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Pet Names that Start With E

Name: EaDefinition: Fire
Name: EamonDefinition: Wealthy guardian
Name: EaraDefinition: From the East
Name: EarleneDefinition: Pledge
Name: EarlyDefinition: Before due time or date.
Name: EarnestDefinition: Truth
Name: EarthaDefinition: Of the earth
Name: EasterDefinition: Easter time
Name: EatonDefinition: Riverside village
Name: EavanDefinition: Fair One
Name: EbanDefinition: Stone
Name: EbbaDefinition: Strength, return of the tide
Name: EbenDefinition: Rock
Name: EbereDefinition: Mercy
Name: EberhardDefinition: Strong wild boar
Name: EbonyDefinition: Dark beauty, a hard wood
Name: EchoDefinition: A nymph, repeated voice
Name: EdDefinition: Wealthy Guardian
Name: EdanDefinition: Flame, fiery
Name: EdanaDefinition: Zealous, fiery
Name: EddaDefinition: Rich
Name: EddieDefinition: Wealthy Guardian
Name: EddyDefinition: Protector
Name: EdelineDefinition: Born into Nobility
Name: EdenDefinition: Delightful, adornment, paradise
Name: EdenaDefinition: Form of EDNA
Name: EdgarDefinition: Great Spearman
Name: EdgardoDefinition: Prosperous warrior
Name: EdieDefinition: Treasure
Name: EdisonDefinition: Son of Edward
Name: EditaDefinition: From the name EDITH
Name: EdithDefinition: Rich gift, happy
Name: EdmondDefinition: Prosperous protector
Name: EdmundDefinition: Protector
Name: EdnaDefinition: Pleasure, delight
Name: EdriaDefinition: Mighty
Name: EdricDefinition: Prosperous Ruler
Name: EdselDefinition: Rich
Name: EduardoDefinition: Form of Edward
Name: EdwardDefinition: Guardian of prosperity, guardian of the mists
Name: EdytheDefinition: Happy
Name: EffieDefinition: A star
Name: EfiaDefinition: Born on tuesday
Name: EfratDefinition: Honored, Distinguished
Name: EfremDefinition: From the name EPHRAIM
Name: EfrosiniDefinition: A fawn or a bird
Name: EfterpiDefinition: Pretty in face
Name: EganDefinition: Ardent, little fire
Name: EgbertDefinition: Sword, famous, shiny
Name: EgertonDefinition: Edge
Name: EgilDefinition: the edge or point, a sting
Name: EgmontDefinition: Weapon, defender
Name: EgyedDefinition: Shieldbearer
Name: EhrenDefinition: Honorable
Name: EileenDefinition: Light - from Helen
Name: EinarDefinition: Warrior, leader
Name: EireneDefinition: Peace
Name: EisigDefinition: He who laughs
Name: EitanDefinition: Strong and staunch
Name: EithneDefinition: Little Fire
Name: EkachakraDefinition: Son of Kashyapa
Name: EknathDefinition: Poet, saint
Name: EkramDefinition: Honor
Name: ElainaDefinition: Form of HELEN
Name: ElaineDefinition: Light
Name: ElamDefinition: Highlands
Name: ElanDefinition: Tree
Name: ElanaDefinition: Light
Name: ElaniDefinition: Light
Name: ElataDefinition: Happy
Name: EldaDefinition: Old
Name: EldenDefinition: Older
Name: EldoraDefinition: Golden
Name: EldridgeDefinition: Old counsel
Name: EldwinDefinition: Old friend
Name: EleanorDefinition: Light, mercy
Name: ElectraDefinition: Bright, the shining one
Name: ElekDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: ElenaDefinition: the bright one
Name: EleniDefinition: Light or torch
Name: EleoraDefinition: the lord is my light
Name: ElganDefinition: Bright circle
Name: EliDefinition: Elevation
Name: EliaDefinition: Form of ELIJAH
Name: ElieDefinition: From the name ELEANOR
Name: ElinDefinition: Light
Name: ElinaDefinition: Pure, intelligent
Name: ElinorDefinition: Light
Name: EliotDefinition: Hight
Name: EliskaDefinition: truthful
Name: ElissaDefinition: Queen of carthage
Name: ElitaDefinition: Special one
Name: ElizaDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: EljahDefinition: Form of ELIJAH
Name: EllaDefinition: Beautiful fairy woman, all
Name: ElleDefinition: Woman, girl
Name: EllemaDefinition: Milking a Cow
Name: EllenDefinition: Light, mercy
Name: ElleryDefinition: One who lives near the elder tree, cheerful
Name: ElletteDefinition: Little Elf
Name: EllieDefinition: Light
Name: EllisDefinition: From the name ELIJAH
Name: EllisonDefinition: Son of Elias
Name: ElmarDefinition: Famous nobleman
Name: ElmerDefinition: Famous
Name: ElmoDefinition: Proctector
Name: ElodieDefinition: Marshy, white blossom
Name: EloiseDefinition: Intelligent, smart
Name: ElpidaDefinition: Hope
Name: ElroyDefinition: The King
Name: ElsaDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: ElsuDefinition: Flying Falcon
Name: EluDefinition: Full of grace
Name: ElvinDefinition: Friend of elves
Name: ElvinaDefinition: Friend of elves
Name: ElviraDefinition: Impartial judgement, close
Name: ElvisDefinition: All wise, noble friend
Name: ElwynDefinition: Pale brow
Name: ElyDefinition: Form of ELI
Name: ElysiaDefinition: Sweetly blissful
Name: EmaDefinition: Beloved
Name: EmaliaDefinition: Flirt
Name: EmberDefinition: Smoldering remains of a fire
Name: EmberlynnDefinition: Precious Pretty Jewel
Name: EmeldaDefinition: Emerald-Like
Name: EmeleDefinition: Industrious, Admiring
Name: EmeraDefinition: Industrious Leader
Name: EmeraldDefinition: A bright green gem
Name: EmeryDefinition: Ruler of work, powerful home
Name: EmikoDefinition: Blessed, beautiful child
Name: EmilDefinition: Industrious, to emulate
Name: EmiliaDefinition: Admiring
Name: EmilieDefinition: Ambitious, Industrious
Name: EmilioDefinition: Winning one or flatterer
Name: EmilyDefinition: Industrious, eager
Name: EmlynDefinition: Place name
Name: EmmaDefinition: Universal, all-embracing
Name: EmmanuelDefinition: From the name EMANUEL
Name: EmmetDefinition: Strong Worker
Name: EmmettDefinition: Hard worker, truth
Name: EmmlyDefinition: Admiring
Name: EmmyDefinition: Short form of Emily
Name: EmoryDefinition: Leader
Name: EmrickDefinition: Immortal
Name: EnaDefinition: Wife, soul
Name: EndoraDefinition: Fountain
Name: EnidDefinition: Quiet woman, soul
Name: EnnisDefinition: Island
Name: EnochDefinition: Dedicated
Name: EnolaDefinition: Magnolia
Name: EnricoDefinition: Ruler of the household.
