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Pet Names that Start With J

Name: JaDefinition: Magnetic
Name: JabariDefinition: Brave, fearless
Name: JabiloDefinition: Medicine Man
Name: JabulaniDefinition: Happy
Name: JaceDefinition: Moon-Var. of Jacey
Name: JaceyDefinition: From the initials J.C.
Name: JacieDefinition: Variation of Jace
Name: JacindaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: JacintaDefinition: Purple
Name: JacintheDefinition: Hyacinth
Name: JackDefinition: From the name JOHN
Name: JackieDefinition: From JACQUELINE or JACLYN
Name: JacksonDefinition: Son of Jack
Name: JaclynDefinition: To Protect
Name: JacobDefinition: Held by the heel
Name: JacobaDefinition: Supplant
Name: JacquelineDefinition: Supplanter
Name: JacquesDefinition: From the name JACOB
Name: JacquiDefinition: From JACQUELINE or JACLYN
Name: JacyDefinition: the moon
Name: JadaDefinition: Wise
Name: JadeDefinition: Green gemstone
Name: JadziaDefinition: Princess
Name: JaegarDefinition: Hunger
Name: JaegerDefinition: Hunter
Name: JaelDefinition: to ascend
Name: JaenDefinition: Ostrich
Name: JafarDefinition: Little stream
Name: JafariDefinition: Dignified
Name: JafaruDefinition: Brook, Creek
Name: JagDefinition: The Universe
Name: JaggerDefinition: A teamster
Name: JaguarDefinition: Large Spotted Feline
Name: JahzaraDefinition: Blessed Princess
Name: JaimeDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: JaimicaDefinition: Supplanter
Name: JaimieDefinition: I love
Name: JaiminDefinition: I Love
Name: JainaDefinition: Good character
Name: JakeDefinition: From the name JACOB
Name: JakindaDefinition: Hyacinth
Name: JalDefinition: Wanderer
Name: JalenaDefinition: Light
Name: JaleneDefinition: From JAMES and LENORE
Name: JamDefinition: A sweet condiment or musical get-together
Name: JamarDefinition: Handsome
Name: JamariDefinition: Warrior
Name: JameeDefinition: Supplanter, one who replaces
Name: JamesDefinition: Supplanter
Name: JameseDefinition: From JAMES
Name: JamieDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: JamilaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: JamisonDefinition: Son of James
Name: JamunaDefinition: Holy River
Name: JanaeDefinition: Form of JANET
Name: JaneevaDefinition: Juniper Berry
Name: JaninaDefinition: Form of JANE
Name: JanineDefinition: From the name JANE
Name: JanisaDefinition: Funny, loveable, hyper child
Name: JannaDefinition: Flourishing
Name: JanuaryDefinition: Born in January
Name: JaphethDefinition: He Expands
Name: JaraDefinition: Anc. Slavic for Spring
Name: JarahDefinition: Sweetness
Name: JardenaDefinition: to flow downward
Name: JaredDefinition: One who rules
Name: JarekDefinition: Born in January
Name: JariahDefinition: Tributary Lord
Name: JariathDefinition: Tributary Lord
Name: JarlathDefinition: A tributary lord
Name: JarmanDefinition: A German
Name: JaronDefinition: to cry out, singing
Name: JarrahDefinition: Eucalyptus tree
Name: JarrettDefinition: From the name JARED
Name: JarviaDefinition: Spear-keen
Name: JarviniaDefinition: Keen intelligence
Name: JarvisDefinition: Driver, a conqueror
Name: JaseDefinition: From Jason
Name: JasminDefinition: A Flower in the Olive Family
Name: JasonDefinition: Healer
Name: JasperDefinition: treasurer
Name: JavanDefinition: Angel of Greece
Name: JavenDefinition: Son of Japheth
Name: JaxonDefinition: Son of Jack
Name: JayDefinition: A bird in the crow family
Name: JayaniDefinition: A sakti of Ganesha
Name: JayantDefinition: Victorious, a Rudra
Name: JaymeDefinition: James
