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Pet Names that Start With M

Name: MaartenDefinition: Fondness of war
Name: MabDefinition: Joy
Name: MabelDefinition: My fair maid; lovely
Name: MableviDefinition: Do not deceive
Name: MabliDefinition: Beautiful one
Name: MabynDefinition: Ever young
Name: MacDefinition: Son of
Name: MacariaDefinition: Daughter of Hercules and Deianara
Name: MacarioDefinition: Happy
Name: MacayleDefinition: Form of MICHAELA
Name: MaceDefinition: Aromatic spice
Name: MachaDefinition: Aurora
Name: MachiDefinition: ten thousand
Name: MachikoDefinition: Child of Machi
Name: MackenzieDefinition: Son of the wise leader
Name: MaconDefinition: to make
Name: MaddockDefinition: Champion, good fortune
Name: MaddoxDefinition: Son of the Lord
Name: MaddyDefinition: From Madeline
Name: MadeiraDefinition: Sweet wine
Name: MadeleineDefinition: From the name MADELINE
Name: MadeliaDefinition: High tower
Name: MadelineDefinition: Woman from Magdala, one who is elevated, a high tower
Name: MadelynDefinition: High tower
Name: MadgeDefinition: Pearl
Name: MadhavDefinition: Krishna
Name: MadhuDefinition: Honey
Name: MadhurDefinition: Sweet
Name: MadhusudhanaDefinition: Krishna
Name: MadisonDefinition: Son of a mighty warrior; son of Maud
Name: MadonnaDefinition: My Lady
Name: MadraDefinition: Mother
Name: MadronaDefinition: Mother
Name: MaeDefinition: From the name MARY
Name: MaeganDefinition: Pearl
Name: MaekoDefinition: Truthful Child
Name: MaemiDefinition: Honest Child
Name: MaeronDefinition: Bitter
Name: MaerynDefinition: Bitter
Name: MaganDefinition: Power
Name: MagarDefinition: Attendant
Name: MagaraDefinition: Child of constantly cries
Name: MagdaDefinition: High tower one who is elevated
Name: MagdalenDefinition: High tower
Name: MagdalenaDefinition: Woman from Magdala
Name: MagdaleneDefinition: Woman from Magdala
Name: MageeDefinition: Son of Hugh
Name: MagenaDefinition: the coming moon; a covering, protection
Name: MaggieDefinition: Pearl
Name: MagnaDefinition: Large
Name: MagnarDefinition: Strength Warrior
Name: MagneDefinition: Fierce warrior
Name: MagnoliaDefinition: A flower
Name: MagnusDefinition: Large; the great
Name: MahaDefinition: Beautiful Eyes
Name: MahabalaDefinition: Strength
Name: MahalDefinition: Love
Name: MahaliaDefinition: Affection
Name: MahariDefinition: Forgiver
Name: MahaviraDefinition: Son of Priyavrata
Name: MahdiDefinition: The Expected One
Name: MahdisDefinition: Moon-like
Name: MahinaDefinition: Moon
Name: MahoganyDefinition: Dark Red Wood
Name: MahogonyDefinition: Rich
Name: MaholaDefinition: Dance
Name: MahonDefinition: Bear
Name: MahsaDefinition: Like the moon
Name: MaiDefinition: Brightness; coyote
Name: MaidaDefinition: A maiden
Name: MaikDefinition: Now
Name: MaikoDefinition: Child of Mai
Name: MailiDefinition: Bitter
Name: MailleDefinition: Form of MOLLY
Name: MainaDefinition: Bird
Name: MaireDefinition: Bitter
Name: MaireadDefinition: Pearl
Name: MairiDefinition: Gaelic for Mary, Sea of Bitterness
Name: MairwenDefinition: Fair Mary
Name: MaishaDefinition: Life
Name: MaisieDefinition: Child of light
Name: MaitaneDefinition: Beloved
Name: MaitlandDefinition: Dweller in the meadow
Name: MaitreyaDefinition: Disciple of sage Parasara
Name: MaitryiDefinition: Friendship
Name: MaizahDefinition: Discerning
Name: MajDefinition: Pearl
Name: MajorDefinition: Greater
Name: MakalaDefinition: Shrub
Name: MakaloDefinition: Wondering
Name: MakanDefinition: Wind
Name: MakanaDefinition: Gift
Name: MakaniDefinition: The wind
Name: MakaraDefinition: Born under Capricorn
Name: MakelinaDefinition: From Magdelene
Name: MakennaDefinition: From McKenna
Name: MakepeaceDefinition: Peace maker
