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Pet Names that Start With U

Name: UbaDefinition: Wealthy
Name: UdayDefinition: To Arrive
Name: UdehDefinition: Praise
Name: UdellDefinition: Grove of trees
Name: UdoDefinition: One with great forture, prosperous
Name: UgoDefinition: Bright in mind and spirit
Name: UgorDefinition: Hungarian
Name: UjanaDefinition: Youth
Name: UlaDefinition: Sea jewel, inherited estate
Name: UlanDefinition: First Born of Twins
Name: UlaniDefinition: Cheerful
Name: UlfDefinition: Wolf
Name: UllDefinition: Wolf Power
Name: UllaDefinition: to fill up
Name: UlmerDefinition: Wolf
Name: UlricDefinition: Wolf
Name: UlrichDefinition: Wolf ruler
Name: UlrikaDefinition: Wolf ruler
Name: UltimaDefinition: Aloof
Name: UlyssesDefinition: the hateful one, wounded in the tigh
Name: UmaDefinition: Wife of Shiva
Name: UmayDefinition: Hope
Name: UmbertoDefinition: Color of Earth
Name: UmedDefinition: Hope
Name: UmekoDefinition: Plum Blossom Child
Name: UmiDefinition: Servant
Name: UmmiDefinition: My Mother
Name: UnaDefinition: One, unity, wholeness
Name: UndineDefinition: Of the wave
Name: UnityDefinition: Oneness
Name: UnnatiDefinition: Progress
Name: UnniDefinition: Modest
Name: UpendoDefinition: Love
Name: UpendraDefinition: An element
Name: UptonDefinition: From the upper town
Name: UraDefinition: The Heart
Name: UraniaDefinition: Heavenly, muse of astronomy
Name: UrbainDefinition: Form of URBAN
Name: UrbanDefinition: From the city
Name: UrbanaDefinition: From the citiy
Name: UrbanoDefinition: From the City
Name: UriDefinition: Light
Name: UrianDefinition: From Heaven
Name: UrianaDefinition: the unknown
Name: UrienDefinition: Privileged birth
Name: UritDefinition: Light
Name: UrjavahaDefinition: Of the Nimi dynasty
Name: UrmilaDefinition: Wife of Lakshmana
Name: UrosDefinition: Little lord
Name: UrsaDefinition: Bear
Name: UrsalaDefinition: Little Bear
Name: UrsulaDefinition: Little bear
Name: UrvasiDefinition: Most beautiful of Apsaras
Name: UrviDefinition: The Earth
Name: UsagiDefinition: Moon
Name: UtaDefinition: Fortunate maid of battle
Name: UttamDefinition: 3rd Manu
Name: UttaraDefinition: Mother of Pariksit
Name: UzuriDefinition: Beauty
Pet Names Database: Pet Names and Their Meanings: starting with the letter: