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Pet Names that Start With T

Name: TaariqDefinition: Morning Star
Name: TabDefinition: Briliant, drummer
Name: TabanDefinition: Genius
Name: TabansiDefinition: One who endures
Name: TabariDefinition: After famous muslim historian
Name: TaberDefinition: From the Trenches
Name: TabithaDefinition: Gazelle, roe-buck
Name: TablitaDefinition: Tiara
Name: TaborriDefinition: Voices that carry
Name: TaceyDefinition: Silent, Calm
Name: TaciDefinition: Washtub
Name: TacincalaDefinition: Deer
Name: TacitaDefinition: to be silent
Name: TacyDefinition: Silence
Name: TadDefinition: From the name THAD
Name: TadakoDefinition: Child of Tada
Name: TaddeoDefinition: Courageous, one who praises
Name: TadeleshDefinition: Lucky
Name: TadeoDefinition: Praise
Name: TadhgDefinition: Poet, Philosopher
Name: TadiDefinition: Wind
Name: TaditaDefinition: Runner
Name: TaffyDefinition: Beloved
Name: TahliaDefinition: Morning dew
Name: TahmoresDefinition: Strong and wild dog
Name: TaiDefinition: talent; from Thailand
Name: Tai+yangDefinition: Sun
Name: TaimaDefinition: Crash of thunder
Name: TainiDefinition: Returning Moon
Name: TaipaDefinition: to spread wings
Name: TaitDefinition: Cheerful
Name: TaiteDefinition: Cheerful
Name: TajaDefinition: To Mention
Name: TajoDefinition: Day
Name: TajsaDefinition: Princess
Name: TakaDefinition: tall, honorable
Name: TakakoDefinition: Child of Taka
Name: TakalaDefinition: Corn Tassel
Name: TakaraDefinition: treasure, precious object
Name: TakiyahDefinition: Pious, righteous
Name: TakodaDefinition: Friend to all
Name: TaksaDefinition: A son of Bharata
Name: TaksonyDefinition: Well fed, content, merciless, wild
Name: TalDefinition: Morning dew
Name: TalaDefinition: Stalking wolf
Name: TalasiDefinition: Corn-tassel flower
Name: TalbotDefinition: Reward
Name: TaleDefinition: Green
Name: TalenDefinition: Claw
Name: TaliaDefinition: Dew from heaven, blooming, near water
Name: TaliesinDefinition: Radiant Brow
Name: TalineDefinition: Monestary
Name: TalishaDefinition: Damsel Arise
Name: TalithaDefinition: Young woman
Name: TalleenDefinition: Absorbed
Name: TalliDefinition: Hero
Name: TallisDefinition: Forest
Name: TallulahDefinition: Leaping water
Name: TallysDefinition: Forest
Name: TalmaiDefinition: Mound
Name: TalmanDefinition: to injure, to oppress
Name: TalorDefinition: Morning Dew
Name: TalosDefinition: Giant protector of Minos island
Name: TalulahDefinition: Leaping Water
Name: TamDefinition: Heart
Name: TamaDefinition: thunderbolt
Name: TamalDefinition: Dark Tree
Name: TamannaDefinition: Desire
Name: TamarDefinition: From the Palm Tree
Name: TamaraDefinition: Palm tree, spice
Name: TamarrDefinition: Date Palm
Name: TamasDefinition: Twin
Name: TamashaDefinition: Pageant
Name: TamasineDefinition: Twin
Name: TamathaDefinition: Dear Tammy
Name: TamberDefinition: Music Pitch
Name: TambreDefinition: Great Joy, Music
Name: TambreyDefinition: Immortal
Name: TameraDefinition: A Spice or Palm Tree
Name: TameronDefinition: From CAMERON
Name: TamikaDefinition: People
Name: TamikoDefinition: Child of Tami
Name: TamiraDefinition: A Spice or Palm Tree
Name: TamithaDefinition: Twin
Name: TammaDefinition: Perfect
Name: TammyDefinition: Perfect one
Name: TamraDefinition: A Spice or Palm Tree
Name: TamyraDefinition: A Spice or Palm Tree
Name: TanaDefinition: Fairy Queen
Name: TanakaDefinition: Dweller
Name: TanashaDefinition: Strong willed, persistant
Name: TanayaDefinition: Child of Mine
Name: TancredoDefinition: Of thoughtful counsel
Name: TandiceDefinition: Team
Name: TanekDefinition: Immortal
Name: TangiaDefinition: The Angel
Name: TaniDefinition: Valley; sweetheart; youth; bull that charges randomly
Name: TaniaDefinition: A Fairy Queen-of Tatiana
Name: TanielDefinition: Fem. form of Daniel
Name: TanikaDefinition: Rope
Name: TanishaDefinition: Born on Monday.
Name: TannarDefinition: Leather Worker
Name: TannerDefinition: Leather worker
Name: TannisDefinition: Hide Tanner
Name: TansyDefinition: Immortality, flower name
Name: TanyaDefinition: Fairy princess
Name: TaoDefinition: Peach, symbol of long life
Name: TapangaDefinition: Sweet, unpredictable
Name: TaraDefinition: Rocky hill, tower
Name: TarachandDefinition: Star
Name: TarakDefinition: Protector
Name: TaralaDefinition: Honeybee
Name: TaranDefinition: Earth
Name: TaranaDefinition: Born During the Day
Name: TarannumDefinition: Melody
Name: TarasiosDefinition: Of Tarentum
Name: TardosDefinition: Bald
Name: TareganDefinition: Crane
Name: Tareva-chine(shanay)Definition: Beautiful eyes
Name: TarianaDefinition: Holy Hillside
Name: TarikaDefinition: Star
Name: TarinDefinition: Rocky Hill
Name: TarisaiDefinition: Look, Behold
Name: TarmonDefinition: Church Land
Name: TaroDefinition: First-born male
Name: TarynDefinition: Queen
Name: TasDefinition: Well fed, stone
Name: TasaneeDefinition: Beautiful View
Name: TasmineDefinition: Twin
Name: TassDefinition: Mythological Name
Name: TassosDefinition: Harvester
Name: TasyaDefinition: Resurrection
Name: TateDefinition: to be cheerful; windy, a great talker
Name: TatianaDefinition: Fairy Queen
Name: TatumDefinition: Cheerful bringer of joy
Name: TaureanDefinition: Strong as a Bull
Name: TaurinDefinition: Born under the sign of Taurus
Name: TaurusDefinition: The Bull
Name: TausiqDefinition: Reinforcement
Name: TavariusDefinition: Misfortune
Name: TaveDefinition: FROM GUSTAVE
Name: TaviDefinition: Good
Name: TaviaDefinition: Great
Name: TavisDefinition: twin
Name: TavitaDefinition: Eighth
Name: TavorianDefinition: Misfortune
Name: TawanaDefinition: Tan Hide
Name: TawnieDefinition: Little one, yellowish-brown
Name: TawnyDefinition: Tanned Hide
Name: TayaDefinition: From the name Taylor
Name: TayceDefinition: Silence
Name: TayeDefinition: He Has Been Seen
Name: TaylarDefinition: to cut
Name: TaylorDefinition: Tailor
Name: TayteDefinition: Happy
Name: TaytenDefinition: Beautiful Happiness
Name: TazannaDefinition: Princess
Name: TazaraDefinition: Railway Line
Name: TeaDefinition: Princess, Aunt
Name: TeagueDefinition: Poet
Name: TealDefinition: Greenish Blue Color
Name: TedDefinition: Divine Gift
Name: TeddyDefinition: Divine Gift
Name: TeenieDefinition: Small One
Name: TefoDefinition: Payment
Name: TeganDefinition: Doe
Name: TehyaDefinition: Precious
Name: TeigeDefinition: A Poet
Name: TeigraDefinition: Tiger
Name: TejanaDefinition: Texan
Name: TejanoDefinition: Texan
Name: TeklaDefinition: Divine fame
Name: TeleriDefinition: From the River Tyleri
Name: TellyDefinition: Wise, best
Name: TelmaDefinition: Ambitious
Name: TelynDefinition: Harp
Name: TemDefinition: Country
Name: TemaDefinition: Righteous, a palm tree
Name: TemanDefinition: Right hand, south
Name: TemaniDefinition: Of Teman
Name: TemimaDefinition: Whole, Honest
Name: TeminaDefinition: Honest
Name: TempestDefinition: Storm
Name: TempleDefinition: A Sanctuary
Name: TempletonDefinition: Town of Sanctuary
Name: TenderDefinition: Sensitive
Name: TenenDefinition: Born on Monday
Name: TennysonDefinition: Son of Dennis
Name: TeoDefinition: From TOM
Name: TerahDefinition: Earth, hillside
Name: TerehasaDefinition: Blessed
Name: TerenaDefinition: Earthly
Name: TerenceDefinition: Polished, tender
Name: TerentiaDefinition: Guardian
Name: TeresaDefinition: Harvester
Name: TerraDefinition: Earth
Name: TerranDefinition: Earth
Name: TerrelDefinition: thunderer
Name: TerrenceDefinition: Tender, Gracious
Name: TerreneDefinition: Smooth
Name: TerriDefinition: Harvester
Name: TerrianDefinition: Physically strong, ambitious.
