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Pet Names that Start With S

Name: SabaDefinition: Woman of Sheba
Name: SaberDefinition: Sword
Name: SabinDefinition: From the Sabines
Name: SabinaDefinition: Sabine woman
Name: SabineDefinition: Of Ancient Italian Culture
Name: SabolaDefinition: Prophetess
Name: SabrinaDefinition: From the border land
Name: SachaDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: SachchitDefinition: Truth, Consciousness
Name: SachiDefinition: Bliss-child; wife of Indra
Name: SachielDefinition: Angel of water
Name: SachikoDefinition: Bliss, child of Sachi
Name: SadaDefinition: Pure One
Name: SadeDefinition: Honor confers a crown
Name: SadieDefinition: Princess
Name: SadikiDefinition: Believe
Name: SaeedDefinition: Priestly
Name: SaekoDefinition: Child of Sae
Name: SaeranDefinition: Irish Saint
Name: SafaraDefinition: Her Place
Name: SaffiDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SaffronDefinition: Yellow Flower
Name: SafiyaDefinition: Pure
Name: SagarDefinition: King
Name: SagaraDefinition: Ocean
Name: SageDefinition: From the spice OR Prophet
Name: SagiraDefinition: Little One
Name: SagittariusDefinition: The Archer
Name: SagivDefinition: Mighty, with strength
Name: SahadevDefinition: Prince
Name: SahaleDefinition: Above
Name: SaheliDefinition: Friend
Name: SahenDefinition: Falcon
Name: SahibDefinition: Sir
Name: SahibaDefinition: Lady
Name: SahilaDefinition: Guide
Name: SahirahDefinition: Clean, Pristine
Name: SahkyoDefinition: Mink
Name: SaidahDefinition: Happy, fortunate
Name: SaidiDefinition: Helper
Name: SailorDefinition: Sailor
Name: SajiliDefinition: Decorated
Name: SajniDefinition: Beloved
Name: SakariDefinition: Sweet
Name: SakikoDefinition: Child of Saki
Name: SakinaDefinition: Friend
Name: SaktiDefinition: Energy, goodness
Name: SakuDefinition: Remembrance of the Lord
Name: SakukoDefinition: Child of Saku
Name: SakuraDefinition: Cherry blossoms
Name: SakurakoDefinition: Child of Sakura
Name: SalDefinition: From the name SALVADOR
Name: SalalDefinition: A plant
Name: SalaliDefinition: Squirrel
Name: SalamaDefinition: Peaceful
Name: SaleneDefinition: Dignified one
Name: SalihahDefinition: Correct
Name: SalimDefinition: Peace
Name: SalinaDefinition: By the salt water; solemn
Name: SallyDefinition: Saviour
Name: SalmaDefinition: Ambitious
Name: SalomaDefinition: Peace
Name: SalomanDefinition: Peaceful
Name: SalomeDefinition: Shalom/Welcome, Peace
Name: SaloniDefinition: Dear, beautiful
Name: SalvadorDefinition: Saviour
Name: SalvatoreDefinition: Savior
Name: SamDefinition: to hear
Name: SamanDefinition: Shelter and security
Name: SamanthaDefinition: Listens well
Name: SamirDefinition: Wind
Name: SammyDefinition: Short for SAMUEL or SAMANTHA
Name: SampritiDefinition: Attachment
Name: SamsonDefinition: Like the sun, his ministry
Name: SamudraDefinition: Lord of the ocean
Name: SamulariaDefinition: Sweet one forever
Name: SanaDefinition: Light
Name: SanaaDefinition: Work of Art, Beauty
Name: SanakoDefinition: Child of Sana
Name: SanamDefinition: Lover
Name: SanchaDefinition: Holy
Name: SanchayDefinition: Collection
Name: SanchoDefinition: Saint
Name: SanciaDefinition: Holy
Name: SandiaDefinition: Watermelon
Name: SandonDefinition: From the Sandy hill
Name: SandorDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: SandraDefinition: Helper of Humanity