Name: MakikoDefinition: Child of Maki
Name: MakotoDefinition: Sincere, Honest
Name: MakyaDefinition: One who Hunts Eagles
Name: MalaikaDefinition: Angel
Name: MalanaDefinition: Light
Name: MalatiDefinition: Small fragrant flower
Name: MalayaDefinition: Free
Name: MalcaDefinition: Queen
Name: MalcolmDefinition: Follower fof St. Columbus
Name: MalcomDefinition: Disciple of Saint Columbia
Name: MaleahDefinition: Unique little girl, beautiful young woman
Name: MalhaDefinition: Queen
Name: MaliDefinition: Smart, funny, lucky
Name: MaliaDefinition: Calm and peaceful)
Name: MalihaDefinition: Strong, beautiful
Name: MalikaDefinition: Queen, princess
Name: MalilaDefinition: Salmon going fast upstream
Name: MalinaDefinition: tower, dark
Name: MalindaDefinition: Honey
Name: MaliniDefinition: Gardender
Name: MaliseDefinition: Black, Dark
Name: MalissaDefinition: Honey bee.
Name: MalkaDefinition: Queen
Name: MalkiaDefinition: Queen
Name: MallorenDefinition: Laurel of Bad Luck
Name: MallorieDefinition: Ill-Omened
Name: MalloryDefinition: Mailed
Name: MallowDefinition: By the River Allo
Name: MaloDefinition: Winner
Name: MaloryDefinition: Bad Luck
Name: MaluDefinition: Peacefulness
Name: MalvinaDefinition: Smooth snow
Name: MamikoDefinition: Child of Mami
Name: MamoruDefinition: Earth
Name: ManasaDefinition: Mind
Name: MancoDefinition: King
Name: MandanaDefinition: Everlasting
Name: MandarDefinition: Tree of Heaven
Name: MandaraDefinition: Mythical tree
Name: MandeepDefinition: Light of heart
Name: MandekDefinition: Army man
Name: MandelDefinition: Almond
Name: MandelinaDefinition: Lovable
Name: MandellDefinition: Almond
Name: ManderDefinition: From me
Name: MandhatriDefinition: Prince
Name: MandisaDefinition: Sweet
Name: MandyDefinition: Worthy of Love
Name: ManelinDefinition: Prince of princes
Name: ManfredDefinition: Man of peace
Name: MangenaDefinition: Melody
Name: ManhattanDefinition: Whiskey
Name: ManicaDefinition: From the Nica
Name: ManishaDefinition: Sharp intellect, genius, sagacity
Name: ManjitDefinition: Conqueror of Knowledge
Name: ManleyDefinition: Man of the meadow
Name: ManningDefinition: Son of the hero
Name: MannixDefinition: Munk
Name: MannyDefinition: Short for MANUEL
Name: ManonDefinition: Bitter
Name: ManoushDefinition: Sweet Sun
Name: MansaDefinition: Third born girl
Name: MansiDefinition: Plucked flower
Name: MantrehDefinition: Pure
Name: MarDefinition: The Sea
Name: MaraDefinition: Bitter Sea
Name: MarótDefinition: Moravian
Name: MaralahDefinition: Born During an Earthquake
Name: MarcDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarcelDefinition: Little hammer
Name: MarcellDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarcelloDefinition: Young Warrior
Name: MarcellusDefinition: Young Warrior
Name: MarcenaDefinition: Martial
Name: MarchDefinition: Walk Forth
Name: MarciDefinition: Martial
Name: MarciaDefinition: Martial
Name: MarcieDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarcinDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarcoDefinition: From the name MARC
Name: MarcusDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarcyDefinition: Martial
Name: MardeaDefinition: Last
Name: MardenDefinition: From the valley with the pool
Name: MardiDefinition: Tuesday
Name: MareDefinition: The Sea
Name: MareeDefinition: From MARY or MARIE
Name: MarekDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarenDefinition: Sea
Name: MarendaDefinition: Admirable
Name: MargaretDefinition: Child of light; pearl
Name: MargaritaDefinition: A Pearl
Name: MargauxDefinition: Pearl
Name: MargeDefinition: Pearl
Name: MargedDefinition: Pearl
Name: MargieDefinition: Pearl
Name: MargotDefinition: Pearl