Name: TerryDefinition: From the name TERENCE
Name: TerryalDefinition: Reaper
Name: TertiaDefinition: the third
Name: TertiusDefinition: The Third
Name: TerylDefinition: Bright and vivacious
Name: TeshiDefinition: Cheerful, Full of Laughter
Name: TessDefinition: Fourth born
Name: TessaDefinition: Countess
Name: TessicaDefinition: Wealthy Harvester
Name: TevinDefinition: Son of Kevin
Name: TevyDefinition: Angel
Name: TexDefinition: From Texas
Name: ThadDefinition: Praise
Name: ThaddeausDefinition: Couragues, praiser
Name: ThaddeusDefinition: Praise
Name: ThadeusDefinition: Form of THADDEUS
Name: ThadineDefinition: The Praised
Name: ThadyDefinition: Praise
Name: ThaiDefinition: Many, multiple
Name: ThaisDefinition: the bond
Name: ThalassaDefinition: From the sea
Name: ThaliaDefinition: Blooming, plentiful
Name: ThanDefinition: Death, briliant
Name: ThandiweDefinition: The Loving One
Name: ThaneDefinition: Attendant warrior
Name: ThanhDefinition: Finish, Complete
Name: ThaoDefinition: Respectful of Parents
Name: ThatcherDefinition: Roof fixer
Name: ThelmaDefinition: Nursing
Name: ThemaDefinition: Queen
Name: ThembaDefinition: Trusted
Name: TheoDefinition: Divine Gift
Name: TheoboldDefinition: the boldest
Name: TheodoricDefinition: Ruler of the people
Name: TheolaDefinition: Divine
Name: TheophiliaDefinition: Loved Divinely
Name: TheorisDefinition: Great
Name: TheraDefinition: Wild
Name: TheresaDefinition: Reaper
Name: ThereseDefinition: From Theresia
Name: TheresiaDefinition: City in Ancient Greece
Name: TheronDefinition: Hunter
Name: ThetaDefinition: Greek Letter
Name: ThetisDefinition: Mythical Creature
Name: ThiDefinition: Poetry
Name: ThieryDefinition: Ruler of the People
Name: ThimbaDefinition: Lion hunter
Name: ThinaDefinition: Wise
Name: ThirzaDefinition: Sweet-natured, cypress tree
Name: ThisbeDefinition: Where the doves live
Name: ThistleDefinition: thistle
Name: ThomDefinition: A Twin
Name: ThomasDefinition: twin
Name: ThomasaDefinition: twin
Name: ThorDefinition: thunder
Name: ThoraDefinition: thunder
Name: ThorneDefinition: thorn tree
Name: ThorntonDefinition: From the Thorny Town
Name: ThorpeDefinition: From the village
Name: ThuDefinition: Autumn
Name: ThuongDefinition: Love tenderly
Name: ThurlowDefinition: From Thor
Name: ThurmanDefinition: Servant of Thor
Name: ThuyDefinition: Pure
Name: ThuyetDefinition: Theory
Name: ThwaiteDefinition: Clearing, Enclosure
Name: ThyDefinition: Poetry
Name: TiaDefinition: Aunt, princess
Name: TianaDefinition: Princess
Name: TiaraDefinition: turban, flower name
Name: TiaretDefinition: Lioness
Name: TiassaleDefinition: It is Forgotten
Name: TiborDefinition: Holy Place
Name: TiburonDefinition: Shark
Name: TieganDefinition: Little princess in the big valley
Name: TienDefinition: Fairy
Name: TienetteDefinition: Crowned with laurel
Name: TiernanDefinition: Lord
Name: TierneyDefinition: Lordly
Name: TierraDefinition: Earth, land
Name: TieveDefinition: Hillside
Name: TigerDefinition: Powerful cat, tiger