Name: JayneDefinition: Victorious
Name: JayvynDefinition: Light spirit
Name: JazlynnDefinition: From Jasmine & Lynn
Name: Jean+baptisteDefinition: St. John the Baptist
Name: JeanneDefinition: From the name JANE
Name: JebDefinition: Beloved Friend
Name: JebediahDefinition: Beloved Friend
Name: JedidiahDefinition: Beloved of the Lord
Name: JedrekDefinition: Strong, manly
Name: JeevanDefinition: Life
Name: JeffDefinition: From the name JEFFREY
Name: JeffersonDefinition: Son of Jeffrey
Name: JefferyDefinition: Gift of Peace
Name: JelaDefinition: Father Suffered During Birth
Name: JelaniDefinition: Mighty
Name: JelenaDefinition: Shining light
Name: JemimaDefinition: Dove
Name: JemmaDefinition: A Dove
Name: JenDefinition: White Wave
Name: JenayaDefinition: Trendy and hip
Name: JendayiDefinition: Give thanks
Name: JendyoseDefinition: Have done good to produce a child
Name: JeneilDefinition: Champion Wave
Name: JenellDefinition: Knowledge, understanding, kindness
Name: JenevaDefinition: White Wave
Name: JengoDefinition: One with Reddish Complexion
Name: JenibelleDefinition: Beautifuland Bright
Name: JeniferDefinition: White Wave
Name: JenisDefinition: Genesis the beginning
Name: JennaDefinition: Small Bird
Name: JennelleDefinition: From JENNY and NELL
Name: JennessaDefinition: From JENNIFER and VANESSA
Name: JennicaDefinition: Combination of JENNIFER and JESSICA
Name: JennieDefinition: White Wave
Name: JenniferDefinition: White wave, white spirit, white cheeked
Name: JennisDefinition: Wild Wave
Name: JennyDefinition: From the name JENNIFER
Name: JenoDefinition: Heaven, well-born
Name: JenskiDefinition: Coming home
Name: JeraDefinition: Holy
Name: JeredDefinition: From JARED
Name: JeremiahDefinition: Exalted of the Lord
Name: JereniDefinition: Peaceful
Name: JericaDefinition: Strong, a gifted ruler
Name: JermaineDefinition: From Germany
Name: JerodDefinition: Descendant
Name: JeroldDefinition: From the name GERALD
Name: JerolinDefinition: Holy name
Name: JeromDefinition: Holy Man
Name: JeromeDefinition: Of holy name
Name: JerrellDefinition: From GERALD & DARRELL
Name: JerrickDefinition: FROM JERICHO
Name: JerrodDefinition: Down to Earth
Name: JerryDefinition: Holy
Name: JerseyDefinition: From a section of England
Name: JerushaDefinition: Inheritance
Name: JerzyDefinition: Farmer
Name: JesimaeDefinition: Wealthy and bitter
Name: JeslynDefinition: Blessed with wealth and beauty
Name: JessDefinition: Wealthy
Name: JessamineDefinition: Jasmine
Name: JesseDefinition: Wealthy
Name: JessieDefinition: From the name JESSICA
Name: JethroDefinition: Outstanding, Excellent
Name: JettDefinition: Jet Black Gem
Name: JettaDefinition: Black Gem
Name: JevonteDefinition: Son of Japtheh
Name: JewelDefinition: Joy
Name: JewellDefinition: Precious gem
Name: JezebelDefinition: Follower of idols
Name: Jia+liDefinition: Good and Beautiful
Name: JieDefinition: Pure
Name: JieraDefinition: Living
Name: JihanDefinition: Universe
Name: JillDefinition: Girl/Sweetheart
Name: JillianDefinition: Girl
Name: JimDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: JimmyDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: JinDefinition: Super-excellent; jewel
Name: JinelleDefinition: From Guinevere- Fair
Name: JinxDefinition: A charm
Name: JiraDefinition: Related by Blood
Name: JirairDefinition: Hard-working
Name: JiroDefinition: Second male
Name: JivinDefinition: to give life
Name: JoakimDefinition: the Lord will judge
Name: JoakimaDefinition: the Lord will judge
Name: JoanDefinition: From the name JOANNE
Name: JoannDefinition: From the name JOANNE