Name: SandrineDefinition: Helper and defender of mankind
Name: SandroDefinition: From ALEXANDER
Name: SanfordDefinition: Dweller at the sandy ford
Name: SangitaDefinition: Musical
Name: SaniDefinition: The Old One
Name: SaniyaDefinition: Moment in Time
Name: SanjeetDefinition: Invincible
Name: SanjivDefinition: Love, Life
Name: SanjnaDefinition: Wife of the Sun
Name: SanjulaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: SanneDefinition: Lily
Name: SantaDefinition: Saint
Name: SantiagoDefinition: Supplanter
Name: SantoDefinition: A saint
Name: SantosDefinition: Saint
Name: SanuraDefinition: Kitten
Name: SanyuDefinition: Happiness
Name: SaoirseDefinition: Freedom
Name: SapnaDefinition: Dream
Name: SapphiraDefinition: Blue jewel
Name: SapphireDefinition: From the Gem
Name: SaraDefinition: Princess
Name: SarahDefinition: Princess
Name: SaraiDefinition: Quarrelsome
Name: SaraidDefinition: Excellent
Name: SaranDefinition: Joy
Name: SardaDefinition: Hurried
Name: SargentDefinition: Officer, to serve
Name: SariDefinition: Princess
Name: SarikaDefinition: thrush
Name: SarishaDefinition: Charming
Name: SaritaDefinition: Stream, river
Name: SarkiDefinition: Chief
Name: SarkisDefinition: Royality
Name: SarmisthaDefinition: A daughter of Vrsaparvan
Name: SarojinDefinition: Lotus-like
Name: SaroshDefinition: Prayer
Name: SaryuDefinition: A river in Ramayana
Name: SashaDefinition: Pet form of ALEXANDER
Name: SashenkaDefinition: Defender and helper of mankind
Name: SasilviaDefinition: From the name Silvia
Name: SaskiaDefinition: Protector of Mankind
Name: SassonDefinition: Joy
Name: SatayuDefinition: Brother of Amavasu and Vivasu
Name: SatchelDefinition: Bag
Name: SatinDefinition: Smooth Fabric
Name: SatinkaDefinition: Magic dancer
Name: SatokoDefinition: Child of Sato
Name: SatruijtDefinition: A son of Vatsa
Name: SatuDefinition: Fairytale
Name: SatyaDefinition: Truth
Name: SatyavatiDefinition: Mother of Vyasa
Name: SaudaDefinition: Dark Beauty
Name: SaulDefinition: Asked for
Name: SaunakDefinition: Boy sage
Name: SavannaDefinition: From the open plain
Name: SavannahDefinition: Treeless Plain
Name: SavarnaDefinition: Daughter of the ocean
Name: SaveaDefinition: The Swedish Nation
Name: SavitaDefinition: Sun
Name: SavitriDefinition: A form of the Devi, 4th Sakti
Name: SawyerDefinition: Woodsman
Name: SaxenDefinition: Swordsman
Name: SaxonDefinition: Large stone; swordsman
Name: SaxtonDefinition: Swordsman
Name: SayerDefinition: Carpenter
Name: SayokoDefinition: Child of Sayo
Name: ScarletDefinition: Deep red
Name: ScarlettDefinition: Red
Name: SchmetterlingDefinition: Butterfly
Name: SchuylerDefinition: Shield, scholar
Name: ScorpioDefinition: The Scorpion
Name: ScotDefinition: Of Scottish Origin
Name: ScotaDefinition: An Irish woman
Name: ScottDefinition: From Scotland
Name: ScoutDefinition: First Explorer
Name: ScullyDefinition: town crier
Name: SeabertDefinition: Sea-glorious
Name: SeamusDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: SearlaitDefinition: Petitet
Name: SeasonDefinition: Planting time
Name: SebastianDefinition: Revered one
Name: SebastianneDefinition: Revered one
Name: SebastienDefinition: Venerable
Name: SebesDefinition: Fast
Name: SebilleDefinition: A Fairy
Name: SedaDefinition: Forest Voices
Name: SeemaDefinition: Symbol
Name: SefDefinition: Yesterday
Name: SeffDefinition: A wolf
Name: SeghenDefinition: Ostrich