Name: TildenDefinition: Fertile Valley
Name: TillieDefinition: Might, Power
Name: TillyDefinition: From Tilden or Matilda
Name: TimandraDefinition: Daughter of hero tyndareus
Name: TimberlyDefinition: Tall Ruler
Name: TimeusDefinition: Perfect
Name: TimoleonDefinition: I honor what I say
Name: TimonDefinition: Worthy
Name: TimurDefinition: Iron
Name: TinaDefinition: River
Name: TingDefinition: Slim, Graceful
Name: TinhDefinition: Mindful;aware
Name: TinoDefinition: Small
Name: TiombeDefinition: Shy
Name: TiponyaDefinition: Owl poking the hatching egg
Name: TirzahDefinition: Delight
Name: TishaDefinition: Dim. of PATRICIA
Name: TitaniaDefinition: Giant
Name: TitianDefinition: Red-gold
Name: TitusDefinition: Of the giants
Name: TituszDefinition: Dove, honored
Name: TivaDefinition: Dance
Name: TivonDefinition: Lover of nature
Name: TivonaDefinition: Lover of nature
Name: ToakaseDefinition: Woman of the Sea
Name: ToanDefinition: Safe, Secure
Name: TobyDefinition: The Lord Is Good
Name: TochoDefinition: Mountain Lion
Name: TodDefinition: From the name TODD
Name: ToddDefinition: Fox
Name: TokalaDefinition: Fox
Name: TokiDefinition: Time of Opportunity
Name: TokikoDefinition: Child of Toki
Name: TolaDefinition: Priceless
Name: TollaDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: TomDefinition: A Twin
Name: TomaiDefinition: Honoring Thomas
Name: TomasDefinition: A Twin
Name: TomiDefinition: Rich
Name: TomikoDefinition: Child of Tomi
Name: TomkinDefinition: Little Tom
Name: TommyDefinition: A Twin
Name: TomoDefinition: A twin
Name: TongDefinition: Fragrant
Name: ToniDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: TonyDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: TonyaDefinition: Worthy of Praise
Name: TopangaDefinition: Where the Mountain Meets the Sea
Name: TopazDefinition: Yellow gemstone
Name: TopperDefinition: Hill
Name: TorgnyDefinition: Weapon Clatter
Name: ToriDefinition: Bird
Name: TorieDefinition: Victorious,
Name: TorilDefinition: Female Warrior
Name: TorinDefinition: Chief
Name: TornDefinition: Form of TORRENCE
Name: TorranceDefinition: From the low hills
Name: TorrinDefinition: From the hills
Name: TorstenDefinition: the stone of Thor
Name: ToryDefinition: Winner
Name: ToscaDefinition: From Tuscany, Italy
Name: ToshiDefinition: Mirror Image
Name: TosiaDefinition: Inestimable
Name: ToureDefinition: Beloging to the Soussou or Maninka
Name: TovaDefinition: Good
Name: TovahDefinition: Good
Name: ToveDefinition: Good
Name: ToviDefinition: Good
Name: TownsendDefinition: From the end of town
Name: ToyahDefinition: Toy
Name: ToyoDefinition: Plentiful
Name: TraceDefinition: Brave
Name: TraceyDefinition: Brave
Name: TraciDefinition: Brave
Name: TracyDefinition: Path, road
Name: TrahaearnDefinition: Strong as iron
Name: TrangDefinition: Page
Name: TranquillaDefinition: Calm, Tranquil
Name: TranterDefinition: Wagoneer
Name: TrapperDefinition: Trapper
Name: TravisDefinition: Crossing
Name: TreasaDefinition: Strong
