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Pet Names that Start With B

Name: BaakoDefinition: First born
Name: BabaDefinition: Born on Thursday
Name: BabackDefinition: Loving father
Name: BabetteDefinition: Stranger,lovely
Name: BabyDefinition: Baby
Name: BachyenDefinition: White
Name: BaciaDefinition: Family deaths ruined the home
Name: BadeDefinition: Full moon
Name: BaduDefinition: Tenth Born Child
Name: BaeDefinition: Inspiration
Name: BaeddanDefinition: Boar
Name: BahariDefinition: Sea Man
Name: BaileyDefinition: Bailiff, fortification, able
Name: BainaDefinition: Sparkling
Name: BainganaDefinition: People are equal
Name: BairdDefinition: Minstrel
Name: BairnDefinition: Child
Name: BajiDefinition: Joyful
Name: BajnokDefinition: Victor
Name: BakaDefinition: Crane
Name: BakariDefinition: Promise
Name: BakarneDefinition: Solitude
Name: BakerDefinition: Baxter, Baxley
Name: BalavanDefinition: Powerful
Name: BalbinaDefinition: Strong, stammers
Name: BalboDefinition: Inarticulate
Name: BaldasarreDefinition: Brave One
Name: BaldwinDefinition: Bold friend
Name: BaleDefinition: Home of the Mutima clan
Name: BaliDefinition: Mighty warrior
Name: BalinDefinition: Knights of the Round Table
Name: BalintDefinition: Strong and healthy
Name: BallardDefinition: A dancing song
Name: BallariDefinition: Walking Quietly
Name: BalthasarDefinition: One of the 3 Kings
Name: BalthazarDefinition: Baldassare
Name: BambiDefinition: Child
Name: BanagherDefinition: Pointed Hill
Name: BancroftDefinition: Bean field
Name: BandeleDefinition: Born away from home
Name: BaneDefinition: Long-awaited child
Name: BanjiDefinition: Second Born of Twins
Name: BanningDefinition: Blond child
Name: BansariDefinition: Bansuri
Name: BanyanDefinition: The Banyan Tree
Name: BaoDefinition: To order, to bid
Name: BaraDefinition: to choose
Name: BarabasDefinition: Barabba
Name: BaranDefinition: Form of star aldebaran
Name: BarbDefinition: Stranger
Name: BarbaraDefinition: Foreign, strange, exotic, mysterious
Name: BarberDefinition: Beard
Name: BarbieDefinition: From the name BARBARA
Name: BarbodDefinition: Hero
Name: BarbraDefinition: Stranger
Name: BarclayDefinition: Birch meadow
Name: BardiaDefinition: The prince
Name: BardoDefinition: Son of the earth
Name: BardonDefinition: Barley valley
Name: BarendDefinition: Bear
Name: BariDefinition: Spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman
Name: BaridDefinition: Clouid
Name: BarikaDefinition: Bloom
Name: BarkeDefinition: Blessings
Name: BarnaDefinition: Son of comforting
Name: BarnabasDefinition: Son of prophecy
Name: BarnardDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BarneyDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BarnyDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BarrDefinition: Lawyer
Name: BarrettDefinition: Bear-like
Name: BarrettaDefinition: A cap
Name: BarringtonDefinition: Town of Barr
Name: BarryDefinition: Spear thrower, son of Harry, Marksman
Name: BarsDefinition: Pepper
Name: BarseDefinition: Fresh-water perch
Name: BartDefinition: Son of Tolmai
Name: BarthDefinition: Son of Tolmai
Name: BartholemewDefinition: Hill, Furrow
Name: BartoDefinition: Hill, Furrow
Name: BartonDefinition: From the barley farm
Name: BaruchDefinition: Blessed