Name: MargueriteDefinition: Pearl
Name: MariDefinition: Wished-For Child
Name: MariaDefinition: Bitter
Name: MariabellaDefinition: My beautiful Mary
Name: MariamDefinition: Wife of Herod
Name: MarianDefinition: From MARY and ANN
Name: MarianaDefinition: Combination of Mary and Ann
Name: MarianneDefinition: Little Mary
Name: MariashaDefinition: Perfect one; bitter, with sorrow
Name: MariatuDefinition: Pure
Name: MaricelDefinition: Full of grace
Name: MaridelDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarieDefinition: Bitter Sea
Name: MarielDefinition: Bitter
Name: MariettaDefinition: Little Bitter
Name: MarietteDefinition: Little Bitter
Name: MarigoldDefinition: A flower
Name: MarijkeDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarikaDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarikoDefinition: Child of Mari
Name: MarileeDefinition: Bitterness
Name: MariluDefinition: From MARY and LUCILLE
Name: MarilynDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarinDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: MarinaDefinition: Sea maiden
Name: MarinelDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: MarioDefinition: Bitter, king-ruler
Name: MarionDefinition: Bitter
Name: MariposaDefinition: Butterfly
Name: MarisDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: MarisaDefinition: Mother of Daksa
Name: MariselaDefinition: From the Sea
Name: MariskaDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: MarisolDefinition: Sunny Sea
Name: MarissaDefinition: Of the sea
Name: MariusDefinition: Sailor, Roman Clan Name
Name: MarjaDefinition: Sadness from the sea
Name: MarjaniDefinition: Coral
Name: MarjeanDefinition: Coral, Gracious
Name: MarjetaDefinition: Pearl
Name: MarjorieDefinition: Pearl
Name: MarkDefinition: Warlike, hammer, defender
Name: MarkaDefinition: Steady Rain
Name: MarkandeyaDefinition: A sage
Name: MarkkuDefinition: Rebellious
Name: MarlaDefinition: High Tower
Name: MarlasDefinition: High Tower
Name: MarleeDefinition: Descendents of Mary
Name: MarleneDefinition: Child of light, bitter
Name: MarliDefinition: From the name MARILYN
Name: MarlieDefinition: From the name MARILYN
Name: MarlinDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarlisDefinition: Bitter
Name: MarloDefinition: Decendent of Mary
Name: MarlonDefinition: Little hawk
Name: MarlowDefinition: From the hillside lake
Name: MarlyDefinition: From the name MARILYN
Name: MarmadukeDefinition: Leader of the seas
Name: MarmaraDefinition: Radiant
Name: MarnaDefinition: Rejoice
Name: MarnieDefinition: From the Sea
Name: MarninDefinition: Joy Giver
Name: MarninaDefinition: Cause of joy
Name: MarnyDefinition: From the sea
Name: MaroDefinition: Myself
Name: MarrimDefinition: Chinese Tribe
Name: MarsdenDefinition: Field near water
Name: MarshaDefinition: Form of MARCIA
Name: MarshallDefinition: Keeper of the horses; steward
Name: MartaDefinition: From the name MARTHA
Name: MartinDefinition: Of Mars
Name: MartinaDefinition: Warlike
Name: MartineDefinition: Warlike one
Name: MartyDefinition: Warlike
Name: MarvDefinition: Friend of the Sea
Name: MarvaDefinition: Marvelous
Name: MarvelDefinition: To Wonder, Admire
Name: MarvelaDefinition: Marvelous
Name: MarvelleDefinition: Miracle
Name: MarveneDefinition: From the name MARVIN
Name: MarvinDefinition: Beautiful sea; good friend
Name: MaryDefinition: Bitter
Name: MasakazuDefinition: First son of Masa
Name: MasakoDefinition: Child of Masa
Name: MashakaDefinition: Trouble
Name: MaslinDefinition: Little twin
Name: MasonDefinition: Stoneworker
Name: MassimoDefinition: Greatest
Name: MatangaDefinition: Sage, advisor to Devi Lalita
Name: MatangiDefinition: A Devi
Name: MateriaDefinition: Of the Human World