Name: SeiichiDefinition: First son of Sei
Name: SeikoDefinition: Force, Truth
Name: SelaDefinition: A rock
Name: SelahDefinition: Pause and reflect
Name: SelamDefinition: Peace
Name: SelasDefinition: Trinity
Name: SelbyDefinition: Of the manor house farm
Name: SelenaDefinition: Moon
Name: SeleneDefinition: Moon
Name: SeliaDefinition: Blind
Name: SelimDefinition: Peace
Name: SelinaDefinition: Moon
Name: SelmaDefinition: Divinely protected
Name: SemaDefinition: Divine Omen
Name: SemeleDefinition: Once
Name: SemiraDefinition: Fulfilled
Name: SenDefinition: Lotus flower
Name: SenaldaDefinition: A Sign, Symbol
Name: SenichiDefinition: First son of Sen
Name: SennettDefinition: Wise one
Name: SenonDefinition: Given life by Zeus
Name: SenonaDefinition: Lively
Name: SentaDefinition: Assistant
Name: SeorasDefinition: Farmer
Name: SeptemberDefinition: 7th Month
Name: SeptimaDefinition: Seventh born
Name: SeptimusDefinition: Seventh born
Name: SequoiaDefinition: Giant Redwood Tree
Name: SeraDefinition: Heavenly, Winged Angel
Name: SerafinaDefinition: Heavenly, Winged Angel
Name: SeraphimDefinition: Burning ones, angels, ardent
Name: SeraphinaDefinition: Afire, angel, seraph
Name: SerenaDefinition: Peaceful one, calm
Name: SerenityDefinition: Peaceful Disposition
Name: SerenoDefinition: Calm, Serene
Name: SergeDefinition: Attendant
Name: SergioDefinition: Attendant
Name: SerildaDefinition: Armed maiden of war
Name: SerwaDefinition: Jewel
Name: SesenDefinition: To Wish For More
Name: SeshaDefinition: Serpent who symbolizes time
Name: SethDefinition: Appointed one
Name: SeungDefinition: Successor, winning
Name: SevatiDefinition: White rose
Name: SevenDefinition: The Number 7
Name: SeverinDefinition: River in England
Name: SeverinoDefinition: Severe
Name: SevilenDefinition: Loved
Name: SevilinDefinition: Beloved
Name: SevitaDefinition: Beloved
Name: SewardDefinition: From the sea
Name: SeymourDefinition: Marshy land near the sea; taylor
Name: SezjaDefinition: Protector
Name: ShadaDefinition: Pelican
Name: ShadowDefinition: Shade from Sun
Name: ShaeDefinition: A Gift
Name: ShailiDefinition: Style
Name: ShaineDefinition: Beautiful
Name: ShakilaDefinition: Pretty
Name: ShakinaDefinition: Beautiful One
Name: ShakirDefinition: Grateful
Name: ShakoDefinition: Mint
Name: ShaktiDefinition: Divine Woman
Name: ShalomDefinition: Peace
Name: ShamanDefinition: Holy man
Name: ShamiraDefinition: Protector
Name: ShamitaDefinition: Peacemaker
Name: ShamusDefinition: From the name JAMES
Name: ShanDefinition: Coral
Name: ShanaeDefinition: From Shana
Name: ShanataDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ShandraDefinition: Variation of Sandra
Name: ShandyDefinition: Rambunctious
Name: ShaniDefinition: Marvellous
Name: ShanleyDefinition: Child of the old hero
Name: ShannaDefinition: Variant of Shannon
Name: ShannelleDefinition: Channel
Name: ShannonDefinition: Wise one, river name
Name: ShanonDefinition: From the name SHANNON
Name: ShantaDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ShantayDefinition: Enchanted
Name: ShantellDefinition: Song
Name: ShantinaDefinition: Warrior princess
Name: ShantonDefinition: We sing
Name: ShaquanaDefinition: Truth in Life
Name: ShaquilleDefinition: Pretty
Name: SharisDefinition: Flat Plain
Name: SharlaDefinition: Little and womanly form od Charlotte
Name: SharleneDefinition: From the name CHARLES
Name: SharmanDefinition: A fair share