Name: BaryDefinition: Marksman
Name: BaseDefinition: The Short One
Name: BashDefinition: Forerunner
Name: BastDefinition: Of the City of Bubastis
Name: BastiaanDefinition: Venerable
Name: BastienDefinition: Venerable, Revered
Name: BatDefinition: Short for Bartholomew
Name: BathshebaDefinition: Daughter of theoath
Name: BaulDefinition: Snail
Name: BavolDefinition: Wind
Name: BaxterDefinition: Baker
Name: BayDefinition: Born in July, seventh-born son
Name: BayanaiDefinition: Hero
Name: BayardDefinition: Bay horse, red-brown hair
Name: BayleDefinition: Beautiful
Name: BayleeDefinition: Bailiff
Name: BayoDefinition: to find joy
Name: BazyliDefinition: Royalty
Name: BeaDefinition: Blessed
Name: BeacanDefinition: Small, little one
Name: BeacherDefinition: Dweller by the beech tree
Name: BeamanDefinition: Beekeeper
Name: BeardsleyDefinition: Beard, wood
Name: BeataDefinition: Divinely blessed
Name: BeateDefinition: One Who Brings Joy
Name: BeatriceDefinition: Happy, bringer of joy
Name: BeatrixDefinition: Bringer of Joy
Name: BeatrizDefinition: Brings Joy
Name: BeauDefinition: Handsome, beautiful
Name: BeaumontDefinition: From the beautiful mountain
Name: BeauregardDefinition: Beautiful, Handsome
Name: BebeDefinition: Baby
Name: BeccaDefinition: Bound
Name: BeckDefinition: Brook
Name: BeckaDefinition: From the name REBECCA
Name: BeckyDefinition: Bound
Name: BecseDefinition: the kite
Name: BedeDefinition: Prayer
Name: BedeliaDefinition: Strength
Name: BedrosDefinition: Stone
Name: BelDefinition: Sacred wood apple tree
Name: BelaDefinition: White
Name: BelayDefinition: Above, Superior
Name: BeldenDefinition: From the Fair Valley
Name: BeldonDefinition: Beautiful pasture, child of the unspoiled glen
Name: BelenDefinition: An arrow
Name: BelindaDefinition: Beautiful snake
Name: BelitaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: BellDefinition: Beautiful
Name: BellaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: BelladonnaDefinition: Beautiful woman
Name: BellamyDefinition: Handsome friend
Name: BellancaDefinition: Stronghold
Name: BelleDefinition: Beautiful
Name: BelliniDefinition: From the name BELLE
Name: BelvaDefinition: Beautiful View
Name: BemDefinition: Peace
Name: BemusDefinition: Platform
Name: BenDefinition: Son of
Name: BenaDefinition: Pheasant
Name: BenardDefinition: FROM BERNARD
Name: BenceDefinition: Victor
Name: BendekDefinition: Blessed
Name: BeneciaDefinition: Blessed
Name: BenedictDefinition: Blessed
Name: BenicioDefinition: Benevolent One
Name: BenitaDefinition: Blessed
Name: BenitoDefinition: Blessed
Name: BenjaminDefinition: Son of my right hand
Name: BenjyDefinition: Son of My Right Hand
Name: BennettDefinition: Little Blessed One
Name: BennyDefinition: Son of My Right Hand
Name: BenquashaDefinition: Daughter of Ben
Name: BentleyDefinition: From the moor
Name: BerdineDefinition: Bright Maiden
Name: BerengerDefinition: Courage of a bear
Name: BereniceDefinition: Victorious
Name: BergDefinition: Mountain
Name: BergenDefinition: Mountain dweller
Name: BergrenDefinition: Mountain stream
Name: BeriszlDefinition: Honor
Name: BeritDefinition: Bright, glorious
Name: BerkDefinition: Solid and firm
Name: BerkeDefinition: Birch Tree
Name: BerkeleyDefinition: From the birch meadow