Name: MatherDefinition: Strong army
Name: MathildaDefinition: Battle maiden, strength
Name: MathildeDefinition: From the name MATILDA
Name: MatiaDefinition: From MATILDA
Name: MatiasDefinition: Var. of Matthias
Name: MatildaDefinition: Might, Power
Name: MatildeDefinition: Strong in War
Name: MatsuDefinition: Pine
Name: MattDefinition: From the name MATTHEW
Name: MatteoDefinition: From MATTHEW
Name: MattyDefinition: Strong fighter
Name: MaudDefinition: Strength in battle
Name: MaudeDefinition: From the name MADELINE
Name: MauliDefinition: Black
Name: MauraDefinition: Dark
Name: MaureenDefinition: Great; little Mary; dark-haired
Name: MauriceDefinition: Moorish; dark; moor land
Name: MaurilioDefinition: Moor
Name: MaurizioDefinition: Moor, Dark Haired
Name: MauroDefinition: Of Brown Skin
Name: MauveDefinition: Purplish Color
Name: MaveDefinition: Happiness
Name: MaverickDefinition: Wildly Independent
Name: MavisDefinition: A small bird
Name: MaxDefinition: the greatest
Name: MaximDefinition: Greatest
Name: MaximaDefinition: Miracle Worker
Name: MaximeDefinition: Greatest
Name: MaximilianDefinition: Great
Name: MaximosDefinition: Greatest
Name: MaximusDefinition: Greatest
Name: MaxineDefinition: Greatest
Name: MaxwellDefinition: From the great well
Name: MayDefinition: Bitter
Name: MayakoDefinition: Child of Maya
Name: MaydaDefinition: Maiden
Name: MayerDefinition: Farmer; greater; bringer of light
Name: MayesDefinition: A Field
Name: MaylinDefinition: Great Waterfall
Name: MaynardDefinition: Remarkable strength
Name: MayokoDefinition: Child of Mayo
Name: MaytenDefinition: Born on the 10th of May
Name: MayukoDefinition: Child of Mayu
Name: MckennaDefinition: Son of Ken or Kenna
Name: MckileDefinition: Son of Kile
Name: MeaDefinition: Mine
Name: MeadDefinition: Meadow
Name: MeadowDefinition: Beautiful Field
Name: MeaganDefinition: Pearl
Name: MeaghanDefinition: A Pearl
Name: MearaDefinition: Merry
Name: MeckenzieDefinition: Daughter of the Wise Leader
Name: MedaDefinition: Priestess
Name: MedeaDefinition: Ruling; middle child
Name: MedhaDefinition: Intelligence, a form of the Devi
Name: MediaDefinition: Communication
Name: MedwinDefinition: Powerful friend
Name: MeenaDefinition: Precious stone
Name: MegDefinition: Pearl
Name: MeganDefinition: Mighty, strong able, pearl
Name: MegaraDefinition: Wife of Hercules
Name: MeghanDefinition: Pearl
Name: MeghanaDefinition: Raincloud
Name: MegyerDefinition: Hungarian
Name: MehulDefinition: A derivative of Mukul
Name: MeiDefinition: Great one
Name: MeirDefinition: One Who Shines
Name: MeiraDefinition: Light
Name: MekaDefinition: Eyes
Name: MelDefinition: Mill Worker
Name: MelaDefinition: Religious gathering
Name: MelancthaDefinition: Black flower
Name: MelanctonDefinition: Black flower
Name: MelaneyDefinition: Dark
Name: MelangellDefinition: Sweet Angel
Name: MelaniaDefinition: Dark Skinned
Name: MelanieDefinition: Dressed in black, dark
Name: MelanionDefinition: Color
Name: MelanthaDefinition: Dark Violet
Name: MelbaDefinition: Slender, soft; mallow flower
Name: MelchiorDefinition: A King
Name: MeleDefinition: Merry
Name: MeliDefinition: Bitter
Name: MeliaDefinition: Nymph daugher of Oceanus
Name: MelinaDefinition: Canary-yellow
Name: MelindaDefinition: Gentle one
Name: MelioraDefinition: Better
Name: MelisandeDefinition: Honey Bee
Name: MelisendaDefinition: Honest, diligent
Name: MelissaDefinition: Bee, honey
Name: MelissanDefinition: From Melisande-strength
Name: MelitaDefinition: Form of MELISSA
Name: MelodieDefinition: Song, Melody
Name: MelodyDefinition: Song
Name: MelorDefinition: Marx Engels Lenin October Revolution
Name: MeloraDefinition: Combination of MELISSA and LORA.