Name: SharneDefinition: Desert Plain
Name: SharonDefinition: Princess
Name: SharonaDefinition: Flat Clearing
Name: ShasaDefinition: Precious Water
Name: ShashiDefinition: the moon, moonbeam
Name: ShashwatDefinition: Ever lasting
Name: ShasmeckaDefinition: Princess
Name: ShastaDefinition: Three
Name: ShatequeDefinition: Follower
Name: ShaunaDefinition: Fem. form of SHAUN
Name: ShaunnaDefinition: Fem. form of SHAUN
Name: ShawDefinition: A grove
Name: ShawnaDefinition: Fem. form of SHAUN
Name: ShayDefinition: A Gift
Name: ShaylaDefinition: Fairy palace
Name: ShayleeDefinition: Fairy princess of the field
Name: ShaynaDefinition: Beautiful
Name: ShayndelDefinition: Beautiful
Name: SheaDefinition: Hawk-like, stately
Name: SheadonDefinition: From SHEA and DON
Name: ShebaDefinition: From Sheba
Name: SheehanDefinition: Little peaceful one
Name: SheeraDefinition: A Song
Name: SheetalDefinition: Cool
Name: SheilaDefinition: Blind
Name: ShelDefinition: From the name SHELDON
Name: ShelaDefinition: Musical
Name: ShelaghDefinition: Blind
Name: ShelahDefinition: Request
Name: ShelbyDefinition: Sheltered town
Name: SheldonDefinition: Protected hill
Name: ShelleyDefinition: Clearing on a bank
Name: ShellyDefinition: Meadow on a Ledge
Name: ShenDefinition: Spiritual, deep-thinking
Name: ShengDefinition: Victory
Name: ShepherdDefinition: One who heards sheep
Name: ShepryDefinition: Friendly and honest mediator
Name: SheriDefinition: From Sharon
Name: SheridanDefinition: Wild
Name: SheridonDefinition: Wild one
Name: SherineDefinition: From Sharon
Name: SheriseDefinition: From the name CHARISSE
Name: SherlockDefinition: White-haired
Name: ShermanDefinition: Wool cutter
Name: SherriDefinition: Beloved
Name: SherryDefinition: Beloved
Name: SherwoodDefinition: Bright forest
Name: SherylDefinition: Charity
Name: ShielaDefinition: Blind
Name: ShieldsDefinition: Loyal protector
Name: ShigekazuDefinition: First son of Shige
Name: ShikaDefinition: Deer
Name: ShilahDefinition: Brother
Name: ShilohDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ShimaDefinition: Mother
Name: ShinDefinition: Belief
Name: ShinaDefinition: Virtue, good
Name: ShingDefinition: Victory
Name: ShinichiDefinition: First son of Shin
Name: ShinoDefinition: Stem of Bamboo
Name: ShipleyDefinition: From the deep meadow
Name: ShiraDefinition: Song
Name: ShiriDefinition: Song of my Soul
Name: ShirinDefinition: Sweet
Name: ShirinaDefinition: Love Song
Name: ShirleyDefinition: Country meadow
Name: ShirlynDefinition: Bright Meadow
Name: ShivDefinition: Lord Shiva
Name: ShlomoDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ShobiDefinition: Glorious
Name: ShoichiDefinition: First son of Sho
Name: ShokoDefinition: Child of Sho
Name: ShonaDefinition: Fem. form of John
Name: ShoshanaDefinition: Lily
Name: ShoshanahDefinition: Rose
Name: ShoshannahDefinition: Rose
Name: ShoushanDefinition: Lily
Name: ShreyaDefinition: Auspicious
Name: ShriDefinition: Lustre
Name: ShrijaniDefinition: Creative
Name: ShrutiDefinition: Hearing
Name: Shu+fangDefinition: Kind, Gentle
Name: ShuangDefinition: Bright, Clear
Name: ShuichiDefinition: First son of Shu
Name: ShulamithDefinition: Peaceful
Name: ShunichiDefinition: First son of Shun
Name: ShysieDefinition: Silent little one
Name: SiamakDefinition: Bringer of joy, great emperor
Name: SibleyDefinition: Prophetess
Name: SibongileDefinition: thanks