Name: BernDefinition: Brave
Name: BernadetteDefinition: Bold as a bear
Name: BernadineDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BernardDefinition: Bold as a bear
Name: BerneDefinition: Bold as a Bear
Name: BerniceDefinition: Bringer of victory
Name: BernieDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BernyDefinition: From the name BERNARD
Name: BershDefinition: One year
Name: BertDefinition: Bright
Name: BertaDefinition: Glorious, learning
Name: BerthaDefinition: Bright
Name: BertholdDefinition: Glorious ruler
Name: BertilleDefinition: Heroine
Name: BertramDefinition: Bright
Name: BerylDefinition: Dazzling jewel
Name: BessDefinition: From the name ELIZABETH
Name: BethaDefinition: Life
Name: BethanyDefinition: House
Name: BethesdaDefinition: House of Mercy
Name: BetrysDefinition: From Beatrice
Name: BevalDefinition: Like the wind
Name: BevanDefinition: Son of Evan
Name: BeverlyDefinition: Meadow of beavers
Name: BevinDefinition: Lady with a sweet song, son of Evan
Name: BevisDefinition: Bowman
Name: BeyonceDefinition: Beyond Others
Name: BhoomiDefinition: Earth
Name: BhriguDefinition: A Prajapati
Name: BhudevDefinition: Lord of the earth
Name: BialyDefinition: White-haired boy
Name: BianDefinition: Secretive, hidden
Name: BianaDefinition: Fair Skinned
Name: BiancaDefinition: White
Name: BibianaDefinition: Lively
Name: BibianeDefinition: Lively
Name: BideliaDefinition: High One
Name: BienDefinition: Ocean, sea
Name: BijanDefinition: Hero
Name: BikitaDefinition: Anteater
Name: BillDefinition: From the name WILLIAM
Name: BillieDefinition: Defender of justice
Name: BillyDefinition: From the name WILLIAM
Name: BinDefinition: From the name BINGHAM
Name: BinaDefinition: A musical instrument, intelligence
Name: BingDefinition: Pet form of BINGHAM
Name: BinghamDefinition: Kettle-shaped hollow
Name: BinhDefinition: Vase, jar
Name: BintyDefinition: Daughter
Name: BirchDefinition: White
Name: BirgetDefinition: Protecting
Name: BirkitaDefinition: Strength
Name: BishopDefinition: A bishop
Name: BitaloDefinition: Finger-licking
Name: BitonDefinition: Born after Long Wait
Name: BjornDefinition: Bear
Name: BladeDefinition: Glory
Name: BlaineDefinition: thin, lean, source of a river
Name: BlairDefinition: From the plain, child of the fields
Name: BlaiseDefinition: Stammerer
Name: BlakeDefinition: Fair-haired, pallid
Name: BlancaDefinition: White
Name: BlancheDefinition: White
Name: BlandaDefinition: Dazzling
Name: BlazDefinition: Unwavering protector
Name: BlazeDefinition: A Flame
Name: BlendaDefinition: Dazzling Bright
Name: BlissDefinition: Joy
Name: BlitheDefinition: Happy
Name: BlodwynDefinition: Flower
Name: BlondelleDefinition: Blonde
Name: BlossomDefinition: Lovely
Name: BlueDefinition: The Color
Name: BlumaDefinition: A flower, bloom
Name: BlyDefinition: High, tall
Name: BlytheDefinition: Joyous
Name: BoDefinition: Precious, commanding
Name: BoazDefinition: Swift, Strong
Name: BobDefinition: Bright, famous
Name: Bo-baeDefinition: treasure, precious
Name: BobbyDefinition: Short for ROBERT
Name: BodDefinition: Branch
Name: BodenDefinition: Herald
Name: BodorDefinition: Curly
Name: BogartDefinition: Strong as a bow
Name: BoltonDefinition: Of the manor farm