Name: MelosaDefinition: Gentle, sweet
Name: MelvaDefinition: Armored
Name: MelvilleDefinition: Hillside; town by the mill
Name: MelvinDefinition: Chief
Name: MelvinaDefinition: Armored Chief
Name: MelvynDefinition: Mill Worker
Name: MemphisDefinition: Good Place to Live
Name: MenaDefinition: Mother of Menaka
Name: MenakaDefinition: Celestial damsel
Name: MendelDefinition: Wisdom; repairer
Name: MeneferDefinition: Beautiful City
Name: MenoraDefinition: Candelabra
Name: MercedesDefinition: Ransom; virginMary
Name: MercerDefinition: Storekeeper
Name: MerciaDefinition: Mercy
Name: MercyDefinition: Compassion, pity
Name: MeredithDefinition: Protector of the sea
Name: MeriaDefinition: Rebellious One
Name: MerielDefinition: Shining Sea
Name: MerisDefinition: Of the Sea
Name: MeritDefinition: Deserving
Name: MerleDefinition: Blackbird
Name: MerlinDefinition: Sea; falcon; sea hill
Name: MerrickDefinition: Ruler of the sea
Name: MerrillDefinition: Famous; of the sea
Name: MerrittDefinition: Deserving of Good Fortune
Name: MerryDefinition: Joyful
Name: MertonDefinition: Town near the Pond
Name: MervDefinition: Loves the Sea
Name: MervinDefinition: Loves the sea
Name: MervynDefinition: From the name MARVIN
Name: MerylDefinition: Falcon
Name: MeryleDefinition: From the name MERLE
Name: MeshaDefinition: Ram, born under the sign of Aries
Name: MessinaDefinition: Middle child
Name: MetaDefinition: Ambitious
Name: MeteaDefinition: Gentle
Name: MettaDefinition: Dininutive-Margareta-pearl
Name: MeyerDefinition: A farmer
Name: MhinaDefinition: Delightful
Name: MiaDefinition: Mine
Name: MiachDefinition: Medic
Name: MiakodaDefinition: Power of the Moon
Name: MichealDefinition: Form of MICHAEL
Name: MichelDefinition: Form of Michael
Name: MicheleDefinition: From the name MICHAEL
Name: MichiDefinition: Righteous
Name: MichikoDefinition: Child of Michi
Name: MickDefinition: From the name MICHAEL
Name: MickeyDefinition: From the name MICHAEL
Name: MicolDefinition: Queen
Name: MidoriDefinition: Green
Name: MiekoDefinition: Already Prosperous
Name: MietteDefinition: Small Sweet Thing
Name: MiginaDefinition: Moon returning
Name: MignonDefinition: Dainty, petite
Name: MihokoDefinition: Child of Mihoko
Name: MikasiDefinition: Coyote
Name: MikhailDefinition: From the name MICHAEL
Name: MikiDefinition: Beautiful tree
Name: MilagroDefinition: Miracle
Name: MilanduDefinition: A Case to Answer
Name: MildredDefinition: Mild, power
Name: MilekDefinition: Victorious People
Name: MilesDefinition: Soldier; merciful; millstone
Name: MiliDefinition: Virtuous?