Name: EnriqueDefinition: Ruler of an estate
Name: EnyeDefinition: Grace
Name: EolandeDefinition: Violet Flower
Name: EphraimDefinition: Very fruitful
Name: EpifanioDefinition: One Who Gives Light
Name: ErantheDefinition: Spring flower
Name: ErasmaDefinition: Amiable
Name: ErasmusDefinition: To Love
Name: ErastoDefinition: Man of Peace
Name: ErekDefinition: Lovable
Name: ErelahDefinition: Holy Messenger
Name: EriantheDefinition: Sweet as many flowers
Name: EricDefinition: Ever-powerful
Name: EricaDefinition: Honorable Ruler
Name: ErikDefinition: Honorable Ruler
Name: ErikaDefinition: Ever-powerful
Name: ErimenthaDefinition: Collector of Thoughts, Determined Protector
Name: ErinDefinition: Peace, western island
Name: ErlinaDefinition: Girl from Ireland
Name: ErlingDefinition: Descendant
Name: ErmaDefinition: Universal, Whole
Name: ErminDefinition: Universal, Whole
Name: ErnaDefinition: Earnest
Name: ErnestDefinition: Earnest, vigorous
Name: ErnestineDefinition: Earnest, vigorous
Name: ErnieDefinition: From the name ERNEST
Name: ErnoDefinition: Form of ERNEST
Name: EronDefinition: Peace, Enlightened
Name: ErrigalDefinition: Small Church
Name: ErrinDefinition: From the name ERIN
Name: ErrolDefinition: To Wander
Name: ErskineDefinition: Dweller of the top of the cliff, green heights
Name: ErvDefinition: From the name IRVING
Name: ErvinDefinition: Friend of the Sea
Name: ErwinDefinition: From the name IRVING
Name: ErykDefinition: Ever Powerful
Name: EryxDefinition: Son of Aphrodite and Poseidon
Name: EshanaDefinition: Searcher
Name: EsheDefinition: Life
Name: EskarneDefinition: Merciful
Name: EsmaDefinition: Form of ESMERALDA
Name: EsmeDefinition: Esteem
Name: EsmeraldaDefinition: Emerald
Name: EsmondDefinition: Protective grace
Name: EsperanzaDefinition: Hope
Name: EssienDefinition: Sixth-born son
Name: EstaDefinition: From the east
Name: EstebanDefinition: Crown
Name: EstelleDefinition: Star
Name: EsterDefinition: From the name ESTHER
Name: EstesDefinition: Estuary
Name: EstherDefinition: Star
Name: EstralitaDefinition: Little Star
Name: EstrellaDefinition: Star
Name: EtainDefinition: Shining
Name: EtanDefinition: Steady
Name: EtanaDefinition: Dedication, Strength
Name: EtaniaDefinition: Wealthy
Name: EteniaDefinition: Wealthy
Name: EternityDefinition: Everlasting
Name: EthanDefinition: Strong, firm, constant
Name: EtienneDefinition: Estienne, Ettie, Etta
Name: EtoileDefinition: Star
Name: EtsuDefinition: Delight
Name: EttaDefinition: Ruler of the Home
Name: EuclidDefinition: Intelligent
Name: EudociaDefinition: Esteemed
Name: EudorDefinition: Good gift
Name: EudoraDefinition: Honored Gift
Name: EugeneDefinition: Born lucky
Name: EugeniaDefinition: Born lucky
Name: EulaliaDefinition: Fair of speech
Name: EulalieDefinition: Sweet Talk
Name: EuniceDefinition: Victorious
Name: EuphemiaDefinition: Spoken Well Of
Name: EuphrosyneDefinition: Joy
Name: EuridiceDefinition: Justice
Name: EurydiceDefinition: Greek Mythological Figure
Name: EustaceDefinition: Fruitful
Name: EustaciaDefinition: tranquil
Name: EvaDefinition: Life
Name: EvadineDefinition: From greek mythology
Name: EvadneDefinition: A water-nymph
Name: EvanDefinition: Young warrior, well-born
Name: EvanderDefinition: Early founder of rome, benevolent ruler
Name: EvangeliaDefinition: One who brings good news
Name: EvangelineDefinition: Like an angel
Name: EvaniaDefinition: Tranquil
Name: EvantheDefinition: Flower
Name: EveDefinition: Life
Name: EveliaDefinition: Hazelnut
Name: EvelienDefinition: Life
Name: EvelinaDefinition: Lifegiving
Name: EvelynDefinition: Lively, pleasant
Name: EverettDefinition: Wild Boar, Strong
Name: EverleyDefinition: Grazing meadow
Name: EverlyDefinition: Grazing meadow
Name: EversDefinition: Wild Boar
Name: EvetteDefinition: From the name EVE
Name: EvieDefinition: Life
Name: EvitaDefinition: From the name EVE
Name: EvonneDefinition: From the name EVE AND ANNA
Name: EvzenDefinition: Of noble birth
Name: EwaDefinition: Life
Name: EwanDefinition: Well born
Name: EwingDefinition: Youth
Name: EyalDefinition: Strength
Name: EydieDefinition: Rich Gift
Name: EyotaDefinition: Greatest one
Name: EytanDefinition: Firm, Strong
Name: EzhnoDefinition: He Walks Alone
Name: EzioDefinition: Friend, lover
Name: EzraDefinition: Helper, salvation
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