Name: BonaDefinition: A builder
Name: BonamyDefinition: Good friend
Name: BonaventureDefinition: Good Luck
Name: BondDefinition: tiller of the soil
Name: BonifacyDefinition: Doer of Good Deeds
Name: BonitaDefinition: Pretty, Beautiful
Name: BonnerDefinition: Good Citizen
Name: BonnieDefinition: Sweet and good
Name: BonoDefinition: All Good
Name: BookerDefinition: Beech tree
Name: BooneDefinition: Good
Name: BoothDefinition: Hut
Name: BorgnyDefinition: Help, new
Name: BorisDefinition: Fight, battler
Name: BorkaDefinition: Fighter
Name: BornaDefinition: Youthful
Name: BoswellDefinition: Forested town
Name: BotanDefinition: Peony
Name: BotondDefinition: Mace wielding warrior
Name: BowenDefinition: Son of Owen, yellow-haired
Name: BowieDefinition: Yellow Haired
Name: BowmanDefinition: the archer
Name: BoyceDefinition: Woodland
Name: BoydDefinition: Blond, yellow
Name: BoydenDefinition: A herald
Name: BozicaDefinition: Born at Christmas
Name: BracDefinition: Free
Name: BrachaDefinition: A blessing
Name: BradDefinition: Broad Meadow
Name: BradenDefinition: Broad
Name: BradfordDefinition: Broad crossing
Name: BradleyDefinition: Broad meadow
Name: BradyDefinition: Broad shouldered
Name: BraedenDefinition: From the Dark Valley
Name: BrahnanDefinition: Courageous one
Name: BraimaDefinition: Father of Multitudes
Name: BraithDefinition: Freckled
Name: BramDefinition: Raven
Name: BramwellDefinition: Place name
Name: BranDefinition: From the name BRAND
Name: BranchDefinition: Extension
Name: BrandDefinition: Sword blade
Name: BrandeeDefinition: Brandy, After Dinner Drink
Name: BrandeisDefinition: Dweller on a burned clearing
Name: BrandenDefinition: Little Raven
Name: BrandiDefinition: Beacon light
Name: BrandiceDefinition: Combination of BRANDI and CANDICE
Name: BrandieDefinition: Sweet Nectar
Name: BrandonDefinition: Fiery hill, sword
Name: BrandyDefinition: Brandy drink
Name: BrantDefinition: Firebrand
Name: BranxtonDefinition: Unknown
Name: BrayDefinition: to cry out
Name: BraydenDefinition: Brave, broad
Name: BraytonDefinition: From Great Bitain
Name: BrazDefinition: Stammerer
Name: BrazilDefinition: Brave, strong in conflict
Name: BreannaDefinition: Strong, Virtuous, Honorable
Name: BreckinDefinition: Freckled
Name: BredeDefinition: The Glaciar
Name: BreeDefinition: Broth
Name: BreenaDefinition: Fairy Land
Name: BreindelDefinition: Blessing
Name: BrencisDefinition: Crowned with laurel
Name: BrendDefinition: Little Raven
Name: BrendaDefinition: Fiery hill, sword-blade
Name: BrendanDefinition: Little raven
Name: BrendonDefinition: Little Raven
Name: BrendyDefinition: Sword
Name: BrennaDefinition: Raven maid, dark-haired
Name: BrennanDefinition: to brand
Name: BrentDefinition: Fiery hill, steep hill
Name: BrettDefinition: A native of Brittany, Briton
Name: BrettaDefinition: From Britain
Name: BrewsterDefinition: Brewer
Name: BriacDefinition: Estime
Name: BriallenDefinition: Primrose
Name: BrianDefinition: Strong
Name: BrianaDefinition: Strong
Name: BriandDefinition: Castle
Name: BriannaDefinition: Strong One
Name: BrianneDefinition: Strong One
Name: BriarDefinition: Shrub or small tree
Name: BriceDefinition: Swift, quick-moving, son of Rice
Name: BrickDefinition: From the name BRICE
Name: BridgetDefinition: Resolute, strength, saint