Name: MilianiDefinition: Gentle Caress
Name: MilicaDefinition: Ruler
Name: MillaDefinition: Industrious
Name: MillardDefinition: Caretaker of the mill
Name: MillerDefinition: One who mills
Name: MillicentDefinition: Industrious, strength
Name: MillieDefinition: From the name MILDRED
Name: MillyDefinition: From the name MILDRED
Name: MiloDefinition: From the name MILES
Name: MiltDefinition: From the Mill Town
Name: MiltonDefinition: From the mill town
Name: MilyDefinition: Beautiful
Name: MimiDefinition: Faithful Guard
Name: MinDefinition: Cleverness
Name: MinaDefinition: South
Name: MinakoDefinition: Child of Mina
Name: MindaDefinition: Knowledge
Name: MindelDefinition: Sea of bitterness
Name: MindyDefinition: Honey
Name: MineDefinition: A resolute protector
Name: MinerDefinition: Youth
Name: MinervaDefinition: Power; thinker
Name: Ming+yueDefinition: Bright Moon
Name: MinganDefinition: Grey Wolf
Name: MingmeiDefinition: Smart, beautiful
Name: MinhDefinition: Bright and clever
Name: MiniyaDefinition: Much Expected of Her
Name: MinjonetDefinition: Petite blue flower
Name: MinkaDefinition: Strong, resolute
Name: MinnaDefinition: Love; mother; bitterness
Name: MinnieDefinition: Bitter
Name: MinorDefinition: Junior, Younger
Name: MinowaDefinition: Moving Voice
Name: MintaDefinition: Mint
Name: MintyDefinition: Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector
Name: MinyaDefinition: Older Sister
Name: MioDefinition: Mine
Name: MirabelDefinition: Of Uncommon Beauty
Name: MirabelleDefinition: Wonderful; beautiful to look upon
Name: MiracleDefinition: Divine Act
Name: MirandaDefinition: Extraordinary, to be admired
Name: MirariDefinition: Miracle
Name: MirceaDefinition: Mercy
Name: MirellaDefinition: Jehovah Spoke
Name: MirembaDefinition: Peace
Name: MireyaDefinition: Mircaulous
Name: MiriamDefinition: Bitter
Name: MirielleDefinition: She is Bitter
Name: MiritDefinition: Bitter
Name: MiroslavDefinition: Famous
Name: MirraDefinition: Behold, Admirable
Name: MisaeDefinition: White Hot Sun
Name: MisakoDefinition: Child of Misa
Name: MissyDefinition: Young girl
Name: MistyDefinition: Covered by mist
Name: MisuDefinition: Ripples in the Water
Name: MitaDefinition: Myth
Name: MitaliDefinition: Friend
Name: MitenaDefinition: Coming moon, new moon
Name: MitexiDefinition: Sacred moon
Name: MitsuDefinition: Light
Name: MitsukoDefinition: Child of Mitsu
Name: MiyaDefinition: Sacred House
Name: MiyandaDefinition: Roots
Name: MiyoDefinition: Beautiful Child
Name: MiyokoDefinition: Child of Miyo
Name: MizellDefinition: Tiny Gnat
Name: MladenDefinition: Forever in youth
Name: MlissDefinition: Flower
Name: MoDefinition: Dark Skinned
Name: MoanaDefinition: Ocean
Name: MoannaDefinition: Ocean
Name: ModestaDefinition: Shy, Modest
Name: ModestusDefinition: Modest one
Name: ModestyDefinition: Modest one
Name: MoeDefinition: Dark Skinned
Name: MoeshaDefinition: Drawn Out of the Water
Name: MoesheDefinition: Drawn Out of the Water
Name: MogDefinition: High Lord
Name: MohanDefinition: Charming
Name: MohiniDefinition: Most beautiful
Name: MoiraDefinition: Bitter; great
Name: MokeDefinition: Form of Moses
Name: MolimoDefinition: Bear Walking Into Shade
Name: MollyDefinition: Bitter
Name: MomoDefinition: Peach
Name: MomokoDefinition: Child of Momo