Name: TrellaDefinition: From ESTRELLA (Star)
Name: TremainDefinition: Town of the Stone
Name: TremayneDefinition: House by the stones, farm with a stone monolith
Name: TrentDefinition: torrent, dweller by the Trent
Name: TrentonDefinition: Town by the Rapids
Name: TressDefinition: Long Hair
Name: TrevaDefinition: Prudent
Name: TrevelianDefinition: From the Home of Elian
Name: TrevetDefinition: Three Mounds of Earth
Name: TrevorDefinition: Cautious
Name: TreyDefinition: third born, three
Name: TriageDefinition: Emergency
Name: TrilbyDefinition: One who sings musical thrills
Name: TrinaDefinition: Fire, full of spirit
Name: TrindDefinition: Pure
Name: TrinhDefinition: Pure
Name: TriniDefinition: The Trinity
Name: TrinityDefinition: the holy three
Name: TrippDefinition: traveler
Name: TrishDefinition: From Patricia
Name: TrishaDefinition: Of Noble Descent
Name: TrishnaDefinition: thirst, a form of the Devi
Name: TristaDefinition: Sorrowful
Name: TristanaDefinition: Sad
Name: TristessaDefinition: Sad woman
Name: TristramDefinition: Sad
Name: TriveniDefinition: Three Sacred Rivers
Name: TrixieDefinition: Bringer of Joy
Name: TroilusDefinition: Place name
Name: TroryDefinition: The Red One
Name: TroyDefinition: Place name
Name: TrudaDefinition: Warrior Woman
Name: TrudeDefinition: From GERTRUDE
Name: TrudyDefinition: Beloved
Name: TrulaDefinition: TRUE
Name: TrulyDefinition: TRUE
Name: TrumanDefinition: Disciple
Name: TrumbleDefinition: Mighty
Name: TrungDefinition: Medium
Name: TruongDefinition: School, field
Name: TryggDefinition: TRUE
Name: TrynaDefinition: Third
Name: TryneDefinition: Pure
Name: TryntDefinition: Lives near the Stream
Name: TryphenaDefinition: Dainty
Name: TsubasaDefinition: Wings
Name: TuariDefinition: Young Eagle
Name: TuckerDefinition: tailor
Name: TudorDefinition: Divine Gift
Name: TuesdayDefinition: the day of the week
Name: TulasiDefinition: A Devi
Name: TuliaDefinition: Destined for Glory
Name: TullyDefinition: A people, peaceful one
Name: TumoDefinition: Fame
Name: TupacDefinition: Warrior, Messenger
Name: TuriDefinition: Bear
Name: TurnerDefinition: Carpenter
Name: TurpinDefinition: thunder-Finn
Name: TusitaDefinition: Chinese Heaven
Name: TustiDefinition: Peace, happiness, a for of the Devi
Name: TuwaDefinition: Earth
Name: TuyenDefinition: Angel
Name: TuyetDefinition: Snow
Name: TwainDefinition: two pieces
Name: TwilaDefinition: Thread
Name: TwylaDefinition: Third
Name: TyDefinition: Short for TYLER/TYRONE
Name: TyanneDefinition: Special one
Name: TybaltDefinition: He who Sees
Name: TyeDefinition: Enclosed
Name: TyeeDefinition: Chief
Name: TylerDefinition: tiler, roofer
Name: TymeDefinition: Thyme Herb
Name: TynanDefinition: Dark
Name: TyneDefinition: River
Name: TyreeDefinition: Island off of Scotland
Name: TyrellDefinition: Thunder Ruler
Name: TyroneDefinition: King
Name: TyrusDefinition: Personfrom Tyre
Name: TysonDefinition: Son of a German, son of Ty
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