Name: BridgitDefinition: From the name BRIDGET
Name: BridieDefinition: Strong
Name: BrieDefinition: Region in France
Name: BrierDefinition: Heather
Name: BriettaDefinition: Strong
Name: BrigetteDefinition: Strong
Name: BrighamDefinition: One who lives near a bridge, soldier
Name: BrightonDefinition: the one who is loved
Name: BrigidDefinition: Strong
Name: BrigitDefinition: Strong
Name: BrigitteDefinition: From the name BRIDGET
Name: BrilaneDefinition: From Brigham Lane
Name: BrilliantDefinition: To Sparkle
Name: BrilynnDefinition: Strength, casade
Name: BrinaDefinition: Protector
Name: BrindaDefinition: Of the Basil Plant
Name: BrinleyDefinition: tawny
Name: BrinlyDefinition: Virtuous, Princess
Name: BrionyDefinition: Plant name
Name: BrishenDefinition: Born during a rain
Name: BritDefinition: From the name BRITANNIA
Name: BritaDefinition: From the name BRITTANIA
Name: BritainDefinition: From Great Britain
Name: BritanniaDefinition: Great Britain
Name: BritanyDefinition: From Britain
Name: BritesDefinition: Strength
Name: BritneyDefinition: From Great Britain
Name: BrittDefinition: the helpful one
Name: BrittaniaDefinition: From Brittain, British
Name: BrittanyDefinition: From England, strong, industrious
Name: BrittneeDefinition: From Britain
Name: BrittneyDefinition: From Britain
Name: BrockDefinition: Badger
Name: BroderickDefinition: Son of Roderick, from the broad ridge
Name: BrodnyDefinition: One who lives near a shallow stream crossing
Name: BrodyDefinition: Ditch, unusual beard
Name: BroganDefinition: Sturdy and strong
Name: BromDefinition: Raven
Name: BromleyDefinition: Brush-covered meadow
Name: BronDefinition: The Source
Name: BroneDefinition: Brown
Name: BronsonDefinition: Son of Brown, son of the dark-skinned one
Name: BronwenDefinition: Dark, Pure
Name: BronwynDefinition: Fair breast
Name: BrookDefinition: Stream
Name: BrookeDefinition: Brook, Stream
Name: BrooklynDefinition: Brook, Stream
Name: BrooksDefinition: Running Water
Name: BroshDefinition: Lips
Name: BrownDefinition: Colour
Name: BruceDefinition: thicket, woodlands
Name: BruisDefinition: Mansion
Name: BrunoDefinition: Brown One
Name: BrutusDefinition: Bruto
Name: BryanDefinition: Strong One
Name: BryanneDefinition: Strong One
Name: BryantDefinition: Strong, Honorable
Name: BrygidDefinition: Strength
Name: BrynDefinition: Hill, coat
Name: BrynnDefinition: Small Hill
Name: BryonyDefinition: Vine with Small Blossoms
Name: BrysonDefinition: Grandson of a Nobleman
Name: BuckDefinition: Deer, Cowboy
Name: BuckleyDefinition: Meadow of deer
Name: BudDefinition: Herald, to puff up, friend
Name: BuddyDefinition: Friend
Name: BunnyDefinition: Little rabbit
Name: BurdetteDefinition: Small bird
Name: BurgessDefinition: Free citizen
Name: BurianDefinition: He lives near the weeds
Name: BurkeDefinition: Birch tree
Name: BurleDefinition: Knotted wood
Name: BurneDefinition: Brook
Name: BurrDefinition: Youth
Name: BurtDefinition: Fortress
Name: BurtonDefinition: Bright fame
Name: ButchDefinition: Manly
Name: ButterflyDefinition: A Butterfly
Name: BuzzDefinition: Village in the Woods
Name: ByrdDefinition: Like a Bird
Name: ByronDefinition: From the cottage, bear
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