Name: MonaDefinition: Peaceful; individual; noble one; my lady
Name: MonahanDefinition: Religious Man
Name: MonetDefinition: Solitary
Name: MonicaDefinition: Advice
Name: MonifaDefinition: I am Lucky
Name: MoniqueDefinition: Advisor
Name: MonishaDefinition: Solitary Life
Name: MonroeDefinition: Mouth of the Roe River; wheelwright
Name: MontagueDefinition: Steep mountain
Name: MontanaDefinition: Mountain
Name: MonteDefinition: Moutain
Name: MontegoDefinition: Mountainous
Name: MontenegroDefinition: Black Mountain
Name: MontgomeryDefinition: Mountain hunter
Name: MontshoDefinition: Black
Name: MontyDefinition: From the name MONTGOMERY
Name: MoonDefinition: Letters
Name: Moon-unitDefinition: One that Orbits the Moon
Name: MoraDefinition: Blueberry
Name: MoragDefinition: Embracing the sun
Name: MoralDefinition: Lovely Thoughts
Name: MorathiDefinition: Wise Man
Name: MordecaiDefinition: Warrior
Name: MoreDefinition: Great
Name: MorelaDefinition: Brunette
Name: MoreyDefinition: From the name MORRIS
Name: MorganDefinition: White sea; bright, dweller by the sea
Name: MorganaDefinition: Seashore
Name: MorganceDefinition: Sea-dweller
Name: MorgandyDefinition: Little one from the edge of the sea
Name: MorgenDefinition: Morning
Name: MoriartyDefinition: Sea warrior
Name: MorleyDefinition: Moor, meadow
Name: MornaDefinition: Affection, Beloved
Name: MorrieDefinition: Moor
Name: MorrisDefinition: Dark skinned
Name: MorrisaDefinition: Dark One
Name: MorrisonDefinition: Son of Morris
Name: MorseDefinition: Of the Moors
Name: MortDefinition: Moor
Name: MortimerDefinition: Still water
Name: MortonDefinition: City on the moor
Name: MortyDefinition: From the name MORTIMER
Name: MorvenDefinition: Child of the sea
Name: MorwenDefinition: Young girl
Name: MorwennaDefinition: Sea Wave
Name: MoselleDefinition: taken from water
Name: MosesDefinition: Saved; child; taken from water
Name: MosheDefinition: From the name MOSES
Name: MossDefinition: From the Water
Name: MostynDefinition: Fortress in a Field
Name: MoyaDefinition: Great
Name: MrinalDefinition: Lotus Blossom
Name: MuktaDefinition: Means a pearl in Telugu
Name: MulanDefinition: Magnolia Blossom
Name: MullDefinition: Grinder
Name: MunaDefinition: The Lord is With You
Name: MuncelDefinition: Strong and willing
Name: MuninDefinition: Memory
Name: MuniyaDefinition: Small Bird
Name: MuraDefinition: Village
Name: MurdockDefinition: Victorious at sea
Name: MurielDefinition: Myrrh; sea-bright; angel of June
Name: MurphyDefinition: Sea warrior
Name: MurrayDefinition: Sailor
Name: MurronDefinition: Bitter
Name: MusettaDefinition: A ballad
Name: MusokeDefinition: Rainbow
Name: MutiaDefinition: Honored One
Name: MutsukoDefinition: Child of Mutsu
Name: MyaDefinition: Emerald
Name: MychauDefinition: Great
Name: My-duyenDefinition: Beautiful, pretty
Name: MyeishaDefinition: One Who is Loved Greatly
Name: MyfanwyDefinition: Sweet woman
Name: MylesDefinition: Inventor of the corn mill
Name: MyraDefinition: Wonderful; quiet song
Name: MyrillaDefinition: Wonderful
Name: MyrnaDefinition: Polite one, gentle
Name: MyronDefinition: Sweet oil
Name: MyrtleDefinition: A flower, symbol of victory
Name: MysteryDefinition: Unknown, Question
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