Name: JoannaDefinition: From the name JOANNE
Name: JobDefinition: Afflicted One
Name: JobeyDefinition: Persecuted
Name: JobinaDefinition: the persecuted
Name: JocastaDefinition: Cheerful
Name: JocelinDefinition: Supplanter
Name: JocelynDefinition: Happy, joyful
Name: JockDefinition: Short form of JACOB or JOHN
Name: JocosaDefinition: Gleeful
Name: JodiDefinition: From JOHANNA
Name: JoeDefinition: From the name JOSEPH
Name: JoellaDefinition: Lord is Willing
Name: JoelleDefinition: the Lord is willing
Name: JoeyDefinition: From the name JOSEPH
Name: JohariDefinition: Jewel
Name: JohnnyDefinition: From the name JOHN
Name: JohnsonDefinition: Son of John
Name: JoieDefinition: Joy
Name: JolaDefinition: Pretty
Name: JolanDefinition: Violet blossom
Name: JolandiDefinition: Purple flower
Name: JoleneDefinition: He will increase
Name: JolieDefinition: Pretty, merry
Name: JolonDefinition: Valley of the dead oaks
Name: JonahDefinition: A dove
Name: JonasDefinition: Accomplishing
Name: JoninaDefinition: Dove
Name: JonnyDefinition: From the name JOHN
Name: Joo-chanDefinition: Praise the Lord
Name: Joo-eunDefinition: Silver pearl
Name: JoraDefinition: Autumn rain
Name: JordanDefinition: to descend, to flow
Name: JordanaDefinition: Descending
Name: JordaneDefinition: Descendant, flowing down
Name: JorgeDefinition: From the name GEORGE
Name: JorgenDefinition: Farmer
Name: JorjannaDefinition: Lovable country child
Name: JornDefinition: Vigilant Watchman
Name: JoryDefinition: Descending
Name: JoseDefinition: From the name JOSEPH
Name: JoshuaDefinition: Jehova saves
Name: JosiahDefinition: Fire of the Lord
Name: JosueDefinition: Form of JOSHUA
Name: JovanDefinition: Majestic
Name: JovannaDefinition: Majestic
Name: JovianneDefinition: Majestic
Name: JovitaDefinition: Happy
Name: JoyDefinition: Joy
Name: JoyceDefinition: Rejoicing
Name: JoycetaDefinition: Little joy
Name: JoylynDefinition: Joyful One
Name: JuanDefinition: From the name JOHN
Name: JuandalynnDefinition: FROM GWENDOLYN
Name: JubalDefinition: Ram
Name: JudDefinition: Praised
Name: JudahDefinition: Praised
Name: JuddDefinition: Praised
Name: JudeDefinition: Praise
Name: JudithDefinition: Praise, admired
Name: JudsonDefinition: Son of Jud
Name: JudyDefinition: From Judah
Name: JuiDefinition: Flower
Name: JuinDefinition: Month of June
Name: JujiDefinition: Heap of Love
Name: JulesDefinition: Youthful
Name: JuliaDefinition: Softhaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle
Name: JulianDefinition: Youthful
Name: JulianaDefinition: Soft-haired
Name: JuliannaDefinition: From the name JULIA & ANNE
Name: JulianneDefinition: From the name JULIA & ANNE
Name: JulieDefinition: Soft-haired, youthful
Name: JulietDefinition: Soft-haired
Name: JulietteDefinition: Soft Haired
Name: JulinkaDefinition: Youthful
Name: JulioDefinition: Form of JULIAN
Name: JulishaDefinition: To Make Known
Name: JuliusDefinition: Youthful
Name: JulyDefinition: From the name JULIA
Name: JumaDefinition: Born on a Friday
Name: JumokeDefinition: Everyone loves the baby
Name: JunDefinition: truth
Name: JungDefinition: Righteous
Name: JuniorDefinition: the young child
Name: JuniperDefinition: Juniper Berry
Name: JuniusDefinition: Youthful
Name: JusticeDefinition: Fairness
Name: JustinDefinition: Just, true
Name: JustineDefinition: Just, true
Name: JustisDefinition: Fair minded
Name: JustiseDefinition: Just
Name: JustusDefinition: Justice
Name: JyotiDefinition: Light
Name: JyotikaDefinition: Light, Flame
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