Name: SibylDefinition: Seer
Name: SidDefinition: From the name SIDNEY
Name: SiddelDefinition: From the wide valley
Name: SiddhiDefinition: then you must have a Riddhi
Name: SidneyDefinition: Contraction of St. Denys
Name: SidoneDefinition: It is Heard
Name: SidoniaDefinition: From Sidonia
Name: SidonieDefinition: Flower
Name: SidraDefinition: Like a star
Name: SiennaDefinition: Reddish brown
Name: SierraDefinition: Saw-tooth mountain range
Name: SigfriedDefinition: Victory peace
Name: SigmundDefinition: Victory shield, victory protector
Name: SignaDefinition: Signal, Sign
Name: SigneDefinition: A sign, victorious
Name: SigourneyDefinition: Daring king
Name: SigridDefinition: Winning adviser
Name: SikaDefinition: Money
Name: SilaDefinition: Homesick
Name: SilasDefinition: Wood
Name: SileasDefinition: Youth
Name: SilkoDefinition: Nubian King
Name: SilvainDefinition: Forest
Name: SilvanaDefinition: Forest
Name: SilverDefinition: The Color Silver
Name: SilvesterDefinition: Woodman
Name: SilviaDefinition: Woodland maid
Name: SilvioDefinition: Belonging to the forest, silver
Name: SimaDefinition: Treasure, Prize
Name: SimbaDefinition: Lion
Name: SimeonDefinition: He Heard
Name: SimonDefinition: He who hears
Name: SimoneDefinition: One who hears
Name: SimoniDefinition: Obedient
Name: SinclairDefinition: Saint Clair
Name: SineadDefinition: Gracious
Name: SinghDefinition: Lion
Name: SinjinDefinition: Saint John
Name: SinjonDefinition: Saint John
Name: SiranDefinition: Alluring
Name: SirenaDefinition: Siren
Name: SiriusDefinition: Sparkling, Scorching
Name: SirounDefinition: Lovely
Name: SirvatDefinition: Rose
Name: SissyDefinition: From the name CECILIA
Name: SitaraDefinition: Morning star
Name: SitembileDefinition: trust
Name: SiusanDefinition: Lily
Name: SivDefinition: Kinship, wife of Thor
Name: SivanDefinition: the ninth month
Name: SiyamakDefinition: Man with dark eyes
Name: SiyandaDefinition: We Are Growing
Name: SiyavashDefinition: Owner of black horses
Name: SkahDefinition: White
Name: SkeetDefinition: Speedy
Name: SkipDefinition: From the name SKIPPER
Name: SkippDefinition: Ship owner
Name: SkipperDefinition: Shipmaster
Name: SkuleDefinition: Hide
Name: SkyDefinition: Sky
Name: SkyeDefinition: Sky, sheltering
Name: SkylaDefinition: Sky, sheltering
Name: SkylarDefinition: Eternal life, strength, love and beauty
Name: SkylerDefinition: Learned One
Name: SladeDefinition: Child of the valley
Name: SlevinDefinition: Mountaineer
Name: SloanDefinition: Warrior
Name: SloaneDefinition: Strong protector
Name: SloneDefinition: Warrior
Name: SmitaDefinition: Smiling
Name: SmithDefinition: Blacksmith
Name: SmritiDefinition: Recollection, a form of the Devi
Name: SnanaDefinition: Jingles Like Bells
Name: SnowDefinition: Frozen Rain
Name: SnowdenDefinition: From the snow-covered hill
Name: SnowyDefinition: Dim. of SNOW
Name: SocorroDefinition: Helper
Name: SocratesDefinition: Ancient Philosopher
Name: SofiaDefinition: From the name SOPHIA
Name: SofronioDefinition: Self-controlled
Name: SohaliaDefinition: Moon Glow
Name: SokanonDefinition: Rain
Name: SolDefinition: the sun
Name: SolaceDefinition: Comfort
Name: SoladaDefinition: Listener
Name: SolanDefinition: Soul seeker
Name: SolanaDefinition: Sunshine
Name: SolangeDefinition: Rare juwel
Name: SolarisDefinition: Of the Sun
Name: SoledadDefinition: Solitary, health
Name: SoleilDefinition: Sun
