Love
Name: GrantDefinition: Great
Name: GranvilleDefinition: From the big town
Name: GratiaDefinition: Grace
Name: GratianaDefinition: Grace
Name: GraysonDefinition: Son of the bailiff
Name: GraziaDefinition: From the name GRACE
Name: GrearDefinition: Watchful
Name: GreerDefinition: Watchful, Guardian
Name: GregDefinition: Fierce
Name: GregerDefinition: Vigilant
Name: GreggDefinition: From the name GREGORY
Name: GregoryDefinition: Vigilant watch
Name: GreshamDefinition: From the grazeland
Name: GretaDefinition: From the name MARGARET
Name: GretchenDefinition: Little pearl
Name: GretelDefinition: Pearl
Name: GretteDefinition: Pearl
Name: GrietjeDefinition: Little girl
Name: GriffinDefinition: Mythological Beast
Name: GriffithDefinition: Fierce chief; ruddy
Name: GriseldaDefinition: Gray
Name: GrizeldaDefinition: Endless Patience
Name: GroverDefinition: From the Grove
Name: GryphonDefinition: Mythological Beast
Name: GrytaDefinition: Pearl
Name: GuadalupeDefinition: River of Black Stones
Name: GuangDefinition: Light
Name: GubanDefinition: Burnt
Name: GudrunDefinition: Battler
Name: GuenevereDefinition: Fair One
Name: GuidoDefinition: Forest Guide
Name: GuiliaineDefinition: Pleasant Oath
Name: GuillerminaDefinition: Loving
Name: GuillermoDefinition: Form of WILLIAM
Name: GuinevereDefinition: White, fair; white wave
Name: GuinivereDefinition: White Wave
Name: GundaDefinition: Female Warrior
Name: GunnarDefinition: Bold warrior
Name: GuntherDefinition: Battle-army, warrior
Name: GurDefinition: Baby Lion
Name: GureDefinition: Left Handed
Name: GuritDefinition: Innocent Baby
Name: GusDefinition: Revered, Exalted
Name: GustaveDefinition: Staff of the Goths
Name: GustyDefinition: Revered, Windy
Name: GuthrieDefinition: War Serpent
Name: GuyDefinition: Guide; wood or wide
Name: GwenDefinition: Form of GWENDOLYN
Name: GwendolynDefinition: White brow
Name: GweniferDefinition: White wave
Name: GwenllianDefinition: White-haired
Name: GwennanDefinition: Blessed
Name: GwylanDefinition: Seagull
Name: GwynDefinition: White, fair
Name: GwynethDefinition: White; blessed, fortunate
Name: GyalaDefinition: Youth
Name: GyanDefinition: Knowledge
Name: GypsyDefinition: Wanderer
Name: GythaDefinition: A gift
Name: GzifaDefinition: Peaceful One
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