Name: SolitaDefinition: Alone
Name: SolomonDefinition: Peaceful
Name: SolosoloDefinition: Dry
Name: SolsticeDefinition: Sun Exposure
Name: SomaDefinition: A kind of berry
Name: SomatraDefinition: Excelling the moon
Name: SonaDefinition: Gold
Name: SonakshiDefinition: Golden eye
Name: SonalDefinition: Golden
Name: SondoDefinition: Born on Sunday
Name: SondraDefinition: Helper/Defender of Mankind
Name: SonelDefinition: Lily
Name: SoniaDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SonikaDefinition: Golden
Name: SonjaDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SonnaghDefinition: Mound, rampart
Name: SonnenscheinDefinition: Sunshine
Name: SonnyDefinition: Our Son
Name: SonoraDefinition: Pleasant Sounding
Name: SonyaDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SooDefinition: Excellence, long-life
Name: SophiaDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SophieDefinition: Wisdom
Name: SophroniaDefinition: Foresighted
Name: SoraDefinition: Chirping Songbird
Name: SoranoDefinition: Of the sky
Name: SorchaDefinition: Bright
Name: SorenaDefinition: Tribal leader
Name: SorilbranDefinition: Smart
Name: SorleyDefinition: Viking
Name: SoteriosDefinition: Saviour
Name: SouthernDefinition: From the South
Name: SovannDefinition: Gold
Name: SoyalaDefinition: Winter Solstice
Name: SpaldingDefinition: Divided field
Name: SparrowDefinition: A bird
Name: SpenceDefinition: Provider
Name: SpencerDefinition: Dispenser, keeper
Name: SperanzaDefinition: Hope
Name: SpikeDefinition: Long, heavy nail
Name: SpiroDefinition: Spiral
Name: SpragueDefinition: Alert, Lively
Name: SpringDefinition: Spring season
Name: SpyridonDefinition: Round Basket
Name: SraddhaDefinition: Faith, a wife of Shiva
Name: StaceyDefinition: Stable
Name: StaciaDefinition: One who shall rise again
Name: StacieDefinition: Resurrection
Name: StacyDefinition: Resurrection
Name: StaffanDefinition: A garland
Name: StanDefinition: From the name STANLEY
Name: StanislausDefinition: Camp glory
Name: StanislavDefinition: Glory of the Camp
Name: StanislawDefinition: Camp glory; stone clearing
Name: StanleyDefinition: From the rocky meadow
Name: StarDefinition: A Star
Name: StarbuckDefinition: Astronaut
Name: StarrDefinition: From the name STAR
Name: StasiaDefinition: Resurrection
Name: StavrosDefinition: Crowned with Wreath
Name: StedmanDefinition: From the Farmstead
Name: StefanDefinition: From the name STEVEN
Name: StefaniaDefinition: Crown
Name: StefanieDefinition: Crowned One
Name: SteffiDefinition: From the name STEVEN
Name: SteinDefinition: Stone
Name: StellaDefinition: A star
Name: StepDefinition: From the name STEVEN
Name: StephanDefinition: Crowned One
Name: StephanieDefinition: From Stefanos - crown
Name: StephenDefinition: Crown
Name: SterlingDefinition: Genuine, valued
Name: SterneDefinition: Serious-minded
Name: SteshaDefinition: Crowned-one
Name: SteveDefinition: From the name STEVEN
Name: StevenDefinition: Crowned One
Name: StevieDefinition: From the name STEVEN
Name: StewDefinition: From the name STUART
Name: StewartDefinition: Keeper of the estate
Name: StianDefinition: Swift
Name: StillmanDefinition: Quiet, Gentle
Name: StockardDefinition: From the yard of tree stumps
Name: StocktonDefinition: Town Near Tree Trunk
Name: StokeDefinition: Village
Name: StokleyDefinition: From the tree-stump meadow
Name: StoneDefinition: Stone
Name: StormDefinition: Stormy weather, tempest
Name: StormyDefinition: Impetuous Nature
Name: StoyanDefinition: to stay
Name: StromDefinition: Stream; tree
Name: StroudDefinition: From the thicket
Name: StuDefinition: Keeper of the Estate
Name: StuartDefinition: Keeper of the Estate
Name: StudsDefinition: A house
Name: SubhadraDefinition: A wife of Arjuna
Name: SubhagaDefinition: A fortunate person
Name: SubhujaDefinition: Auspicious Apsara
Name: SuchinDefinition: Beautiful Thought
Name: SudeshaDefinition: A son of Krishna
Name: SudevaDefinition: Good Deva
Name: SudeviDefinition: Wife of Krishna
Name: SueDefinition: Lily
Name: SuelitaDefinition: Little Lily
Name: SugarDefinition: Sugar
Name: SukarmanDefinition: Reciter of 1000 Samhitas
Name: SukeyDefinition: From the name SUSAN
Name: SukiDefinition: Beloved
Name: SukumarDefinition: tender
Name: SukutaiDefinition: Hug
Name: SulaimanDefinition: Peaceful
Name: SullivanDefinition: Black eyes
Name: SullyDefinition: to stain
Name: SulwynDefinition: Bright as the sun
Name: SumaDefinition: to ask
Name: SumadhurDefinition: Very sweet
Name: SumanaDefinition: Flower
Name: SumantuDefinition: Atharva Veda was assigned to him
Name: SumeyDefinition: Flower
Name: SumiDefinition: Clear, refined
Name: SumnerDefinition: Summoner
Name: SunDefinition: Goodness
Name: SundariDefinition: Beautiful
Name: SuneeDefinition: Good Thing
Name: SunilaDefinition: Blue
Name: SunitaDefinition: A daughter of Dharma
Name: SunnyDefinition: Bright disposition, cheerful
Name: SuparnaDefinition: Leafy
Name: SuprabhaDefinition: Radiant
Name: SupriyaDefinition: Su means good and Priya means loved one
Name: SurabhiDefinition: Wish-yielding cow
Name: SuravindaDefinition: A beautiful Yaksa
Name: SurotamaDefinition: Auspicious Apsara
Name: SuryaDefinition: the sun
Name: SusanDefinition: Lily
Name: SusaneDefinition: Lily
Name: SusannaDefinition: Lily
Name: SusannahDefinition: Lily
Name: SushantiDefinition: Peace
Name: SushmitaDefinition: Smiling
Name: SusieDefinition: From the name SUSAN
Name: SusilaDefinition: Wife of Krishna, clever in amorous sciences
Name: SutherlandDefinition: From the southern land
Name: SuttonDefinition: The Town to the South
Name: SuvanDefinition: The Sun
Name: SuvrataDefinition: A child of Daksa
Name: SuzanneDefinition: Lily
Name: SuzetteDefinition: Little Lily
Name: SuzukiDefinition: Bell Tree
Name: SuzyDefinition: From the name SUSAN
Name: Svaty vavrinecDefinition: Saint Lawrence
Name: SveaDefinition: The Swedish Nation
Name: SvenDefinition: Youth
Name: SvetaDefinition: Bright Light
Name: SvetlanaDefinition: Star
Name: SwaantjeDefinition: Swanlike
Name: SwannDefinition: Swan-Like
Name: SwarupaDefinition: truth
Name: SweenyDefinition: Little hero
Name: SybilDefinition: Prophet
Name: SydelleDefinition: Princess
Name: SydneeDefinition: Contraction of St. Denys
Name: SydneyDefinition: From city of St. Denis
Name: SyeiraDefinition: Princess
Name: SylvainDefinition: Of the Forest
Name: SylvanaDefinition: From the Forest
Name: SylvesterDefinition: From the Forest, Woods
Name: SylviaDefinition: From the Forest
Name: SylvieDefinition: From the name SYLVIA
Name: SymonaDefinition: It is Heartd
Name: SynaDefinition: two together
Name: SynclairDefinition: A Clear Sign
Name: SynnoveDefinition: Sun Gift
Name: SysheDefinition: Street
Name: SzemereDefinition: Small man, demolisher
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